Conflict with Orioles could force Ravens to open on road


The Ravens might not be able to celebrate their Super Bowl title with the new-traditional Thursday home opener, because of baseball and religious holidays.

And in the process, the Ravens’ own official Twitter account is citing “league sources” to break the news.

In a pair of messages the team sent out comes word that the Thursday night opener is in jeopardy, and that having them begin the season on the road is a possibility, though the “least desirable” outcome.

The Ravens are in conflict with their MLB neighbors the Orioles, who are supposed to host the White Sox on Sept. 5 at 7:05 p.m. Given the proximity of the Ravens’ and Orioles’ buildings, they can’t play both at the same time.

Jeff Zrebeic of the Baltimore Sun reports that Commissioners Roger Goodell and Bud Selig have discussed the topic, but haven’t come to a resolution yet, and that playing the game on Wednesday, Sept. 4 was declined because of Rosh Hashanah.

Given that the baseball schedule is already set, Selig has the opportunity to exert some leverage here. The easy fix is for the Orioles to play an afternoon game, but there’s no reason for them to volunteer to make less money at the gate unless there’s something in it for them.

So until someone comes up with a way to make up the difference in gates between a night game and a day game for the Orioles, the NFL is kind of stuck.

105 responses to “Conflict with Orioles could force Ravens to open on road

  1. The Ravens should be allowed to play their first game at home on Thursday. The money-hungry NFL set this tradition and the Ravens won the Super Bowl. Too bad for religion and/or conflicts with other sporting events.

  2. Uh, I would think moving the game up would help the O’s, I know they had a nice run last year but lets be real. If they play at the same time as the Ravens, White Sox fans will be the only folks in the stadium. The O’s have gained some popularity back but they are far and away the 2nd most popular team in Baltimore. Ravens come first.

  3. This should be simple either the Orioles host the White Sox’s in a double header a different day or just move the Ravens game to either Wednesday or Friday.

    I don’t think the Orioles would have a problem accommodating the NFL Champs, so the Ravens would be able to open the NFL season at home.

  4. If the Orioles do not budge on this, or MLB, it would be a PR nightmare for the Orioles. They are finally coming off a successful season and any good will they received as such will be thrown out the window. Angelos and the Orioles will get hammered. Baltimore is no longer a baseball town.

    Especially if the Orioles are out of contention.

  5. Cmon really? I know the O’s are good but making the champs open on the road would be a crime and please be Pats vs Ravens opening night

  6. What exactly is it about their stadiums being close to each other that causes the problem? Do they share the parking lot? Does Baltimore not want that much traffic in the area?

    I say let both of those games start at the same time. Then we can see how willing Bud Selig is to make less money at the gate by seeing the Ravens sell out and the O’s have less than a half-filled stadium.

  7. Goodell needs to tell Selig that he moves the game to the afternoon or he is going to have an NFL game scheduled at the same time as every World Series game.

  8. Built in excuse for Ravens fans when over paid Jump Ball Joe and the team full of nobody’s gets beat!

  9. I was under the impression that the Ravens actually won something… But hey, perhaps their little game is important too… I just doubt it. It shouldn’t even be close to a tough call.

  10. The Thursday night game is dumb. Can we just play on Sundays. Mondays is enough. We don’t need a game every day of the week and the fans dont want to wait 10 days before their teams play again.

  11. NFL, just make sure it’s not rescheduled to a night game in Pittsburgh. Unless you want more crying letters from the ravens F.O.

  12. I assure you, no Ravens fan would be upset if the first game of the season was played on SUNDAY at home in Baltimore. Easy solution to this.., let the 49ers host the Thursday night game.., or any one of the other 31 teams.

    Truth be told.., Football fans that have waited all these months for the season to begin, don’t actually care. We just want our football.

  13. Orioles and Ravens share multiple parking lots so both games being played on Thursday doesn’t work. Plus, the O’s and white sox travel to Baltimore Wednesday night so an early game Thursday isn’t realistic. Best option is a baseball doubleheader Saturday.

  14. To those suggesting Friday: think about it. First, the NFL tries to avoid competing with high school football. Second, if the Orioles have a Thursday home game, they surely have one on Friday as well.

  15. The Orioles need to schedule a double header and move that game away from September 5th.

  16. pftard says:
    Mar 18, 2013 12:40 PM
    I assure you, no Ravens fan would be upset if the first game of the season was played on SUNDAY at home in Baltimore. Easy solution to this.., let the 49ers host the Thursday night game.., or any one of the other 31 teams.

