Reggie Bush says the Dolphins didn’t want to keep him


The Dolphins have spent a lot of money on free agents in the last week, but they weren’t offering any money at all to one of their own free agents, Reggie Bush.

Bush told Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post that the Dolphins never approached him with an offer.

“It’s just the nature of the business. You have to have a thick skin,” Bush said. “It’s an ugly side that sometimes we all don’t like, but we all have to face it some time.”

Bush expressed interest in staying in Miami, but that interest was not reciprocated, and he quickly signed with the Lions when free agency started.

“As a competitor and as an athlete we take a little pride, and hopefully a team we just played with would want to bring us back,” he said. “But obviously it didn’t work that way.”

The Dolphins have made clear that they want to remake their roster this offseason, and Bush indicated that he was even more surprised that they cut linebacker Karlos Dansby.

“Couldn’t believe that one, because he was the leader of that defense,” Bush said. “He’s one of the few linebackers that I’ve actually played against and played with that I think can do it all.”

But the Dolphins thought they could get better without Dansby. And without Bush.

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  1. That’s a pretty obvious realization Reggie. Was it them packing your bags for you that tipped it off?

  2. Love ya Reg your a class act all the way, but we gotta move on. Can’t afford an older RB in our position. Dansby is another story. Under performing and calling out the front office and coaching TWICE will get you shipped off. We will be better without them. You all know who Danell Ellerbe is, but Lamar Miller is the guy that will make Bush expendable.

  3. I think this is all pretty predictable. Philbin took a year to figure out what he wanted to do, now he’s implementing. Is he right? Time will tell. As for Reggie, I think he’s shown better since joining the Dolphins and can likely keep getting better wherever he goes, as long as he works hard at it. Good luck!

  4. I liked Bush on the Dolphins. He played hard and was a good teammate. I don’t know why they didn’t want to keep him for $4m a year. That’s a steal for a RB that can carry the ball, catch the ball, and return punts.

  5. Reggie could not adjust his game to fit Miami’s new zone blocking scheme. He’s a hard working but wants and thinks he can score a TD on every run. One cut and hit it just isn’t his game, but hey Barry Sanders had a heck of a career in Detroit so maybe Reggie will excel there also. As for Dansby, he just failed to make plays and could not cover TEs well and when your trying to get past the Pats that’s pretty important stuff. Philbin is the leader of that team and challengers to that concept will not be tolerated.

  6. If this noob couldn’t do anything behind the Saints i-line what makes you think he will perform with the Lions? 5-11.

  7. That was obvious after Philbin benched him vs. Tennessee!!

    Once Philbin cost the team a win with that Bush’s days in Miami were over!!!

  8. The Dolphins knew what they had in their other running backs. Why pay for a household name when the generic brand gets the job done just as well? Bush is Bush because of his days at USC, not for what he has accomplished while in the NFL. At times he has flashes of dominance, but most of the time looks average at best. Good luck in Detroit, but I’m sure Miami made a sound decision on this one.

  9. After watching Philbin on Hard Knocks and how he dealt with Chad Johnson and how he has the personality of a dead moth Bush probably was not that broken up about it. I can’t imagine how bad the other candidates interviewed if his cardboard persona actually won out.

  10. Reggie, you’re a liar!! The Fins did offer you a contract during the 2012 season and they were the ones that reenergized your NFL career. Dansby had a big mouth and never produced a pro bowl, and made good money with the Fins!

    And you’re still complaining!? You gave us 6-10 and 7-9 seasons!!

  11. Ive been interested in this kid Tyrann Mathieu ever since his LSU days and now with Winfield gone this kid seems like a perfect replacement. Ive seen a lot of his interviews lately and he seems like a genuine guy now that his troubles are behind him. he would be an absolute steal in the late 3rd maybe his football talent is 1st round material

  12. As a Dolphins fan, I think Detroit got a great guy at a fair price. He is not a whining baby and a real hard worker. He also has a star-power name and that helps.

    Everyone wants to fight on here (anonymity is the cause I guess), but the Fins consistently went 7-9 with overpaid players, whether good performance or not and to continue without change is silly. Reggie AND the Dolphins will both do well to part ways and work in different environments. Thanks for the solid 2 years and good luck with Lions.

  13. It’s the just the “Patriots way”…. If it were the Patriots, it would be “another brilliant move by BB” according to the media (in fact, the same could be said about all of Ireland’s moves this offseason, including stockpiling picks and clearing cap space).

    The change is more about L. Miller’s ability, age, and cap management, than Reggie.

  14. As much as I enjoyed what, Reggie Bush brought to my Dolphins, it was just that time for him to move on. Gonna miss his heart, leadership & work ethic tremendously, but I think at this time in his career Detroit is a great fit for him… I thought that as well had he signed with Atlanta.

    I Wish we could’ve kept him for the right amount of money, but hey, that’s the business nature of the game. You win some, you lose some; as long as its more of the former, I’m cool with it.

  15. I wish they had a combine for free agents. I’d love to know what Bush’s 40 time would be right now.

  16. The Dolphins are in a really bad spot, they are one of the most disappointing teams from a GM standpoint. They could have easily transitioned to be a dominant team by now and they instead focus on such a contrived and conservative strategy that is too conservative to have a chance of building into anything big! It’s devastating to me since the owner is from U of M and should be destroying the competition instead of subsidizing it!!

  17. HAHAHAHA!! Its amazing our RB position fails to gain at lneast 10 yards per game, and our LB is an idiot. Its funny how anyone that ends up leaving Miami has a career season with another team

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