Bruce Arians: Drew Stanton “very capable” of being Cardinals’ starter


New Cardinals coach Bruce Arians appears ready to anoint Drew Stanton as his starting quarterback.

Asked by Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network whether he thinks his starting quarterback is currently on the roster, Arians answered, “Yes, we have a very capable one in Drew Stanton.”

Arians continued that Stanton played for him last year as Andrew Luck’s backup in Indianapolis, which makes him comfortable that he has a quarterback who can run his offense effectively.

“Drew knows the offense, he is more than capable of doing it. If he is our guy, I am comfortable,” Arians said.

Arians isn’t guaranteeing Stanton the job, and it’s still possible that the Cardinals could acquire another quarterback in free agency or the draft. But at the moment it appears that they’ll head into training camp with Stanton, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Lindley and John Skelton as their quarterbacks, and Stanton having a leg up on the rest to open the season as the No. 1 quarterback in Arizona.

59 responses to “Bruce Arians: Drew Stanton “very capable” of being Cardinals’ starter

  1. Hes barely a capable starter. Hes a career style backup and one that clearly can not beat Chip Kellys new 3-4 hybrid 11 headed defensive monster machine. Its not even in question. And theres simply nothing they can do about it.

  2. Smokescreen. If not, I’d be pretty upset if I were a Cards fan.

  3. As a Cardinal fan, not very excited as a career backup could be our starter. Its going to be a long season.

  4. ….and the Cardinals are very capable of being 4-12 with Drew Stanton as their starter.

  5. better go back and put in some of his work in detroit on his arm makes chad pennington look like dan marino

  6. “Drew Stanton “very capable” of being Cardinals’ starter”

    I’m sure that’s JUST what every Cards fan wanted to hear…

  7. I do like how Arians is being smart about the QB situation. There are zero QBs available in free agency and in the draft to invest alot of your franchise in.

  8. Yea right. Say whatever you want, but Mr. Andy Reid already knows you are craving Geno Smith.

    You better jump in front of the Jags to get your guy… All it takes is a swap of the # 1’s, your 2nd round pick and a 2014 3rd rounder

  9. The #1 priority with the Cardinals was suppose to be the O-line and QB situaation. The fans were PROMISED this by Michael Bidwill and the hiring of Coach Arians was believed to signal a step toward getting a franchise QB this season. The signing of Stanton was to provide a temporary fix while Arians,”the QB whisperer” finds the next Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson. Cardinal fans are fresh out of patience and aren’t going to accept anything less than a winner so if Arians can pull it off with Stanton , more power to him otherwise he may find the fans not so warm and friendly and his stay as HC a little shorter than expected. Arians seems like too nice a guy to be in Arizona where it’s every man for himself and the knife in the back can come at anytime! Hope he’s wearing his Kevlar vest!

  10. lol he was a 3rd string QB for the Lions. He still managed to beat the Packers the last time they won the Super Bowl

  11. Cardinals ownership better realize real quick: the fan base is NOT excited about next season. Can you say, bye-bye sellouts??

  12. I’m a semi-Drew Stanton fan at least as much as you can be when you liked a player in college and keep rooting for him. But seriously, he could put up pretty average stats and still be the best option and the best QB there is years. Good luch Drew, here’s hoping this time the desert isn’t a place one goes to kill a career…

  13. Stanton. Hoyer. Lindley. Skelton.

    Lighting the world on fire.

    Pretty sure Larry Fitzgerald is somewhere smashing his face against a wall.

  14. It sounds as if Stanton is more the “okay for a worst case scenario” than the “potential starter”

  15. Why not? As an 11 year Cards season ticket holder, I am good with Stanton. Can’t be worse then the Lindley/Skelton combo…and I definitely don’t want to reach in the 1st round for a Geno Smith/Matt Barkley pick…

  16. He may start out as the number one guy, but if they don’t fix that offensive line he sure won’t finish the number one guy…

  17. The Cardinals are coming off a season in which the defense played pretty well but the offense was a train wreck mostly due to the QB and O-line play. Of the 9 new players they’ve signed, 7 are on defense.

    How soon is too soon to fire your new GM and coaching staff?

  18. Not a cards fan at all, but I think the Cards may have their QB with Stanton. I may be wrong, just seems like he is going to fit in well there. Definitely better than Kolb.

  19. I didn’t like Kolb coming in. I didn’t like any of the QBs they drafted the past few years. For some reason, I like Stanton. I know history suggests that I’ll be eating my words, but I like Stanton’s promise.

  20. Ok, seriously? Drew Stanton is by far the most overrated QB that hit free agency this year. This guy hasn’t done sh-t in his career and we’re making him seem like he could be the next Russell Wilson or something. Starting Stanton would be like 3 years ago when they started Derek Anderson.

  21. I’m not an MSU fan by any means, but I do like Stanton. I hope he gets an opportunity to start in Arizona, and if he does, then I hope that O-line doesn’t get him killed.

  22. Yeah Drew Stanton is very capable as a starter…until the other team’s defensive end looks at him wrong. Then he wets himself and passes out.

  23. Bruce, the entire league knows how bad that line is. The LAST thing you need to worry about is getting a QB.

    R.I.P Drew Standon, we barely knew ye’.

  24. Stanton is not a bad quarterback, but with his style of play he’s not going to last an entire season. He runs too much to make up for his lack of arm, and he’s not big enough to take the big hits for 16 games.

  25. I see a lot of u folks just talk crazy. If u know anything bout Drew Stanton u would know he drafted to be Detroit starter 1st pick in the second round but he had a bad knee and was shut down in training camp. The team sucked that year they cleaned house new GM coach new Qb and he wasn’t given a chance to compete. Don’t sleep on this guy if it wasn’t for questions bout his knee would have been a first round pick instead of the first pick in the second round.

  26. Considering the Cards recently used 1st rd pick on Leinart + paid big $$ + invested time + effort…they got nothing in return….And they traded a starter (DRC) + 2nd rd pick + big $$$ + invested time + effort for Kolb and….they got nothing in return…. I DO NOT BLAME the Cards for being very cautious and I WOULD NOT BLAME them for waiting to find the “right guy”, BECAUSE I don’t believe the “right guy” is in this draft, or on the street as a free agent. Stanton maybe a stop gap…but better than making another costly mistake.

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