Leslie Frazier wants Winfield back

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Last week, the Vikings apparently had “no intent” to cut cornerback Antoine Winfield.

But Winfield is now a former member of the team, and his now-former head coach is hoping for a reunion.

“I’m hoping that we can figure out a way to get him back here,” Leslie Frazier told Tom Pelissero of 1500ESPN.com.  “So, I’m hoping that it’s not goodbye yet.”

Per Pelissero, Winfield has arranged multiple visits with other teams.

“Him and I talked a few days ago, before I came up here, and I don’t want the door to be shut,” Frazier said from the league meetings in Arizona. “So, we’re going to still try to get something worked out — if he’s amicable to coming back.”

The Vikings and Winfield’s agent had discussed cutting the player’s $7.25 million compensation for 2013, but no progress had been made.  Which resulted in the team’s decision to cut Winfield loose.

With or without Winfield, Frazier wants more cornerbacks on the roster.

“Without question,” Frazier said.  “We’ll still look at what’s out there from the NFL perspective, but also in the draft.  We need more depth at that position.  As you know, you can’t ever have enough good corners in our league.  So, we need to keep upgrading that position.”

Plenty of cornerbacks remain, and the top of the market is far lower than the money Winfield was due to earn this year.

36 responses to “Leslie Frazier wants Winfield back

  1. What does it say about a team when they cut their best CB because of money and hope to re-sign him at a lower figure?

    Winfield is many things, a good tackler, hard nosed and dependable but the one thing he is not is a wife/girlfriend beater. No, that designation belongs to the CB that the Vikings kept. When a player signs a contract, the team needs him on the field on Sunday, not in a jail cell.

  2. I honestly can not think of one person I have talked to since the Vikings cut Winfield that can even try to defend the move. Usually an ageing player will be pushed out due to lack of ability to play or if they are holding back a younger players progression. This move was done for niether reason.
    The fans have no reason to believe this move was necessary and if you look into how he was cut it wouldnt matter if the new Pope wanted him back… Antoine should never consider it.
    Shame on my favorite orginization for the way they treated this Man.

  3. Another player that the Buffalo Bills should have held on to when they has him. This Levitre thing is going to bite us in the ass some day. You don’t let a top 5 positional player walk away.

  4. I would like Winfield back but if the Vikes need to cut salary then so be it. I hope they can work out a deal. Antoine has been a great Viking.

  5. I really like this kid Tyrann Mathieu. I really believe this guy is genuine when he says his troubles are behind him and he has absolute 1st round talent. Vikes should go after him with one of their two 4th rounders which is usually the time to take a swing on some riskier guys. Mathieu and Smith back there would give us some long term security in our secondary.

  6. Seems like Rick Spielman can’t handle everything at once! That’s what it seems to me. Sign Winfield!!!

  7. I would think Winfield would want to come back because he probably doesn’t want to move his family right now. The Vikings should give him a better contract than he can get anywhere else; they’ll still be saving a lot of money from what he was originally owed. I hope it works out.

  8. Look I love Winfield but you don’t pay 35 year old slot cornerbacks with recent injury problems 7.25 million a year. I doubt any other team will pay him more than 4 mil this year.

    My thoughts are that if Winfield tests the FA market and it is dry then he might come back for less. But the Vikes somewhat did him a diservice by cutting him so late in the process such that he didn’t have as much time to test suitors.

    Brent Grimes is out there too. He’s coming off the achiles but he’s a very solid cover corner and he’s much younger.

  9. Hopefully after shopping around Winfield will allow the Vikings to match whatever offer he gets. Makes sense for both Winfield and the Vikings for him to finish his last year with the Vikings.

    Vikings still need more corners though, and should put in an offer for Revis.

  10. One thing that might make this happen is the fact that there are a slew of veteran CBs on the open market right now.

    The Vikings need to fill this void, and Winfield is the best man to fill it. As a Viking fan, I hope they can make this happen. But Winfield isn’t going to get paid $7.5 million this year by any team. Hopefully he’ll get the highest offer from the Vikings and be back.

  11. This guy is a great player.. sucks for the vikings to have to cut him due to a money issue they sure could use him back but he could go somewhere else and win so he probably will

  12. Should have never released him, or at minimum, attempted to quietly negotiate a contract reduction. The only thing that would keep him here is that his kids go to school here; however there’s a 90% chance he leaves given the tactless way they released him.

  13. He’s the only Antoine in the NFL who spells his name correctly! Antwan, Antwaan…c’mon, man!

  14. Spielman— get something done with this guy! One more season, then transition him into an assistant coach job–

    Classy man that should retire a Viking.

  15. Get Antoine back! He should have never had to leave the Vikings in the first place!

    I know he is getting older, but he had one of his best years as a Viking last year statistically, is a tough player, and is one of the best fundamental tacklers you will likely ever see. His effort on the field is obvious. He acts with class and lets his play on the field do most of his talking.

    This is the type of player every team should want to see on their roster and he still has some good years left.

  16. I can’t believe any of you actually believe aw’s version of events! Do we actually think the vikes cut him without any division of restructuring his deal? Aw was just working out and they call him up to the office and release him. Really? I just don’t buy it. I’m sure the vikes would love to keep him but it has to be closer to market value. Too many more affordable options via fa and 11 draft picks.

  17. I really hope that when Winfield does retire, he takes a serious look into coaching.

  18. We have a bunch of clowns on here.

    Look I’m as big a Winfield fan as the next….BUT

    He’s 35 going on 36. They were going to try and turn him into a part time player last year (he played great btw) but didnt, now this year the plan was for sure to turn him more into a part time player (that’s per Spielman).

    He wanted $7.25 million. Sorry but for a part time aging corner that’s not going to work. This year is one of the best crops of FA corners on the market. ESPN FA tracker had 10 corners rated higher than Winfield (all of them younger btw).

    I think he’s a great locker room guy, and mentor for younger players. I for one want him back, but not at $7.25. $4 sounds better.

    We need to upgrade our LB, DT, S (one more), and probably another WR. That costs money, this isnt Madden franchise mode where you can turn off the salary cap.

  19. Classy player who deserved better treatment from the Vikes, and earned the right to retire in purple…That said, if some non-NFC North team wants to sign him away from MN, I’d be happy with that…(-;

  20. This is my biggest offseason issue with what were doing … They should have re-structured J.Allen and K.Will an left or even re-structured Winfield’s contract … Gotta be something else to this then money which is the only understandable reason for the cut

  21. I have to laugh at alot of the comments on this website. I said from the minute I first heard of Winfield’s release, that the Vikings would likely sign him back, but for less money. It’s the business side of football. He has been nothing but a class act since arriving in Minnesota and is very respected by the team and community. NO TEAM is going to pay a player that is in the twilight of his career that kind of money. Quality Player are cut/released all the time due to salary cap issues. So, please stop trying to make the Vikings sound like cold hearted basterds!!!

  22. Winfield knows he lost a step in being able to cover so once the shock of being cut wears off, he will sign at a reduced figure.

  23. I’d be surprised if he does not come back. When you look at the $ levels not going to free agent corners younger than him, it made sense to cut him loose earlier if they could not at that time get an agreement for a lower contract.

  24. Antoine brings multiple things to the table. He’s skilled, and has great leadership and knowledge of the game. When you have a secondary as young as the vikings its nice to have a guy like this to train the youngens! Gonna miss the guy if he decides not to resign!!

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