Eagles owner wants Philadelphia to host a Super Bowl


Next year’s game in New York/New Jersey will be the first Super Bowl played outdoors in a cold place. But it may not be the last.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie says that he’s optimistic Philadelphia will get to host a Super Bowl in the future.

“Growing up in Boston, I went to more great games in snow conditions,” Lurie told the Philadelphia Daily News. “Some of the most memorable games I’ve ever been to were very difficult and wonderful conditions. I would have no fear of it snowing — as long as there’s no public safety issue that day, I think it would be great if it’s snowing a bit.”

Asked if he will work to bring the Super Bowl to Philadelphia, Lurie said, “I will. Yes, I will. If it’s a success, New York will help us.”

If New York is a success, we’re likely to see most of the NFL’s cold-weather cities with open-air stadiums saying they want a Super Bowl, too.

42 responses to “Eagles owner wants Philadelphia to host a Super Bowl

  1. It might not be snowing ” a bit” it may be a Nor’easter, and leave 3 feet of snow on the field, and cameras blinded to the field. Bflo/ Cleve back a few years was kind of like that. A drudgery to watch any game in those conditions.

  2. Hopefully its at least 2 years down the line because the Eagles may be ready by then and Romo, Eli and RGKnee should all fall off by then.

  3. i hope he gets it. football is an all weather sport. they play the reg. season games and playoff games in bad weather.

  4. It’s not like Philadelphia is going to win a Super Bowl any time soon. Might as well just host one.

  5. Hopefully the Eagles make it and Philly fans cement their legacy by becoming the only fans in sports history to boo its own team hosting a championship.

  6. catquick says:
    Mar 18, 2013 4:32 PM
    It might not be snowing ” a bit” it may be a Nor’easter, and leave 3 feet of snow on the field, and cameras blinded to the field. Bflo/ Cleve back a few years was kind of like that. A drudgery to watch any game in those conditions.
    Philadelphia RARELY gets those conditions in February. Theres weeks Ive played basketball in shorts in Feb in Philly.

  7. Uuuh…when you play a sport in the Northern Hemisphere, which has a season running from September to February, not being willing to play a game outdoors with snow falling seems a bit odd. When the NHL does it, they get NFL sized crowds coming to their game.

  8. nflfootballfan says:
    Mar 18, 2013 4:35 PM
    Maybe you should win one first before you talk about hosting one.
    ….Because Jacksonville, San Diego, Atlanta, Detroit, Arizona and Miami have won so many recently?

  9. SB in NY will be the last. where are fans going to go to get the NFL feeliong. To the opera House,CATS,. New York is a great city, please leave the SB to warm weather states. Pretty soon Washington DC want a game. If you wanted to host SB, build a DOME cold weather states.

  10. Conference Championship Games are held in Green Bay, Foxboro, Pittsburgh, etc.. and no one blinks an eyelash. The weather issue is being way, way overstated in this.
    Besides, w/ $400-500M in revenue for the host city every year, why should some 4-city rotation “own” the Super Bowl? Think Denver, Seattle and the aforementioned 3 cities wouldn’t like a piece of that?
    Time to “spread it around,” as someone once famously said.

  11. This is too easy but I have to. Try winning one first Idiot of an owner. 60 years and counting. HA HA HA. How’s That Empty Trophy Case Looking Like.?!!!!!!!

  12. It’s just few years ago that Philly postponed a game because of snow (2010) in December.

    Except for a vocal minority, very few people want the SB played outside in a cold weather city.

    Please, let’s stop the insanity after next year and use common sense in the future.

    The SB is supposed to be a championship, not a funny ha ha spectacle.

  13. Stop! Cold weather is one thing insofar as the game is concerned. Unfortunately it is no longer JUST about the game.

  14. Compared to the 100k or so folks who might attend, play, or cover the game in Philly, I am but one of the billion or so folks who will be watching the game on TV.

    I am the 99.9%. I don’t care.

    There’s nothing bad about outdoor football in January that gets worse in February.

  15. At any rate, that’s about as close as they’re going to ever get to winning one, so I guess this is some sort of consolation that he’s seeking? That, and making up for the hit he took on his divorce?

  16. The corporate stiffs and celebrities won’t last long outside in the cold. You’re going to see a lot of empty seats by mid 1st quarter.

  17. Lurie is forgetting that all of the rich sponsors and VIPs want to spend the week before the Super Bowl playing golf and schmoozing. They don’t want to be cramped up in some hotel with nothing to do but eat cheesesteak.

  18. When was the last time a conference championship game was postponed due to weather? When was the last time the snow, wind, or rain was so bad that it was a detriment to the quality of the game? The only thing I can think of is the AFC championship game a few years ago in NE when it was snowing and I’m sorry people, it made the game awesome! I HATE the Patriots but seeing their fans celebrate by throwing the snow in the air throughout the stadium was a pretty cool sight.

    I’ve been to a Superbowl so I know what goes on besides just the game. All the festivities that take place are an integral part of the experience. There are other places that are waaaayyy worse locations because of infrastructure and location issues. New York will be horrible because festivities will be in two different states!!! Are you kidding?? In Jacksonville things were so spread out we did more walking then taking part in all the things there was to do because there’s no room around the stadium. However, Philly is actually a good location, logistically speaking, for a Superbowl. There is so much room around the stadium that ALL the Superbowl activities can take place right there in the sports complex.

