Matt Hasselbeck out in Tennessee

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Anyone wondering why the Titans were talking to former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick just got their answer.

The team has released a statement announcing that they were unable to reach an agreement on a restructured contract with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and that the team will release him as a result. Hasselbeck was scheduled to make $5.5 million in 2013, a number that the team clearly felt was too much for a player who would have been a backup to Jake Locker. Hasselbeck acknowledged earlier this offseason that a pay cut might be necessary and seemed open to it, although appearances were deceiving.

“I want to thank Matt for his contributions to our team over the last two years,” Titans General Manager Ruston Webster said in the statement. “He was an important part of the transition process – he was a pro at every turn and he provided an example to the rest of the team. I know that we are a better team for his being here and we wish him the best.”

With Hasselbeck out of the picture, the Titans will need to find a new backup for Locker. That explains why they’re talking to Fitzpatrick, even if the conversations started as a way to leverage Hasselbeck into a pay cut that would have made him a viable option to remain in Tennessee.

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  1. Dang! Him and his old lady get fired in the same week! Bad week in the Hassleback family.

  2. Not sure Fitzpatrick would be an upgrade over Hasselbeck. I’m not sure Locker is an upgrade over Hasselbeck.

  3. The Bears could use him as a backup, only IF he is willing to be a backup and take a huge pay cut! (probably not)

  4. Could be a nice mentor for C-Kap by the bay. Could still be serviceable of needed as well

  5. derrickbrooks4president says: Mar 18, 2013 4:53 PM

    Dang! Him and his old lady get fired in the same week! Bad week in the Hassleback family.

    Elizabeth is his sister-in-law, married to his brother Tim. Matthew’s wife is named Sarah.

  6. redwoodking says:Mar 18, 2013 4:57 PM

    Could be a nice mentor for C-Kap by the bay. Could still be serviceable of needed as well

    Or a suitable replacement when they find out C-Kap had a fluke year. Enjoy throwing all your chips on the table for this average QB. Everybody is the flavor of the month at some point. I will wait and see what C-Kap can do this season before completing dogging him.

  7. even though hes not as elite as he once was hes still a good fill in as a backup. hes a game manager and a great mentor.

  8. Jets have 5 QB’s right now, do you honestly think they need 6??? I know they are a circus act, but please let Tebow go now.

  9. He was definitely the best back-up QB the Titans have had in my 16 years as a fan–a literal player-coach. How ironic will it be if Jeff Fisher taps Hasselbeck to mentor Sam Bradford?

  10. Someone please tell Buddy Nix to contact Matt’s agent via telegram so we don’t have any issues.

  11. How many players have been cut because of a huge dollar figure for this year’s work? What happened to honoring your contract? Why should the players when the tables are turned?

  12. Younger NFL players could take a lesson from Matt Hasselbeck on what it means to be a class act and a true professional.

    As a Titans fan, I can’t speak highly enough of everything Matt did in terms of leadership and the way he handled himself during a difficult and tumultuous period for the organization.

    Hasselbeck is the the consummate pro…and from everything I’ve seen, just a fantastic guy all-around.

    Nothing but the best of luck to you, Hass. Thanks for everything you’ve done.

  13. Hasselbeck was one of the best backups in the league. He was still better than Locker the last time he was on the field. I hope another team picks him up if he still wants to play.

  14. Rams or Broncos would be my guess…
    Bradford will get pounded w/o Jackson in the backfield and the Broncos dumped Hanie and need a 3rd qb (Matt would be a great backup for Manning)

  15. Hasselbeck is just someone every team wants to have around. I wish Seahawks would trade Flynn and re-sign Hasselbeck.

    Something tells me he is going to the Jets. Seriously, they would be 10x better off doing that.

  16. Harbaugh wanted him in 2011 and he did not choose wisely. He would be a great backup for any team with a young guy, like the 9ers, that is for sure. Come back to the West Coast and help us fend off your former team.

  17. Or a suitable replacement when they find out C-Kap had a fluke year. Enjoy throwing all your chips on the table for this average QB. Everybody is the flavor of the month at some point. I will wait and see what C-Kap can do this season before completing dogging him.

    Average? One of the best pure arms in the league. One of the best runners in the league. Now he gets a full off season with his coaches and teammates. Take your RG3 or Wilson, I think SF has the best pure threat at QB in football

  18. As a lifelong Seahawk fan the way that organization let him go was disgraceful. Personally, i was very happy when the Titans picked him up & he got the opportunity to show the league he could still play the game. Matt’s the franchise leader in every significant qb category in Seattle & deserved, at the very least, to announce to the fans he was leaving. Instead he found out about his release at the same time the fans did, on TV. Thanks to Tennessee for putting him on the field & thanks to Hasselbeck for all the great years & making our team an exciting & viable franchise. I hope its not over but if it is, a great career. Go Hawks!

  19. bills87 says: Mar 18, 2013 5:08 PM

    Someone please tell Buddy Nix to contact Matt’s agent via telegram so we don’t have any issues.


    As a Bills fan, I LOL’d at this. It’s good to laugh at something these days.

  20. A smart Cardinals team would sign him and develop a rookie behind him. He is better than any of their current options.

  21. He’d be a quality backup for whoever gets him but I wonder how much the difference is between what the Titans wanted to pay him and what he still thinks he’s worth is.