    Truth be told.., Football fans that have waited all these months for the season to begin, don’t actually care. We just want our football.


    Speak for yourself. I was planning on taking off work early on Sept 5 and all day Friday so I could be downtown for that party. I WANT the Ravens to be home Thursday night, and the Orioles could bump their game that night to a day-night doubleheader Saturday. Easy solution.

    And I’m just as much an O’s fan as I am a Ravens fan.

  17. Now, football fans around the country know why Baltimore sports fans love their Orioles but just detest owner Peter Angelos (although probably not as much as Nationals fans in D.C.).

    There is no absolutely no reason (except his greed and senile ornireyness) why Angelos cannot accommodate the Ravens and let them play on Thursday.

  18. Someone asked about the parking lots, how close they are, yes they share the same lot and the stadiums are about a two minute walk from each other. There is no way the two could play at the same time or even on the same day, especially a Thursday when those lots are also used as parking for people who work in the city during the day.

    Funny thing is, a Thursday night game in September against the White Sox is going to draw around 10k people. It’s not like they are trying to move a game against the Yankees or Red Sox, which would draw 35k. Having that game during the day on Saturday with a second game following would draw double that, at minimum, with most staying for the second game too. Peter Angelos, ladies and gentlemen.

  19. Just play the game on Friday, closer to the weekend. That will get people more pysched for the first week of games to come that Sunday (and if you are a college fan, football on Saturday). Then you cap it all off with the MNF doubleheader.

    So 4 straight days of football.

  20. pftard-

    The Orioles are at home through the following Wednesday. They play four against the White Sox then three against the Yankees. It is not a situation where they could simply have the game on Sunday or Monday instead of Thursday. Either the Orioles move a game, or the Ravens don’t play at home in Week 1.

  21. They changed a Thursday nite game to accomodate Pres Obama speaking at the Democratic convention to a Wed nite. As for Rosh Hoshanna, no disrespect, we have football on Christmas day without anyone getting upset.

  22. getyourownname says: Mar 18, 2013 12:10 PM

    Peter Angelos is so powerful, he can hurt two franchises at the same time.

  23. xmiksticky says:
    Mar 18, 2013 12:53 PM
    Wasn’t last year’s opener on Wednesday?


    Yes, but it was for an entirely different set of circumstances. The Democratic National Convention was being held that week, and President Obama was set to speak Thursday night. The NFL didn’t want to schedule its season opener against the President, so they had bumped it to Wednesday night. There was no baseball game that interfered with the opening game last year.

    The Orioles are home all weekend from Thursday-Sunday against the White Sox, so the season opener couldn’t be bumped to any other night that weekend. The best option would be for the Orioles to bump their Thursday night game to a day/night doubleheader on Saturday, but Peter Angelos – bless his cranky old heart of stone – won’t do that.

  24. I guarantee that about 90% of Orioles fans are also Ravens fans, so they are just pissing off their own fans by doing this. Stupid Stupid move. Ask for a reasonable amount of money assistance from the NFL and move your game to noon. Period.

  25. The easy solution is NOT to play an afternoon game. The Ravens and Orioles share parking for their stadium. We tailgate directly outside the baseball stadium. The gates open 5 hours before the Ravens games. So that would be 3 for an 8 PM start. One of the games will have to be moved. The Orioles play 81 home games a year. The Ravens play 8 (plus two worthless preseason games). Move the Orioles game and let the Ravens celebrate their championship on National TV.

  26. An O’s game at 1pm then the Ravens game at 7 or 8pm, it will become a holiday for Maryland. Great way to celebrate Baltimore sports. The logistics of parking can be worked out with some creative doing, inconveinence for one day to have a special day of sports is not a big deal. Both teams mean alot to the fans.

  27. Baltimore is a baseball town. Just because the ratbirds won the SB does not change this. Who want’s to see Jump Ball Joe throw now anyway? He does not have Boldin to make him look good anymore and will look like Matt Cassel with a 100 mil contract.

  28. If you were to ask a baseball guy, they’d tell you that the Orioles playing at the same tume is also a religious reason.

    Not that Im into that “baseball is sacred” drivel. I’d rather just eat hotdogs and drink beer at a game without trying to glorify it all.

