Steve Tisch anticipating Victor Cruz gets an offer sheet


The Giants are ready for someone to make a play for restricted free agent receiver Victor Cruz.

Speaking to reporters at the NFL annual meeting in Phoenix, Giants chairman and executive vice president Steve Tisch said that an offer sheet for Cruz was “probable,” Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reported Sunday.

Also, Tisch, per Hubbuch, said he believes Cruz will make more money than Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker (reportedly two years, $12 million) and Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola (reportedly about $6 million per year).

The question is, who steps to make an offer for Cruz? More on this subject in a moment.

50 responses to “Steve Tisch anticipating Victor Cruz gets an offer sheet

  1. All these teams are unraveling before the season even started – giants, ravens, etc. #learncapmanagement

  2. Maybe that’s what he wants. Cruz would play for tthe Giants for 2.8 this yr and walk for nothing unless they franchised him. Maybe the Giants would rather take the 1rst rnd pick and let someone else pay him Wallace money(30 mil, 1rst two yrs with MIami)

  3. Browns fan here:
    If I were the Browns I would trade my first round pick down and pick up their first and a second.
    Take the first and give it to the Giants sign Cruz to a five year $40,000.000 contract and win the now week AFC North and who knows what happens in the playoffs.

  4. Giants need to make the necessary cap room to make sure Cruz is kept at a reasonable price. $8-9 million is very reasonable. He is not predominantly a slot receiver so he should not be pidgeon-holed predominantly into that role.

  5. Tisch? Marty? The Giants should let him walk and take what you get. Already injury prone and seems more interested in fame than production. Let the feebles or redskins have him.

  6. Mara- problem solved. Just steal money from two of your division opponents like you did last year and then you’ll have plenty of cash to match any offer. Jerk.

  7. No one will Make an offer, If they do then you have Mara going after them the way he did the Cowboys and Redskins while his puppet watches!!

  8. Minnesota needs to spend one of their two first rounders on a WR. Using one of those picks on Cruz would give them a real solid, albeit, expensive WR group with Cruz and Jennings.

    Houston would be smart to make a play on Cruz too.

  9. Giants fan here- Cruz dropped quite a few easy pass’s last year, not sure he has truly done enough to warrant more than a Wes welker type contract. It would really suck to see him go though, especially since I dropped some coin on an authentic Cruz jersey less than a year ago…. Get it?

  10. I don’t see the Vikings making an offer for Cruz, now that they have signed Jennings.

    Minnesota doesn’t want to pay Cruz $10+ million a year along with losing the #23 or #25 pick. I don’t feel that the price is too high but it seems a bit much for the Vikings if they are trying to build through the draft (exception of Jennings). The Vikings still need to address DL and LB, and need one more WR early in the draft. Wouldn’t be shocked to see them take the best WR available at #23 or #25 and hope for the best compared to spending high dollars on Cruz.

    Either way, as a Vikings fan… I am happy. A crazy idea I have is to trade J.Allen for picks or for Cruz (crazy I know and not saying that is an equal trade either, could be worked into something)

  11. Hopefully Bud tells Ruston Webster to take a swing at him…Kenny Britt needs a reason to stop being a dumbass… and what better way to motivate him than bringing in someone that is better AND can stay out of trouble…

  12. I understand that teams are reluctant to pursue Cruz because he would cost them a first round pick but I think he’s proven over the past two seasons that he’s worth the price. I’m very surprised that the Patriots didn’t go after Cruz. He is a perfect fit for their offense and could pick up right where Wes Welker left off.

  13. Come on Rick Smith !! Make Victor an offer he can’t refuse (and the Giants can’t match). You were likely going to spend either a 1st or 2 nd on the position anyway. Get someone that’s proven to be NFL caliber starter.

  14. Cruz can’t get open against the Redskins defense. He has to get away from the NFC East.

    He won’t get any more Super Bowl rings unless he signs with the Redskins but he might be able to lose to the Redskins in the Super Bowl if he goes to the AFC. HTTR.

  15. Vikings have an extra first rounder. Woulda rather paid Cruz than Jennings, and no way the Giants coulda matched that deal.

  16. Do you guys really think this front office doesn’t know what’s in play?

    The Giants will keep Cruz. Don’t forget, David Diehl hasn’t been touched yet.. Restructure him, plus minor moves, we keep Cruz until we offer him long term.

    The Giants will not allow Vic to get away. They will not allow the fans favorite player besides Eli to walk. He brings them dollar signs from all angles…

  17. I saw 3 teams that made sense to make Cruz an offer Rams with 2 first round pick and who just lost Amendola and Gibson, the Vikings who lost Harvin and have 2 first round picks and the 49ers who have the 31st and 34th pick and had a need at WR. Vikings signed Jennings and the 9ers got Boldin cheap. Rams don’t seem to have interest.

    What the giants and other GMs realize is Cruz is a product of a system. Loose Steve smith, Cruz steps up, loose Nicks, Manningham, Bardem, Randel stepped up, loss Shockey, Boss, Pascoe, Bennett step up. Eli and no running game and pass happy offense inflate numbers. Cruz like Steve Smith and Manningham on any other team would have 650 and 3 TDs.

  18. Gronk87 – you got dominated by Chase Blackburn in the biggest game of your life. Seriously, I think no Pats fan should say anything about the Giants and their cap space. I’d say we’ve done just fine.

  19. Logicalvoicesays:

    Cruz burned the Skins for a TD in the most crucial moments of the game. The one guy your D had to cover, they couldn’t.

    Go cry.

  20. Tough call for the Giants if some one signs him to an offer sheet.

    Cruz was an undrafted FA. Giants have a chance to turn that into a 1st rd pick. May be too much value to pass up.

  21. Would love for the Vikes to get Cruz, But with the signing of Jennings, I don’t think they want that much money tied up on two recivers!! Not when they have the number of draft picks they have!! Besides they want to address other needs. NT, Guard, linebacker & and corner

  22. Cruz will be a Giant in 2013 and go for the money in 2014 just like Wallace of the Steelers did. If he’s smart, he’ll take a hometown discount with the Giants and make up the money by other means. The New York market is the best. Only two options here. No team is giving up a number one pick for a slot receiver unless they’re foolish.

  23. its funny to hear all u redskins fans talk trash. where were u the last 30 years–looooong time since doug williams. keep putting your faith into that boy rg3–2 acl surguries and the kid is only 23?? maybe your boy snyder should stop trying to cheat the league and instead invest in a field.

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