Jake Long agrees to terms with Rams

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The first overall pick in the 2008 draft has decided where he’ll be playing for the next four years.  And it won’t be in the city where he has spent the last five.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, tackle Jake Long has agreed to terms with the Rams.

Long picked the Rams over the Dolphins, who made a late push to keep Long after his multi-day visit to St. Louis ended.

It’s a four-year deal, with a base value of $34 million, for an average of $8.5 million annually.  With incentives, the deal can reach $36 million.

The deal has $16 million fully guaranteed, with another $4 million that will become fully guaranteed in 2014.

It’s unclear whether the Dolphins were offering the same, less, or more.  In the end, it doesn’t matter.  Long, who has made plenty from being a No. 1 overall pick in the days before the rookie wage scale, doesn’t have to take the best offer on the table.

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  1. If he is healthy this is huge!

    Now get a quality LG(Warmack) and WR (Austin or Hunter) in the 1st and we will be in it with SF and SEA.

    NFC is out for blood in 2013

  2. Somebody better keep the sharp objects away from Richie Incognito. The Bromance is over.

  3. Long, who has made plenty from being a No. 1 overall pick in the days before the rookie wage scale, doesn’t have to take the best offer on the table.
    That makes absolutely zero sense. Why would he take less money to uproot his family?

  4. Let Bush, Sean Smith, and Jake Long walk! I would say I can’t believe it but it’s Jeff Ireland we’re talking about!

    Looks like it’ll be another Offensive lineman in the first round again smh

  5. Thank you for your time in Miami Jake.Tough to see you go.Thats just the business. nothing but class Elvis is entering the building?

  6. eventhough he hasnt been the jake long we are used to seeing, hes still has plenty left in the tank. a see a few more pro bowls in the future for him. not a high media type hype pick but might be the beat signing as some of us know that the core of a great team starts from the trenches both on offense and defense. awesome pick up by the rams. nfc west might be the best division right now to all of us nfc west fans but very soon every football fan will come to terms with this

  7. Good for him! We’ll miss him in Miami, but he knows the Fins are going in a different direction and would rather spend the big bucks on TD producers.

  8. The Jeff Ireland downgrade continues. As usual, instead of now replacing Jake with an equal or better player, Ireland will go on the cheap. After, of course, replacing linebackers who didn’t need replaced with more expensive linebackers. No common sense whatsoever.

  9. Jake Long did a great job for the past 5 years for the Dolphins. But now the Rams are getting a LT whose best days are behind him.
    Dolphins will now have 8 million more in cap space to replace him or they can use anyone of their 5 picks in the first 3 rounds to replace him.

  10. Wow!!! I expected so much more guaranteed money. What a steal for Jeff Fisher and the Rams

  11. So the St Louis Rams now have the number one and two over all picks on there roster.

    Jake Long and Chris Long…..

    The rally cry for the fans in that draft was “With either Long you can’t go wrong”.

    Who knows? Maybe they will pick up Darren McFadden and Glen Dorsey before its over.

  12. If this was just about Long, it’s a good move for the Rams. But considering their #1 WR isn’t yet on the roster, and their #1 RB is Daryl Richardson or Isaiah Pead, it’s safe to say they remain miles behind the 49ers and Seahawks.

    Harder to understand why the Dolphins would let him get away after investing big money to put a winning team around Ryan Tannehill. Long may be coming off injuries, but he’s still one of the top 10 blindside tackles in the game when healthy, and he’s only 28.

  13. So….

    The Rams now employ both Jake and Chris Long.

    The #1 and #2 picks in the 2008 draft?

  14. Jake Long protecting your young QBs blind side wins you more games than Mike Wallace does running his one route, yet you chose to overpay the latter, great choice Dolphins! If you weren’t in a division with the Jets, you’d probably be the laughing stock of the entire AFC year in and year out.

  15. Congrats Jake, stay healthy. Now you have a shot to compete for the second place team in that division behind the niners. Shouldn’t be too hard, cardinals don’t seem to be going anywhere and paper champs Seattle are going to trash talk themselves into 3rd

  16. Well done Ireland, spending money of 4-3 linebackers on the first day of FA, stupidly you have to penny pinch now with value still out there in FA. Retarded

  17. I have to imagine it was the best offer though, it not like this team is poised to make a run at a Super Bowl, they’ll most likely be third in their division this year. I don’t know why else he would go with the rams if its not money.

  18. So A. Levitre got paid like a tackle but is a guard? That doesn’t make much sense now does it?? Great move letting him go Buffalo.

  19. Jake Long made a ton of money just because he was the first overall NFL draft selection by former VP of Operations Bill Parcells. Jake has declined and not finished the season the last two years. The Dolphins are better without this OT, who really believes he’s still a dominant LT. He can not even finish a season anymore. It’s a good day for the Dolphins who will not have to pay this Bill Parcells mistake any longer.