  29. Move the Ravens game to 1:00 Sunday (let the 49ers have the Thursday game) and move the Orioles 1:30 Sunday game to 7:30. If Peter Angelos is still being an ass, we can just take Sunday Night game instead. No conflict in the parking lots. It’s really not this hard..

    It wouldn’t be fair to either ticket holder if they had tickets to both and had to chose. Ravens would win obviously…

  30. Proximity of the buildings? Just have both games that night, if parking is a nightmare, who cares, it’s only for one night.

  31. Leave the sprinklers on overnight at The Yard. ala Bull Durham.

    Holy Cow! We have ourselves a natural disaster.

  32. Guess what you all care about this way too much guess what it came out as news today , you know what else it is almost 5 months away my guess they work it out . No smart person is going to say sure we will do it . It is not that easy to move a baseball game as part of a 162 game schedule not 16 , 162 . There are alot of logistics involved , they are going too work it out . Stop overreacting to such a small deal that is still 5 months away .

  33. Wait, so Baltimore can’t handle two games at the same time? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Baltimore = Dundalk.

  34. The Ravens need the home game simply because after that first game, everyone will know how they suck after losing all these free agents. The stadium will be empty for all the other home games.

  35. I don’t think the league will want to set the precedent of paying off the Orioles and MLB to move the game.

    If they do that I think we’re guaranteed to see MLB schedule competing games every year to try and keep jacking the NFL for more payments.

  36. Baseball plays a gazillion home games over the course of a season & football has only 8. Give me a break that they can’t move a regular season Oriole game to another day! I’m no Raven fan but give the Super Bowl Champs their home opener.

  37. Why don’t they just move the O’s game to 1 or play a double header on Wednesday. It can’t be that difficult to figure out.

    I would think moving the game to 1 would provide all types of revenue for the City and vendors downtown. Think about how many people would be in the streets of downtown Baltimore from noon to midnight.

  38. If there are tickets available for both games, package tickets with some concession stand dollars to both games and Baltimore fans will gobble that up!!! Some of the most fervent sports fans in the country. They have leagues out there where 5 year olds are playing tackle football. A whole day of sports for a Baltimore fan would be like Christmas come early. Do it now with plenty of time for people to get the day off of work. $$$

  39. thehouseofho says:
    Mar 18, 2013 12:16 PM
    What exactly is it about their stadiums being close to each other that causes the problem? Do they share the parking lot? Does Baltimore not want that much traffic in the area?

    I say let both of those games start at the same time. Then we can see how willing Bud Selig is to make less money at the gate by seeing the Ravens sell out and the O’s have less than a half-filled stadium.

    Yes, they actually do share parking lots

  40. Did any of you that are proposing Friday even bother to look at O’s schedule. Same deal as Thursday. Can’t play on Wednesday because of Rosh Hashanah. Why not.
    If it was a Christian holiday wouldn’t be a problem. Real simple solution here. Ask the O’s to move the game. If they refuse schedule the ravens game anyway and let orioles play in an empty stadium.

  41. You should have to take an IQ test to post comments on here. It would certainly cut the comments down!

  42. First off to the idiots stating that the NFL just play the game and let the Orioles play in an empty stadium, you need to check yourselves. There are rules about events being played at the same time as others. The baseball schedule is released for the year way before football is so unless the NFL decides to release a schedule set in stone before the current year is even done, they can not reserve dates before the MLB sets its schedule. Its happened here in Cincinnati in the past. The Bengals had to move start times of games due to Reds games. The NFL can move the game to Wed and Holiday be damned just like they tell all the Christians on Christmas. Or they can play the game sunday.

    The Orioles also can tell the Ravens to pound sand. There are more issues playing Double Headers then some of you idiots realize. Pitchers are on 5 day rotations. What happens when you play 2 games on the same day? Oh thats right that just messed up the entire rest rotation for the team. This is why MLB does everything they can to avoid Double Headers.

    MLB owes the NFL jack and crap. This is the NFL’s problem and its up to them to move the game into a time slot that doesn’t affect the Orioles.

  43. What’s wrong with playing on Wendsday? The greatest in NFL history was played on Christmas Day.

    If not Wendsday, how about Friday night?

  44. Because both the Orioles and White Sox are in different cities playing games the night before, they would need MLB, MLBPA, and White Sox approval before moving it to a day game.

