Marvin Lewis wants no part of old guys like Randy Moss


Bengals coach Marvin Lewis is a confident man.

And he does not respond well to folks telling him how to do his job.

After a Sunday column in the Cincinnati Enquirer by Paul Daugherty suggesting that the Bengals needed to make more of a splash in free agency, Lewis waved that off, and took shots at former Bengals wideout Chad Johnson and 49ers free agent Randy Moss in the process.

Lewis complimented the progress of Mohamed Sanu, saying the team was better off developing him that signing a veteran wideout with a bigger name.

Mo Sanu [is] way ahead of where one certain receiver [Johnson] was in his second year playing in the National Football League. I’ll go on record saying that,” Lewis told Joe Reedy of the Enquirer. “That’s the uneducated putting dumb thoughts in people’s minds. It’s why you have an opportunity to go after these guys and go get these guys. So you continue to make your team better.

“You are not a positive in making your team better when you keep adding old guys. What did Randy Moss do for those guys last year? He did nothing. He got in the way of a younger player performing.”

So far, the Bengals are taking a deliberate approach to free agency. They’ve lost five of their own (linebackers Dan Skuta and Manny Lawson, defensive tackle Pat Sims, Gradkowski and kicker Josh Brown) while retaining five of their own (defensive ends Robert Geathers and Wallace Gilberry, kicker Mike Nugent, punter Kevin Huber and long snapper Clark Harris).

“We’ve got a lot of draft picks, we’ve got a lot of young players and some great depth in spots,” Lewis said. “We can afford to allow a Pat Sims to move on, man, it’s time. We’ve got two guys we drafted last year [Devon Still and Brandon Thompson] and I’m really feeling good about letting those guys get in there and have an opportunity to play.

“We still have the draft coming up this year and we’ll get some more young guys and that’s the good thing.”

And suffice it to say they won’t be bringing in that veteran wide receiver.

28 responses to “Marvin Lewis wants no part of old guys like Randy Moss

  1. Jim Harbaugh has won more playoff games in two seasons than Marvin has won in a 10 year career. Sorry Marv but I am not going to question Jim’s decision to bring in Moss. He has kinda proved that he knows what he is doing. The jury is still out on you…. even after 10 years.

  2. They didn’t lose players if they had no intentions of signing them back. They signed kicker Nugent over Brown, they let Lawson and Sims walk. Lawson because he’s not that good and Sims because they have 2 young DT’s in 2nd rounder Devon Still and 3rd rounder Brandon Thompson ready to play. The only loss that hurt the Bengals is Dan Skuta, because he can play every LB spot in a pinch without too much drop off from the starters and he’s a special teams ace. They’ve also kept more than 5 players so far they’ve kept Michael Johnson, Robert Geathers, Cedric Peerman, Kevin Huber, Mike Nugent, Andrew Hawkins and Wallace Gilberry. That’s 7 Darrin

  3. “You are not a positive in making your team better when you keep adding old guys.

    We prefer true tested turds, like Ray Maualuga and Pacman Jones.”

    Marvin Lewis said.

  4. Say what you want Haters…..but Marvin is doing it the right way, developing good young talent & stockpiling it! WHO DEY Cincinnati, I’m proud to be a fan!

  5. I usually agree with Doc’s commentary on the Bengals, but not on this one. He brought up Boldin, who was a trade- no chance the Ravens would trade Boldin in the division. He also brought up Welker- no chance Welker went anywhere other than a team with an elite quarterback.

  6. He’s spot on with his analysis. Doesn’t mean we can’t sign some free agents, though. Terrell Owens was an oddity with a near 1000 yard season at his age with the Bengals. Neither Moss nor Johnson are doing that.

  7. As frustrating as it may be, Marvin is right about the way they approach free agency. This is a team that builds through the draft, and waits for the prices to drop in free agency before hitting the bargain bin. Its fairly similar to the way the Packers operate. And with how well they’ve drafted lately and filled their holes with second-tier free agents, they can afford to continue that approach. If they can manage to get Andre Smith re-signed and bring back Jones and Newman, they can head into the draft looking to address needs at LB and S, as well as a change of pace RB. They had a great draft last year, and I’d expect larger contributions from Dre Kirkpatrick, Devon Still, Mo Sanu, Marvin Jones, and Brandon Thompson… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  8. Given that Marvin Lewis works for the Ben-gals, and not the 49ers, how does he know exactly what effect Randy Moss had on the younger players in particular and the team in general?

    The Niners went to the Super Bowl as a team, while Marvin went, if at all, as a spectator, befitting his status as a member of the Bengals organization. Even the head coach of a team that hasn’t won a playoff game in 22 years has no business dissing anyone else.

  9. Only Mike Brown is allowed to tell Marvin what to do, and it wouldn’t be shocking if the man that pays the bills doesn’t try to bring one of those old vets in to kick the tires if the price is right. See: Terrell Owens.