  20. dont know much about his injury history but the rams needed somebody like him up on that line to help bradford be able to stand up. As a rams fan that line has been awful to watch for about 8 years.

  21. So, if my numbers are correct, combining his rookie contract with this one it looks like Jake Long will have earned 96 million dollars over 10 years as an NFL lineman. Not bad work if you can get it.

  22. Injury history or otherwise, when the number one overall pick leaves the team that drafted him after his first contract, it’s a failed acquisition.

    Add Long to the long list of high round draft picks that Jeff Ireland has either sold off to other teams or has left the team after their first contract expired. For all the free agent excitement the Dolphins have generated this offseason, this fact can’t go ignored.

    The Dolphins are not as close to challenging New England for the division this coming season as fans like to think they are. Miami needs more production from their high draft picks. They’ve hit on a few offensive lineman over the last couple years, but it’s not enough.

  23. I wanted to keep him but not at that price- he’s been injured and in decline for 2 years. Not that disappointed to be honest.

  24. Liked Long especially his first two years, so I have mixed feelings on this one…but a word of advice for the Rams….have yourself a very good backup! He will not finishout a season.

  25. For 2.5m more a year we got Jake Long over keeping Amendola….. Snead and Fisher are crushing the personnel decisions so far.

  26. In three years $8.5 mill a year will seam like a bargain for Jake Long. Miami fans can try to spin it now that it’s done but Miami just lost a good left tackle.

  27. If Jonathan Martin’s Miami’s left tackle this year it’s going to mean massive neck brace endorsements for Ryan Tannehill.


  28. 7 mil a year Miami Florida > 8.5 mil a year St.Louis Missouri. Maybe Jakes agent “forgot” to tell him there is no income tax in Florida.. but of course hes making commission of the gross dollars

  29. Haven’t been this happy over a Fin heading west since
    WR Chris call me ‘CC’ Chambers (can’t catch)

  30. I would have liked Long back for a decent amount, and I’m worried we’ll end up with little choice but taking Lane Johnson at #12…but if we did 9 or more for a guy that’s spent that much time on the DL, it could undo the entire offense.

    I still hope we sign Winston so we can use #12 on an impact player (Jarvis Jones, Werner, Rhodes, Ansah).

    Daring signing by St. Louis, but they have to keep Bradford upright. It’s worth the risk to them the same way Wallace is to Mimai.

  31. Parcels should have drafted Matt Ryan instead. Long is a fine teammate, but his play and endurance has declined. Too much money for a guy who will likely be injured yet again this season. Good call by Ireland to stand his ground, Jonathan Martin will be fine at LT. I wish Long the best, sometimes a change is good.

  32. Hey Ram fans, it’s usually a bad sign when the fan base of the former team is glad he didn’t re-sign. This guys body is breaking down, and as you’ll soon see, he’s no longer an elite, or even top 10, LT.

  33. Personally I think the future looks brighter for Miami rather than STL.Just sayin’

  34. I hope the best for Jake, but considering his 1st contract and now this one something tells me he does not need my hopes and prayers.

    To my fellow fin fans who hate Ireland so much:
    Sorry but letting Long walk was absolutely the right move, 1 playoff berth in during his tenure, nagging injuries, he was not a fit for the scheme the coaches are implementing and declining skill level. If Ireland had paid him 8 million a season he would have to completely ignore all the signs.

    I don’t see Long finishing this contract, I say he retires in 2 years.

  35. Allright so rams fans don’t talk crap like gutless Seattle fans.. So ill say this was a good pick up by the rams! NFC WEST is just getting stronger! GO NINERS

  36. Good Luck Rams!! The guy couldn’t handle any decent DE’s the last couple of years especially last year before he got hurt trying. Now he has to deal with what Seattle and the 49ers have….yeah good luck with that…..watch the tape from last year. Hell, he got blown up by Merriman who is basically out of the league!!!

  37. So long big guy, try to stay healthy one these years…Bellacheat has not drafted real well either, he just Brady slinging the ball for the past 12 or so years.

  38. As much as I appreciate all that Long has done for the ‘Phins and agree that he is one of the better LT that were on the FA market, the sad truth is that he is no longer the player he once was (even when he was healthy last year, he still wasn’t as dominant as he was earlier in his career) and doesn’t fit Philbin’s WC offense as well as he did Sparano’s ground and pound. It would have been great to have seen him re-sign, but only at a price that would have let the ‘Phins buy better insurance behind him should he (again) go down at the end of the season.

  39. When healthy, Jake Long is one of the best left tackles in football. The problem is that lately he’s been more injured than healthy and has looked like one of the worst left tackles in football. It’s a gamble for the Rams, plain and simple. I wish him luck, though.

