Brandon Stokley wants to keep playing

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Before the Broncos signed wide receiver Wes Welker as a free agent, Brandon Stokley said he though it would be a great idea for Denver to pursue him.

That was a pretty magnanimous gesture from Stokley since Welker’s arrival pretty much filled the spot he played for the Broncos as a slot receiver in 2013. Stokley wasn’t inundated with offers before his old friend Peyton Manning helped smooth the way for him to sign with Denver and he knows that a return to the Broncos is unlikely, but that hasn’t taken away his desire to keep playing in 2013.

“Yeah, I think so,” Stokley said during an interview with ESPN 102.3 in Denver, via “It’s always harder when you’re my age. I’ve got two boys and it’s harder to be away from them, but I think so. I think I still want to play and I still love the game, love to compete and I still think I’ve got something to offer a team.”

Stokley had 45 catches for 544 yards and five touchdowns in 2012, his most productive year since 2008. He’ll turn 37 in June, which means he’s unlikely to be too high on anyone’s list at this point but teams may find they want a more experienced hand for their receiving corps once offseason work begins and teams have a better idea of what their remaining needs are before the start of the season.

20 responses to “Brandon Stokley wants to keep playing

  1. Is there ANYONE out there who dislikes this guy?

    Makes the best of his opportunities, works hard, doesn’t complain, takes care of his family, doesn’t get DUIs…

    That’s a recipe for success whether or not he gets another shot in the NFL.

    As a Denver fan hell I hope they find some way to keep him for cheap. I’m sure they could find a spot on the roster for him.

  2. How much money is he asking for and will it really kill Denvers cap? At least bring him back if someone gets hurt. But he deserves a job somewhere – Maybe New England or the Rams.

  3. As a Bronco fan I would also love to keep this guy. Rotate him with Welker and then use him when you go 4 wide.

  4. I know it’s hard to keep a number 4 WR that doesn’t play special teams, but man I hope they bring him back. Great man, great teammate, and was really effective last year. The guy catches EVERYTHING

  5. Cowboys need him jets def need everyone

    Everyone wants the fast slot guys but if they can’t catch or run the right route what good is that.

    This guy is first class all the way. N he played pretty well with manning. The saints nice fit as well

  6. He should just wait and go to New England after Amendola (sp?) gets hurt in either preseason or early in the season. I’m only half kidding sadly…

  7. He should actually start preparing for retirement…maybe he should look into assistant coaching or broadcasting for Espn.

    At 37 he likes the game but he should spend more time with his boys and his family…but yes great guy and heck of a player!

  8. Stokley makes perfect sense as a #4 WR on the Broncos – behind the big 3, they really have nothing there (Matthew Willis is terrible despite being a ST ace and Andre Caldwell was a forgotten man)

    It’s probably also best for Stokley to play a part-time role anyway – as great as he is, he’s an older guy and always was injury-prone when he was younger anyway. Playing the slot is nasty business and there were times last year you worried everytime you saw Stokley get hit and get up slowly

    He’d be a perfect #4 or backup who can step right in for 3-4 games if needed

  9. I think San Diego would be a good place for him. Philip Rivers needs a safety blanket because of Antonio Gates’ decline. Plus Rivers has no Moneyman at wide receiver and Brandon Stokely would be ideal. I also suggest San Diego because Mike McCoy, the former Denver Broncos, offensive Coordinator is the new head coach there. Washington could be a good place for him too. He played for Mike Shanahan during his first stay at Denver.

  10. Brandon’s older. He just wants to be apart of a winning team on the up and up. He just wants to contribute, he’s always been a team player. If he was 31, there would be NO way he would accept it, but times are different. Denver probably re signs him to back up Welker.

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