Goodell says he’s trying to work with Selig on opener


Very seldom in the last 30 years or so has the NFL had to defer to Major League Baseball on anything.

But now, it seems, they’re being forced to grovel a bit.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he had spoken with MLB counterpart Bud Selig twice, trying to get the Orioles to move a night game to the afternoon so the Ravens could open the season at home on Sept. 5.

“We’ve talked to Major League Baseball. I called Bud Selig twice and spoken to him about that, trying to work out an accommodation to allow the Orioles game to happen earlier in the afternoon and the Ravens to celebrate their Super Bowl championship with their fans at home. We think that’s the right thing,” Goodell said, via the Baltimore Sun. “We’ve agreed to move the game a little bit later to accommodate the baseball game. We think it would be a great day.

“As a kid who grew up an Orioles fan, to have an Orioles game in the afternoon and then go to the Ravens’ Super Bowl championship celebration for the kickoff game would be a great day. We hope that’s the way it happens.”

Goodell said opening on Wednesday again wasn’t an option because of Rosh Hashanah, and that if an agreement couldn’t be reached, they’d have to make the Ravens open on the road, which they’d prefer not to do.

“We think that’s wrong for the Ravens’ fans and we would not want to happen,” Goodell said.

The Orioles game against the White Sox that day is scheduled for a 7:05 p.m. start. Baseball officials are hesitant to move it up in part because both teams are playing in different cities the night before (Baltimore’s in Cleveland, Chicago’s at New York), and quick turnaround might impact the pennant race (as much as one game out of 162 does).

A baseball source told the Sun the Orioles “aren’t concerned about the financial aspect of the conflict.”

(All together now, “Yeah, right.”)

“It doesn’t just involve the Orioles,” said Katy Feeney, MLB’s senior vice president for club relations and scheduling. “There is another team. The Orioles and White Sox have been on the schedule for quite awhile. Both teams are coming off a night game [on the road]. It’s late in the season. To ask them to play a day game is rough, plus you have to factor in the impact on attendance and broadcast revenue.

“I think mainly, from a baseball standpoint, to make that change is extremely difficult. The White Sox would take a broadcast revenue hit and the O’s would take a broadcast revenue and attendance hit. And there is a baseball operations impact. Conceivably both teams could be in playoff contention, so it wouldn’t be fair to them to make them play a day game after both teams played a night game and traveled the night before.”

Baseball officials haven’t had many opportunities to hold anything over the NFL in decades since they lost their position as America’s Pastime, so it’s natural that they’d enjoy it a little. They’re the older brother whose little brother grew up bigger and stronger, and the chance to dole out some noogies is probably something Selig relishes.

50 responses to “Goodell says he’s trying to work with Selig on opener

  1. OK Roger, you asked nicely TWICE now, time to flex your NFL muscle.

    This isn’t about teams or money or anything but the fans of Baltimore getting to celebrate their team winning the Super Bowl. (I am a Steelers fan saying this)

    As I said before, tell Selig that if he doesnt move rhe game you will schedule games that conflict with MLB every chance you get. Including putting games on to go head to head against the World Series. You already beat them doing that before (Steelers vs Saints).

  2. Goodell admits he is an Orioles fan… Why didn’t he just come out and state he is a ravens fan. Ever since he took over they got every benefit and he has done anything he possibly can within his power to get them at Super Bowl victory last year

  3. Make the Ravens go on the road and the O’s will regret it. There following in Baltimore is fickle at best. Wouldn’t be shocked to see a full scale boycott go down.

  4. The NFL has the ability to handle this however they want. If MLB won’t change the schedule, why can’t the Ravens just host the game as planned? Is it a city resources issue? They can pay for that. And then they can go head to head with the MLB every chance they get on TV. That would make baseball regret the decision immediately.

  5. Let the O’s have it. The Ravens had their celebrating, they had their parade. It’s a new season, treat it as such. Have a celebration when they want their first game at home, or give them a Monday night game if they insist on everyone watching it.

  6. Don’t think Bud can move the game without the teams and players sign off. I believe the rules covering the schedule times is covered by the CBA.

  7. “so it wouldn’t be fair to them to make them play a day game after both teams played a night game…”

    Its BASEBALL. They play two games in one day sometimes!

    And i like how they say its not about money, then cite all the financial hits. Its one game outta 162. They’ll find a way to play a day game.

  8. What the hell does rosh hosanna have to do with anything? NBA plays on Christmas and Easter

  9. Oh really, Wednesday isn’t an option because of Rosh Hashanah?

    Goodell didn’t seem to have a problem scheduling games on Christmas in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

    I guess Christmas has no religious meaning to it.

  10. Yeah selig should hold his ground, forget HS games and play Friday, MLB and their fans shouldn’t bow to the NFL, this country is football drunk as it is

  11. “Goodell said opening on Wednesday again wasn’t an option because of Rosh Hashanah”. But it’s okay to have pro/college sports on thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and day, Easter…. Huh.