  22. Everyone is praising this guy….That’s fine and all but if he gave a crap about the Titans moving forward he would of taken the necessary pay cut for the better of the team. You aint worth no 7.5 mil as a back-up, move along…

  23. Matt’s been one of my favorite non Raven players in the NFL for quite some time. Smart accurate player, and I like his style of play especially in his heyday in Seattle. He also seems like a very down to earth and likable person, always was funny to hear miked up and in interviews.

    Hope he continues his football career, but if not ESPN or NFL network should start typing up a contract. He’d be a great on TV.

  24. Seadawgs72,

    That is flat out untrue. Carroll called him personally to tell him they were going in another direction. But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    BTW, good luck Matt. It was a pleasure rooting for you all of these years.

  25. As a Rams fan, of course I dislike the Seahawks, but Matt Hasselbeck had always earned my respect as an excellent QB and competitor. His stint with the Titans was no exception to that. My guess is he still has approximately 2 years worth of gas left in his tank. If Fisher brings him in as a backup for Bradford, I’ll be thrilled.

  26. People trashing Locker are know nothing clowns. Everybody was on his nuts after he had some spectacular plays as a rookie backup. Then when he becomes the starter he dislocates his shoulder in the first game & has to play behind that suck bag line with the ghost of Kenny britt as his best wr. Not saying he’s the next Peyton manning but at worst the jury is still out on this kid, at best he could be the next Brett Favre minus all the drama.

  27. Class act. As a Hawks fan, I hope he doesn’t end up with the Rams or Cards, because he will make them better in a bunch of different ways.

    His last game at home with the Seahawks? The playoff win over the Saints. Lynch had the highlight play, but Matt played lights out.

  28. Come home to Seattle Matt… even if just for the veteran minimum so you can get that ring. Sure we have Wilson and Flynn, but any team these days needs 3 QB’s to aviod disaster. You would be welcomed back with open arms.

  29. Matt could start for a half dozen teams in this league. Oakland or Arizona would love to have him.

    Tennessee will discover this year that Locker is not the future of their franchise. They do not want to admit they made a mistake drafting him.

  30. Gotta think the Bengals may pursue him if they can’t get Fitzpatrick. Don’t know if he fits the West Coast offense (I hate saying West coast offense because it started in Cincinnati) but we need a vet to back up Dalton.

  31. Agree with all above who called him a class act. He was all of that. Hope he lands somewhere fun for him.

  32. Hasselbeck is the same bum who ran into the end zone from 1 yard out untouched for a td and strained his back against the buccaneers a couple years ago.

  33. I have no problem with any player trying to maximize his money. I think many of them, including Hasselbeck, are getting paid more than they are worth.

    He is the best backup in football, but they cut him and he can go to anyone he wants. He could go to SF and compete for a championship. I am sure he has been good with his money, he is a smart guy, go for gold.

  34. One commenter said the Jets have five QB’s and don’t need six.
    My next thought was that the Jets still need one real quarterback.

  35. Love Hass! My favorite Seahawk of all time. Best of luck and if his playing days are over, he’ll be the best personality on ESPN or NFL Network, whichever is lucky enough to land him.

  36. Hasselbeck’s main problem was being favre’s backup. hasselbeck tried to throw into small windows, buy didn’t have the accuracy or moxy to get it done.

  37. He and his brother should start a radio show… Hell, everybody else does. “The Hasselen Hasselbeck Bros”. Might sell. two bald guys talkin pigskin that might really know what their talking about.

  38. Why are blatant non-Titans fans totally ignorant of the Titans commenting on this thread? “Hass is the best QB on the team”, “Should have cut Locker instead.” Come on. That’s just moronic. You’ve obviously never watched a Titans game. Hass is 37, has ZERO arm strength & only excels at dump off passes and premature throw aways. The offense is WAY more dynamic with Locker. He is only going into his 3rd year, has had only 11 starts, (7 of which he played with a bum shoulder). LOCKER will have a good year next year: Better health, better o-line, better blocking TE, and an O-Coordinator willing to play call to fit Locker’s strengths.

  39. To Matt Hasselbeck: I saw you play in person when you played for the Seahawks at the Vikings when Brett Favre threw 4 TD’s to trounce Seattle, heck Tavaris Jackson even came in to throw a TD that day for the Vikings to Sidney Rice who had two TD’s that day. And Mr Hasselbeck #8 I saw you play for MY Titans in person at the Minnesota Vikings this past year and the Vikings pummeled my Titans 30-7 as you Matt turned the ball over 3 times before a late TD to Jared Cook now of the Rams, the highlight of that day was that I got to meet Roger Goodell and shake his hand. #8 Matt Hasselbeck, I noticed your arm strength was no longer what it once was, you Matt are like a streak shooter in basketball when you were hot in a zone you could almost compete with anyone even Tom Brady, heck you beat Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers in your last year with the Titans was your last highlight with Tennessee. But, Matt Hasselbeck you are too inconsistent in your game, your light switch wasn’t always on, like Tom Brady’s is…to compete like every game is your last and refuse to lose. You had some great seasons, but you will be age 39 soon and you have ‘maybe’ one season left and that’s it…nothing more…as a back up in spot duty only…you had a pretty successful career…and a few bad refs calls in the Superbowl vs the Steelers from winning the Superbowl… Good luck man! If you sign with the Colts it will be wired but the best to you a true professional and a class act…who rose from preseason stardom in Green Bay to be a 9 year starter in the NFL…not bad! See ya on a football broadcast some where later… Signed an Oilers / Titans Fan Dan since ’78

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