    From someone who feels the pain of meddling ownership…

    – raider fan

  10. Bengals have young players that aren’t to bad no need to bring Moss in but to be honest Green is like a young Moss but Green isn’t afraid to come across the middle, see Bengal fans im not totally heartless i gave ur team a lil love dont get use to it though.

  11. 1. Moss had nothing to do with success last year. 2. Jones is a solid nickel and return man. Keep ragging him. His play spoke for itself last year. First the haters said we couldn’t make the playoffs. Now they say we can’t win one. Haters are funny. Especially the Browns fans. Keep hating. We don’t care. We like our team. We like our coaches. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

  12. name recognition does not equal success Mr. Daugherty. in pro sports…it lands you in trouble because you’re focused on the past and blind to the present

  13. 49er fans need to realize that most of that team was built when mike singletary was there. Harbaugh just took singletarys team there. Just like the other Harbaugh took the team that billick built for the most part there. Harbaughs aren’t that great of coaches.

  14. There is nothing wrong with grooming your young talent, as long as we are not taking a step backwards. We need an immediate WR across the field from AJ. There are guys out there that would do a good job, draw defenders, and not cost huge bucks, or long unwanted contracts. I think Sanu is going to be an exceptional receiver, IS going to be, and we also have Hawkins, Jones, Gresham (who needs to learn how to catch consistently!), but acquiring a DHB would not hurt. I don’t think Welker was the position receiver we needed, it would have been someone more like Wallace. I would like to have seen us make a run at Reggie Bush, as he would have been an excellent compliment with BJGE.

  15. What about Wes Welker and Anquan Boldin? Don’t know why Marvin is confident. It was clear they needed more receiving options, even after they get Sanu back. Maybe if he wins a playoff game, he can tell people not to tell him how to do his job. 10 years is more than enough time to prove yourself

  16. Does this pathetic excuse of a coach know that Moss actually has helped groom the younger guys? What in god’s name is he thinking? So we should take his and a perennial loser organizations opinion over one of the God’s in the business?!? LMAO.

    Marvin, stick to your day job of eeking into a playoff spot and getting raped in the first round… idiot.

  17. Marvin may be right on this subject , but doesnt that mean we should at least make a play on a young saftey like Goldson Huff Landry or do we hope one is there to draft after many teams may have the same plan

  18. Marvin’s point was that it doesn’t help to just go out and throw money at veteran players, especially when you have young talent in the cupboard. Moss was just a name in SF. His numbers (26 rec/406 yds/3 TD) were average. They may have been just as well off giving snaps to rookie A.J. Jenkins to help his development. The Bengals never have, and never will be the team that spends big money in free agency. They prefer to keep their own free agents, and stockpile young players through the draft. And their recent track record of hitting big with “washed up” free agents (Adam Jones, Terrance Newman, Manny Lawson, Thomas Howard, Reggie Nelson, Nate Clements, etc.), as well as finding undrafted, talented players (Vontaze Burfict, Dan Skuta, Andrew Hawkins) is reason enough to have at least a LITTLE faith in Marvin and co… But until Andy Dalton learns to play big in big games, the Bengals playoff drought will continue.

  19. THey’ve signed 9 of their own Johnson, not 5…Michael Johnson, Robert Geathers, Cedric Peerman, Kevin Huber, Mike Nugent, Andrew Hawkins, Wallace Gilberry, Jeromy Miles & Rey Maualuga. They didn’t “lose” 5 free agents. They chose to let all of them walk. Even if you don’t buy that point, then it is only 4. You don’t count a 2nd K brought in because of injury for the last few games. They only need 1 K. Brown was temp fix. Plus word is deals for Andre Smith, Adam Jones & Terrence Newman are just around the corner. If they do indeed make these last 4 signings then they will have signed 12 of there 25 free agents. The only contributors they didn’t sign were the 5 already mentioned and Chris Crocker and Nate Clements who are both a few years past 30, and Brian Leonard who has been so so as a 3rd down back. All 8 were not in the plans. Everyone else just took up space on the bench. So they have essentially at this point signed everyone they intended to sign except for Smith, Jones & Newman. It’s still not completely clear if they intend to sign Thomas Howard. They have plenty of players entering their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year that they feel are better choices to fill the roster spots. They will eventually sign bargain free agents to fill the spots of the bench sitters, without spending as much money in the end. And of course have 10 draft picks, including 3 in the first 53 picks. Why did they choose this route? Because they need the cap space to lock up Green, Dalton, Johnson, Atkins, Dunlap to new deals this season and next offseason. Those 5 will cost 50M+

  20. MarvinSpeak Translation:

    The Steelers and Ravens have both taken three steps back in this free agency so there is no need to re-sign all our players and spend money unnecessarily improving a team likely to win the division, even if we take one or two steps back; the management can roll over (i.e. pocket) the money to ‘next’ year and still fool the Cincy fans into buying tickets.

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