  40. Longs performance fell of a cliff 2 1/2 years ago and never came back….

    he was a revolving door last two seasons and he led a unit that was bottom quarter in the league in blocking, hits on QB, and pass protection for 2 seasons in a row….

    no way the Phins continue to pay that kind of money… good move Phins, bad move Rams

  41. doesn’t matter, the rams will always suck! they are kinda like the florio of the NFL.

  42. People keep saying that the Rams are miles behind San Fran and Seattle… but if you consider just intra-division games, who won the NFC West last year? Surprise!!

  43. The dolphins have had 5 years to get an ext done. Now the lambs have the long brothers on the oline and d line

  44. Good luck to you Long, you were a class act here in Miami… Hope that artificial turf in St Louis treats you & your knees well.

  45. I guess he wanted to lose.Either that or the Rams paid him more.I’m glad the broken down tackle finally made up his mind so the Dolphins can now go sign a new right tackle.Good riddance you bum.We’ll see you on IR again this year.

  46. Now he has to face the pass rushers of the 49ers and Seahawks 4x a year. Ouch! Jake had his moments, but he will be completely exposed as a broken down 28 year old has been. Seriously.

  47. This year’s Mario Williams. The ‘Fins will be fine with Jonathan Martin at LT.

  48. Have fun with his injuries!! Constantly hurt last 2 years. Last yr he was ranked 42nd or something before injury. Most Miami wanted him out before the season even ended. Vollmer, smith, Winston are all upgrades over long. Jonathan Martin outplayed him at LT last yr. We needed more athleticism anyway. Good luck Jake!

  49. Rams spend 8 mill/yr for Cook and 9 mill/ yr on Long. Both not worth that money. Both overpaid especially cook. But Miami overpaid for all of theirs lol. Whatever. Wait until Aldon smith, clemons, Irvin, Bennett, avril line up against long. Bradford better up his insurance

  50. Jake is a good tackle but Jonathan Martin’s playing last year made Jake replaceable. I would have loved to have him back but only for the right price.

  51. Hey Max, replacing Dansby and Burnett with Ellerbe and Wheeler actually saved cap money but let’s not let facts get in the way of your anti Ireland narrative.

  52. Jake chose the money, which is okay by me. He had two or three seasons of dominance but his last two were marred by injury and average-at-best play. Just look at the Colts game from last year. When 100%, he’s a stud, but there’s a good chance he’ll never be 100% again.

    My question now becomes: what’s Eric Winston want? There’s a decent chance they could lure in Winston to play right tackle, move Jonathan Martin to the left side, and have enough cash over for one of those fashionable one year “prove it” deals for a pass rusher or a corner like Brent Grimes. If they are able to work out a two for the price of one situation, then it’s a big win.

  53. Bottom line. Miami will be in he postseason this year. St Louis will be home again, in 3rd place in their division.

    Thanks Jake. Enjoy the BBQ and the money.

  54. I like the Ram’s approach build from the line up. However, they need some real weapons for Bradford. He lost both of his top receiver, and RB. There’s some decent RB one starter in Bradshaw still in the Market. I’m shocked they’re not in play for Victor Cruz they have the picks and money to do so.

  55. He needs to stay healthy, which he hasn’t done the last 2 seasons. He has had a pile of injuries, so good luck with that. He was looking for too much money in the beginning. He was never worth $11 million.
    Sitting on the bench doesn’t help anyone, and last season he wasn’t very good when he did play.
    He made a bundle of money when he came into the league, one of the lucky ones.

  56. As an outsider I just wonder why the Fins let Long go for not a lot of left tackle money? I’s hard to believe Long is healthy. What other reason could there be?

  57. See ya Jake, don’t let the door hit ya. What’s next Vollmer? Winston? mckinnie?

  58. “That makes absolutely zero sense. Why would he take less money to uproot his family?”

    Yeah, how will he ever feel his family on that kind of cash?

  59. Could be good for Rams but the fact that jake has had so many injuries and wasn’t on the field because of those injuries made ireland think hard about paying too much. Arms back, knees, all problem areas makes you wonder if for the fins it wasn’t time to go younger.

  60. Long clearly was lost in a zone blocking style. He can’t move like he used to and I see more injuries sapping his ability moving forward.

    Dolphins are getting rid of the Tunas picks and moving on to playmakers.

    Good thing is that Bradford needs all the help he can get. Borderline bust at this point.

  61. Most fans outside of the NFC West don’t know how close the Rams were to being a playoff team. I believe if Jake Long gets healthy this is a huge piece and moves for TE/LT are exactly what they needed and still have two mid level first round draft picks. Seahawks/49ers I know won’t be looking past the Rams because their defense brings the heat. They get something like WR Patterson and LG Womack watch out NFL. I am a fan of division rival team but respect this team unlike 49ers and majority of their fans.

  62. jake u sucked in miami funny thing is they say bill parcells smart man oh yea he ruined the whole draft for them yes its up to players to live up to it but gees pat white dude

    u need a qb first in this league before a tackle

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