  12. If both teams play an away night game the night before then both are on equal footing and it shouldn’t matter. Do what’s right for the town.

  13. schedule O’s to play double header on the any of the next three days (4 game series) Ravens celebrate NFL kickoff/ banner hanging, O’s and Sox get day of rest from road series.. problem solved. Who do I see for compensation?

  14. So Selig is trying to flex muscles he doesn’t have? Forget him! Schedule the game to conflict with the Orioles game and let the ratings show which game should have been moved! My guess; Selig would end up with his tail between his legs.

  15. Shared parking lots and the md stadium authority won’t allow two games on the same time, those are the problems. And Wednesday won’t work because of lost viewers… Aka Thursday night football pulls in so many views

  16. Have the Ravens host the primetime game Sunday night and schedule another game for Thursday. It’s not very difficult to figure this one out…

  17. Look I am a huge Orioles fan and a huge Ravens fan. This notion that the Orioles would take an attendance hit by moving the game to the afternoon is COMPLETE garbage. If the Orioles moved the game to Thursday afternoon they would draw MORE. I know plenty of people that would take off work and go to both games that day.

  18. The orioles get deference due to an earlier scheduling. The MLB cannot be changed without MLB, both teams and the players union agreeing due to the cba. At this point, a change in the baseball schedule seems unlikely.

  19. Would somebody please do some reporting and tell us what the hell roshashana has to do with anything? I’ve read 3 or 4 articles on this and nobody says why. MLB is playing that night so it’s obviously not a problem for them.

  20. What do you guys mean, go head to head every chance they get? The NFL only plays on Sundays, Thursdays, and Mondays at pre-determined times. It’s not like they can go out of their way to make scheduling conflicts lol

  21. I admit that I prefer the NFL over any other sport, but I still don’t agree that they should have the power to simply violate the agreement for the sports complex in Baltimore or for the Orioles. Hopefully, it all gets worked out, but let’s be honest, the Thursday night “tradition” for the opening of the NFL isn’t exactly a lifelong, heralded event. For crying out loud, they moved the game to Wednesday last year for a political speech by a guy who ran unopposed!

  22. Goodell can get bent. Selig should tell him to climb a tree. Play on Wednesday. Play on Sunday. Just quit crying and get the hell out of here. If I was the Orioles, I would be pissed at the arrogance. Get bent Goodell….get bent.

  23. So Baseball is the less masculine sport? No hesitating showing little Florio in his baseball uniform though. Lets encourage some bullying. Who has the bigger muscles. I don’t know that baseball has a Days Without an Arrest meter. I like football a hell of a lot more since the baseball strike but this is apples to oranges. Making a hero out of Ray Lewis is enough to make me vote Orioles Sept 5. And one game can make a difference. Time to throw the animals out of the game or baseball will be back with a vengeance.

  24. Like 95% of sports fans, I like both MLB and NFL. But with 162-game schedules, wouldn’t it seem trivial to change the start time of one measly game? Its not that big a deal.

    And Bud doesn’t need his tail between his legs. We already know he’s an idiot.

  25. First there is the players union and MLB to deal with. Second there is the White Sox who also must agree to it. They play the night before and wldnt even get to baltimore until 2am. So it’s not as simple as saying move the orioles game up. The baseball schedule has been out for a while now and in my opinion the nfl should figure it out. Dont just demand that other professionals change their schedule just cuz thats what you want.

  26. If it was Pittsburgh, they’d just play the games at the same time and PNC Park would be a ghost town, again.

  27. “did I miss something, when did the ravens start playing at camden yard”

    They don’t, but the 2 stadiums are next to each other and they share the same parking lots. It’s not possible to just say screw it, let them go head to head with the baseball game and see who wins. Two simultaneous games aren’t possible.

  28. This is ridiculous, NFL rules the country, Baltimore fans are probably way more excited to celebrate a ravens championship than they are to go watch a team that has made the playoffs a hand full of times in the last 2 decades. I know if it were my team, I’d choose the championship team.

  29. Goodell moved the game to Wednesday last year to accommodate NBC and their beloved Obama speech at the Democratic National Convention. But they won’t move it to Wednesday this year due to Rosh Hashanah? I never even heard of that before. C’mon man!

  30. Orioles scheduled first. Them’s the breaks. Is the NFL really arrogant enough to think they are entitled for another PROFESSIONAL sports league to bow down to their scheduling needs?

  31. Forget the Money, what about baseball strategy? September is pennant-chasing time. Lets say that either the Orioles, or the White Sox are in contention. Double-headers can completely screw up a rotation, and bullpen. Why would you voluntarily give yourself a disadvantage, heading into the most crucial time of the baseball season?

  32. kane337 says:Mar 18, 2013 10:10 PM

    Goodell moved the game to Wednesday last year to accommodate NBC and their beloved Obama speech at the Democratic National Convention. But they won’t move it to Wednesday this year due to Rosh Hashanah? I never even heard of that before. C’mon man!

    Yo Kane… Rosh Hashanah is from Wed till Friday…. so that excuse is BUNK!!

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