    Also, as another poster pointed out, all the naysayers keep saying weather could be an issue(most say WILL, but that’s besides the point) but that could happen in ANY host city. Any city could experience torrential rains, extreme winds, an uncommon snowfall. Yes northern cities have more of a chance of snow but the rain and wind are possible everywhere. Now, you say it doesn’t affect cities with domes…true it doesn’t affect the game itself but those attending still have to deal with going to and from the game. Also, as I mentioned, the rest of the festivities that go along with a Superbowl. All that stuff is outside so again, the Superbowl attendees will STILL have to deal with the weather, be it rain, snow, wind, or anything else that could be a factor.

    Personally I so like the idea of going to a warm location for the game. Its nice for the attendees, it works for all the festivities of Superbowl week. However, that doesn’t mean a cold-weather Superbowl isn’t feasible. It just doesn’t make sense to me for it to occur in a place where the location of said festivities are so spread out and, as in the case of NY, in two different states.

  19. There is a whole lot more to do in Philly than many of the city’s that have hosted. Weather aside, Philly is a much better city to visit than Tampa, Jacksonville, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Indy.

  20. There should be a 32 city rotation, where every team gets a turn to host. Think about it, new stadiums for NFL teams last about 30 years, so it would be like a new stadium for every Super Bowl. Talk about a bargaining chip for the teams to get a new stadium built when needed.

  21. I have been to numerous stadiums throughout the country. Not one city has a set up like philly. Idiots like Mr Wright who has probably never even been to philly. I am guessing he is from Pittsburg and is flexing his little town muscles.

  22. Yeah and I want the Direct TV genie to magically appear in my room right now.

    Speaking of, good for Jeter. He’s rubbing the genie’s bottle on the reg.

  23. New York gets one, then New England gets one, then The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person issues an edict that cold-weather cities are no longer under consideration “for safety reasons”.

    The fact that those two areas have the owners who are the biggest backers of The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person is strictly coincidental.

  24. The super bowl has an enormous event and is far more than just a football game. Unless it’s in a very mild climate, it really needs to be in a stadium that has the ability to close the roof.

    Funny thing is when Dallas hosted it in Jerry’s world, they had a big ice storm. Also Jerry got called out by the fire chief for having too many seats.

    May be best to just keep them in southern Ca., the super dome in La, Arizona and Miami.

  25. I’m going to just go ahead and assume that most of you have not actually attended a SuperBowl. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend one, so I’d like to chime in here. You guys mention the weather as if it’s not a big deal, keep in mind the Super Bowl is one of the most watched shows in the entire world each year. It is by far the biggest platform the league has to put on a big production. Companies spend Millions of $ on commercials and the cities get a massive influx of people, far more than a normal game. It is literally $100’s of millions if not billions of dollars. You have the half time show which is a big event(whether a lot of us truly care or not) and the weather is a big factor in that. Also, while I love watching a snowy game personally, keep in mind that the game is a lot slower typically and becomes more one dimensional, which is just fine for football fans, but the Super Bowl is a much bigger event than just a football game, it is watched in 185 countries and the league wants to put a show on. That includes high scoring, high octane offenses and big plays to match the hype of the game.

  26. Cmon man. If you’re going to have the Superbowl outside in colder cities then you might as well just scrap the whole bidding process (yea right $$) and let the higher seed host.

  27. Thanks for the Super Bowl knowledge, muhast. I was shocked to learn that the Super Bowl is a big deal for the NFL.

  28. I’ve been to Philly far more times than I wish I had. And a good number of my relatives live across the bridge.

    The 212 is not random. Last I checked, that’s not a Pittsburgh area code.

  29. its a competitive advantage for the 10 or so teams who play home games in one of the current cities in the SB rotation

    all of the cities that are homes to NFL teams put some form of public money to support the team and should be rewarded with a SB every 30 or so years.

    heck i think that chance of big snow would increase excitement for the game, and lets be honest who really cares if the media guys and corporate big wigs who attend the game are inconvenienced

  30. Jerry tried to add seats to his SB bid and got fined. WTG Cowboys Fans!

    BTW there was snow in Dallas that year, and he put all those poor ticket holders out in the snow on a big screen..

    Al Davis still lives!

  31. I agree with most users on here, this is a bad idea.

    No one wants to see the Eagles fans show up the rest of the nation with their passion and love for their team. Other fanbases would get too jealous.

  32. It will never happen, but Philly would be a great place to host. The NFL wants to make the half time show an event? They can have it right across the street it tatthe whatcovia center, or whatever it’s called, right across the parking lot. Show the game on the big screen, and that will sell out too, and the “show” won’t interfere with the game. Plus you still have CBP on the other end of the parking lot to hold alumni and youth events and such. The Novacare complex is one of if no the best out there, and is right there too

    If you think there is less to do in Philly than most of the cities that have hosted, you haven’t been to Philly, or most of those cities. But that doesn’t matter. Even a place like Pittsburgh, which I hate as far as the night scene, should have a chance to host. They support their teams just as much, and in most cases more, than places like SD, Jax etc. Why should they never get a chance to host a title game?

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