Report: Bengals “closing in” on deals with Rey Maualuga, Adam Jones


The Bengals have been pretty quiet since the start of free agency.

They’ve had a few players in for visits and watched a couple of others sign deals with other teams, but the only deal signed was defensive end Michael Johnson’s franchise tender. That could be changing soon.

Geoff Hobson of the team’s website reports that “indications” are that the Bengals are “closing in” on deals that will keep linebacker Rey Maualuga and cornerback Adam Jones in Cincinnati. Maualuga has drawn interest from the Cardinals and Giants, but remains a free agent and the Giants just signed Keith Rivers and Dan Connor. Bengals coaches said before free agency started that they’d like to have Maualuga back on a defense that carried the Bengals into the playoffs last season and his visits elsewhere likely set a price the Bengals are willing to pay.

Jones hasn’t garnered the same interest from others despite a solid 2012 season. He’d be a useful piece for them to bring back for sub packages and they’d also like to bring back Terence Newman. Newman visited the Raiders last week, but Hobson reports the team would like to get a deal done with him in the next week as well. The return of both corners along with Leon Hall and Dre Kirkpatrick would give the Bengals good depth in the secondary heading into next season.

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  1. Isn’t one of the rules of the new CBA that teams have to spend something like 90% of their cap room? Why aren’t the Bengals and other teams in similar situations (e.g. Jaguars, Browns, etc) burning up their cap space? And what happens if they still have millions of dollars left over to spend?

  2. Tate is gone, Jones will be the primary return man if Kirkpatrick can prove to be a starter. Maualuga, I guess we’ll see what happens. Hope he can step his game up.

  3. Lmao this franchise does not like to spend money on good players they might of made the playoffs the last 2 yrs but they only beat 1 winning team during those seasons this team really does stink and their fans are pieces of garbage.

  4. I’m a Bengals fan and as such obviously am critical of Mike Brown and MANY of the decisions this franchise has made throughout my lifetime, but @bengalsstillsuck: what happened in your lifetime to make you so blindly and hilariously antagonistic towards this franchise? Did one of their fans take your manhood?

  5. I see a common thread on every Bengals article, Raiders and Browns fans only comment to hate, is it because they are PERENNIAL bottom feeders and suck at drafting? Hmm I don’t know… The Reason The Browns overspend in FA is because they suck at drafting, which means when rookie deals are up who do you pay? Our situation is a bit more complicated, but until fans of either team actually see your team succeed this decade, save the banter will ya!! And Bengals RUN away from REY, its hard to continue to support them when they inexplicably re-sign terrible players

  6. What big name FA would you like them to blow a ton of useless money on?

    They are spending the money on core players.. Like good teams do… They need one more WR but what was out there? No one really.. all number 3 WR to me… They need a good MLB.. but once again what was out there?? You guys can make fun of them all you want but over the past 10 years the Bengals have done well in the draft..

    Now if we can get they couple FA to resign we will be ok..

  7. bengalsstillsuck says: Mar 17, 2013 3:02 PM

    Lmao this franchise does not like to spend money on good players they might of made the playoffs the last 2 yrs but they only beat 1 winning team during those seasons this team really does stink and their fans are pieces of garbage.

    And your browns are so much better huh im thinking I should change my screen name to brownswillalwayssuck and stalk the browns fanpage and talk smack and fyi whenever your browns usually spend money on good players its usually on exbengals that we dont need anymore I do understand why you hate the bengals so much because year in and year out they beat you guys and every year your team is in the afc north basement where you belong you give the browns fanbase a bad name bro because most bengals fans and browns fans are ohio residents and for years now the steelers and ravens are always winning playoff games and superbowls and both the browns and bengals fans myself included would love for the bengals and browns to own the north but idiots like you will never get it so go back to wearing your little brown paper bags over your heads and get ready for another losing season you should be used to it by now!

  8. No i hate this franchise so much because i live close to Cincinnati and its not the city that makes me sick its the Bengal fans i hate so much because they talk so much crap an cant back it up Cincinnati fans have the biggest whimps out the whole NFL

  9. How about we bring in DHB? He could stretch thr field and help out AJ, and we already have Sanu, Hawkins, Jones, Gresham (if he can figure out how to catch a ball) and more. Maybe spend some of that money we have to spend. …..get some players.

  10. Why would you brag about beating the Raven’s backups? Most starters were out by the second quarter of that game.

  11. @southpaw2k:

    90% of the 2013 mil cap (123mil) is 110.7mil. As of now the Bengals have just a shade over 100mil committed to the current Top51

    … with A Smith, T Newman, R Maualuga, T Howard, A Jones & the 2013 draft class still to sign or re-sign

    Most of that 10mil “carry forward” in the link is what Brown kept in reserve to cover Garcon Palmer’s cap charge (in case) when he ‘retired’ & the Bengals instead made the playoffs those 2 years paying a 2nd rd QB in the 1st 2 years of his slotted rookie deal instead of paying Palmer his 12-13mil/per

  12. People don’t be so afraid of Rey coming back. The coaching staff has already said that they only want him back as a SAM or WILL which he actually did well with. This past season was just a failed experiment with the MIKE on the NFL level. Burfict has better instincts at MIKE so I think Rey should be better this season.

  13. Coming from a USC fan(also chargers) they shouldn’t re sign rey because he’s asking to much as a mlb 2 in 4-3 or a Sam lb when that one of the better positions in the draft

  14. Nothing wrong with signing Jones and Maualuga to short terms deals on the cheap. The Bengals are wisely preserving cap space so they can extend Geno Atkins this summer and AJ Green next year…money which will be well spent as both Geno and AJ deserve to be paid among the highest in the league at their positions. As a Bengals fan, I have no problem at all with Mike Brown not going on a spending spree during this free agency period, as long as he pays big to keep Atkins and Green.

  15. Resigning the turds, how Bungal like.

    Keep that wallet closed tight, Mike. Your fans are too ignorant to know better and support you blindly anyway.

  16. I can’t wait till next season when the BENGALS win the AFC North. Who is stopping them? The great escape in Baltimore continues the Steelers stunk last year and there are no signs of it improving next year with all the internal bickering continuing and their stars getting older they maybe going the way of the Dodo.(See Jets 2012) and the Browns well they’re the Browns. I don’t understand all the hate on Maualuga, they tried him at MLB it didn’t work so move him back to OLB and pull him on passing downs because he is an obvious liability in coverage but he was still in the top 20 in tackles in the NFL with 122. Also I seen that his playing weight was 260 lbs. who in the Hell thought it was a good idea to let him play at that weight of course he’ll be liability in coverage their is no way he weighed that his first two years. A move to SAM and the shedding of a couple pounds he’ll be back to the promising player he was two years ago. Rey will be fine. Worry about your own loser teams because you obviously don’t know anything about this one. WHO DEY

  17. All I have to say is this…

    Look at the Jets, Cowboys, Redskins, and the Raiders… They all over spend in the off season and does that equal playoffs? NOPE… MB keep doing what your doing.. I think after 25 years on the job you might just have this “How to run a team” thing down…


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