    They would also need this approval before moving it to a double header on the weekend.

    Both teams will be in the middle of 20 straight games with no days off, so it’s not likely they approve a move.

  45. Good ahead and disrespect the Ravens. They will turn around and use it as fuel just like they did with the disrespect during the post season last season.

  46. This doesn’t make any sense. I remember a couple of years back Philadelphia had 3 events going on simultaneously (two games and a concert) and everything worked out fine. All THREE venues were in the same basic parking lot.

    The days when Camden Yards was an automatic sell out are long gone. I wouldn’t anticipate more 15-20k for a Thursday night game against the White Sox.

    I think someone is making mountains out of mole hills here.

  47. Most likely the orioles and white sox have a series in Chicago at some point, switch the series around so they would be in Chicago that week or weekend

  48. bigbluenationdb says:
    Mar 18, 2013 1:51 PM
    Why don’t they just move the O’s game to 1 or play a double header on Wednesday. It can’t be that difficult to figure out.

    Both teams will be playing night games in different cities on Wednesday night. Neither team will likely be in Baltimore until early Thursday morning.

  49. NFL should move the game to Wed. They did it last year. It’s the 1st game of season, who cares?

  50. I remember the Lions and Tigers playing home games simultaneously and their stadiums are next to each other with scattered parking lots.

  51. Base is the cure for my insomnia, but what’s right is right. Goodell needs to pay up and take care of the Orioles and they will find a way to move the meaningless game.

  52. They could play Minnesota on the Thursday opener in Minneapolis, the only way the Viking’s will ever get to host that game! The irony of this is they will move the Raven’s game and then it will sprinkle and the Orioles game will be post-poned.

  53. As a Dteelers fan, I am the LAST person thst wants to give the Ravens any kind of break, but please be serious.

    This is THE NFL. The ONLY sports league in America that anyone cares about. This isnt just a regular game, this is opening weekend, and not just opening weekend, but opening weekend for the Super Bowl Champions. This is an afternoon long event, with concerts and happenings all over town.

    Sorry baseball, you lose. In less you WANT the NFL tk really go head to head with you, move the game.

    I am pretty sure the celebrating of the Super Bowl is more important than a regular season game for the people of Baltimore.

  54. The way they are dumping their supporting cast from the greatest beat down in 9er history it’s funny they want to play any games at home. They will certainly catch hell from the fans when trailing during the game. Good for them. At least the murderer is gone from that roster.

  55. jessieboom says:
    Mar 18, 2013 12:13 PM
    Why can’t you play on Rosh Hashanah? We already play on Thanksgiving & Christmas.
    This and as others have mentioned a political convention forced the change the prior year, which is extremely silly IMO. At least this time there are legitimate logistical issues.

  56. I grew up in Atlanta, In 1969, the Braves were in the playoffs against the Mets and had a Sunday , 1 pm game at Atlanta Stadium, also home of the Falcons. The Falcons had a home game scheduled at the same time against Johnny U and the Colts. Falcons moved their game to Grant Field at Ga. Tech, and they played both games simultaneously. 125,000 fans watching football and baseball at the same time, a mile apart. No big deal. So traffic was bad. Big woop.

  57. And, PS, not that this is on popint, but who can forget that Sunday in Oct., 1992 when Deion Sanders played for the Falcons against the Dolphins in Miami, then flew by private jet to Pittsbuirgh for the Braves game against the Pirates in the NLCS. Bobby Cox made him sit out the game but he showed up on time. Now there’s an idea, see if the Pirates have a game at hom on 9/5/13 and let the Ravens play the Steelers at Heinz. They sure as hell won’t have any conflicting traffic problems .

  58. The NFL should just respond by scheduling 4:25 games every Sunday in October in the cities where this could be an issue for logistics for MLB playoffs.

  59. The only certainty here is that Peter Angelos, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles, is the worst franchise owner in the history of pro sports.

  60. Am I the only one wondering why they wait so long to begin doing the schedule? I mean it normally comes out in the 3rd week of April.

    Do a Saturday day/night double header and problem solved.

  61. As an orioles fan I can say that the stadium will be empty anyways. Unless if they’re making a run at the postseason. If they do all the bandwagon fans will come and almost have a sell out

  62. Are people serious when they ask why not Friday? If theres a Thursday night game that is probably the start of a weekend 4 game series.

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