Bengals bring back another of their own, Rey Maualuga


Following the Marvin Lewis edict to build from within, and not spend money on external players, the Bengals have kept another of their own.

According to Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals have brought back linebacker Rey Maualuga.

He talked with the Cardinals, who signed linebackers Jasper Brinkley and Lorenzo Alexander, before staying with the team that chose him in the second round of the 2009 Draft.

How they deploy him will be interesting to see, as last year’s undrafted rookie Vontaze Burfict appears the better option in the middle.

Maualuga’s the sixth of the Bengals’ own free agents to re-sign this offseason.

20 responses to “Bengals bring back another of their own, Rey Maualuga

  1. They better draft Ogletree, Brown or Greene. Counting on Rey, has not worked in the past. Burfict needs to be the MLB.

  2. Acceptable if they are bringing him back to play SAM linebacker.

    An utter and complete disaster if they plan to play him at MIKE linebacker.


  3. ugh – seriously? I hope they didn’t pay much. I guess there are worse out there – as long as they don’t plan on him being the starting middle linebacker.

  4. Jesus cripes.. Literally the worst LB in the nfl. Good work idiots. I hate this team sometimes

  5. Ok everybody don’t freak. They’ll put him at WILL or SAM where he was obviously better at playing before. The MIKE experiment is over and if anyone knows how to use talent is Zimmer.

  6. Makes sense. They are doing a great job of keeping a young top 10 defense together that will only get better with a couple draft picks. Get Newman and Jones back, draft a safety early and this defense will be sick next year.

  7. good signing, unlike other Bengals fans that can’t seem to remember the year before last Mauluga was a beast. Last year was a down year for him I just think moving to middle was not a good fit he did too much thinking which caused him to hesitate and not play his game. if they do move him back to SAM you will see the maualuga we all remember, fast strong and making plays unlike his over pursuits of 2012… I just hope he doesn’t prove me wrong..

  8. What a train wreck (both team and player). First they pay M Johnson about $5 million more than the market dictated he’s they bring back a guy who has gotten worse with time. Yeah Mike and Marvin, you guys really are smarter than everyone else..and your record proves it. Prepare for another season marred with analysts slamming the city of Cincinnati for doing what Browns fans have never had the backbone to do..staying home rather than supporting a terrible owner and head coach. At this point the city has adjusted to streaming the game anyway. #TakeTheBengalsToLAmike

  9. Wow do you know anything about the franchise tag, GIboxer? The 11 million is what he’ll make if a long term deal can’t be negotiated by July 15. If a long term deal is made that number will drop to 6-7 million per year. Randy Moss really? As I stated before Rey will be fine with a move to SAM and the shedding of 10-20 lbs. he was a liability in coverage he had 122 tackles last year top 20 NFL. The Mike is the QB or leader of the defense he’s just not a leader of men and he was frazzled by reading the offense and making sure everyone was in position last year. At SAM he’ll be able to worry about his own responsibilities and we’ll see an improvement in his play. I’m not exactly sure Burfict is ready to be a leader either so I don’t think he’s the answer either, bringing a vet MLB in to lead these young rising stars would be a wise decision it works with the Redskins and London Fletcher it worked for the Ravens long after Ray Lewis was passed his prime. Unless their is a really mature MLB coming out of college I believe a vet signing at this position coupled with a draft choice to learn from the said veteran this defense will be the toast of the AFCN for years to come. WHO DEY

  10. Tiggerblood, yes actually I know exactly how it works. Seems that u need to go read through the parameters again. It is a one year contract. It ONLY CHANGES if he is willing to sign for longer and less. Really, calling me out then stating what you THINK might happen. I stated the current FACT. Idiot

  11. Guess I’m just over confident that he’ll sign on the long term. He’s an exceptional player and I believe a pro bowl is in the near future. Maybe little optisism wouldn’t hurt. Bengals 4life been a fan since 7 years old

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