Mike Tomlin: We’re not devoid of leadership

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The Steelers are coming off an 8-8 season, saying goodbye to several key contributors who are leaving in free agency and hearing players who are sticking around talk about fractures in the locker room.

That’s led some to opine that the Steelers are in decline, an opinion that coach Mike Tomlin does not agree with. He believees his players were “scalded” by their results in 2012 and that scalding will lead to an improved record in the 2013 season. And he doesn’t believe that any of the departures in recent years or the aforementioned complaints about fractures are a sign that the team has lost its way.

“I don’t think we’re devoid of leadership at all,” Tomlin said, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Tomlin also explained why he thinks the Steelers can improve after losing linebacker James Harrison and wide receiver Mike Wallace even though he thinks both of them are irreplaceable.

“We may never replace James, but we’ll have an opportunity to strengthen ourselves in other areas and I think that’s what you look at when you look at things from a change standpoint,” Tomlin said. “No, we won’t be able to replace James Harrison, no we won’t be able to replace Mike Wallace; those guys are who they are. But those voids will allow us to strengthen ourselves in those areas and others. Collectively maybe even make us stronger.”

The Steelers have long relied on players stepping into roles opened up by others. Jason Gildon turned into Joey Porter who turned into Harrison and now another player (Jason Worilds at the moment) will have to fill the spot. The same is true at wide receiver and anywhere else the Steelers are turning the page. It’s a bet they’ve won several times in the past, so it’s not much surprise to see Tomlin banking on it coming through again this time.

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  1. This clown is saying this crap because he is finally gonna have to coach a team instead of walking into an organization that WAS already ESTABLISHED when he was hired from day one. 8-8 last year. Kind of like the same clown in Baltimore let’s see if he can coach a team as well former SPECIAL TEAMS COACH. I would bet the house these 2 clowns would not be HC today if they were not hired by the teams they walked into the perfect situation. Hell remember Barry Switzer.!!!! He did it and what a joke that was. Kind of like these 2 clowns that I am calling out.

  2. There should be no doubt that the players will step up, but will the coaching? The coaching was a key factor in the sloppy play and putting the team in poor situations last year. Tomlin loves to talk the talk, but since the 2010 Super Bowl he has not been able to walk the walk.

  3. If you have to make this statement, that means you are probably devoid of leadership. Tomlin has failed to develop young players. Jason Worilds? You serious? He isn’t a starter on any team in the NFL and we are talking about him replacing Harrison? Hate to say it, but its sad times as a Steelers fan.

  4. I hate to say it but this will be the third year in a row with no playoff wins for the Steelers.

    With the number one defense in the entire NFL the Steelers finished at 8-8 and were eliminated from playoff contention after 15 games being forced to play a meaningless finale.

    If the Steeler defense ever finishes out of the top 5 — a.k.a. when Dick LeBeau retires — Roethlisberger will be lucky to muster four wins a season.

    If the Steeler defense ever finishes out of the top 10 they might actually go 0-16.

  5. God, I wish the Rooneys would wake up & fire this idiot. Lack of leadership, staring with Tomlin himself, is directly reaponsible for how awful last season wound up.

  6. Tomlin and John Harbaugh have already proven how well they can coach. It doesn’t matter how established you think a team is. If the coach doesn’t make the right decisions, the team doesn’t win a championship. Both have done that. This is coming from a Steelers fan. I respect Harbaugh just as Ravens fans should respect Tomlin. 2 of the league’s best.

  7. If you are a Steeler fan and you are complaining about how terrible the past two years you are a laughable mess. The Steelers are coming off a run fro 2004-2010 that was better than most NFL franchises entire history.

    I think you could expect a year or two of reloading.

  8. scalding usually produces death – or at least scarring and nerve damage.

    Somebody needs to get Tomlin a new metaphor book for his birthday.

  9. Took over an established team? Tomlin inherited a losing team that was coming apart from player friction. How we soon forget. The only offensive lineman that was worth a crap was Faneca and he was one of the biggest problems constantly complaining about everything. Cowher predicted that the Steelers would end up third in the division the first year he was gone. He knew what kind of mess he left. Cowher made it to 2 superbowls winning one. Tomlin has already done that.

  10. lol…calling out tomlin and harbaugh and saying they arent good coaches. thats crazy talk. results are what they are and its pretty hard to argue with the success of those two teams with those coaches

  11. If you have to make this statement, that means you are probably devoid of leadership. Tomlin has failed to develop young players. Jason Worilds? You serious? He isn’t a starter on any team in the NFL and we are talking about him replacing Harrison? Hate to say it, but its sad times as a Steelers fan.

    I totally agree that if you have to make a statement like this, there really isn’t any leadership. I didn’t see it from Tomlin last year. As a matter of fact, when Rooney took over the hiring of Haley from Tomlin, that let me know that Tomlin is nothing but a puppet coach. A black Norv Turner. Sorry…but I call em as I see em.

  12. There has been very strong negative comments made about Tomlin that reflect a lack of patience and and the usual feeling of entitlement that comes with the steelers history of success. You cannot win every year and injuries, luck and the players determine who is a good coach. Sure a coach can influence his chance of success , but in the end the players decide who wins not the coach. As a realistic fan of the steelers I see a pattern emerging that happened during Cowhers reign where they had to rebuild with new players….get ready because its here but Tomlin does not deserve the blame first.

  13. Please don’t compare Tomlin to Switzer …and/or Jimmy Johnson for that matter. The only reason they won those superbowls is because of the “Herschel Walker” trade. They got 2 first round picks, 3-second round picks and 2- third round picks. That’ll never happen again, …which is why Dallas has never returned to the superbowl.

    As for the Steelers, …. they’ve heard all this before ….and you haters sound like a broken record from the seventies. There is a reason they’ve only had three coaches since the seventies ( fewer that any other team ).

    The Steelers’ philosophy is Continuity and Tradition. If you don’t like it, …I suggest you get off the band wagon!!!

    Go Steelers!!!

  14. Leadership starts with the coach – and Tomlin does a great job setting the tone… nearly every NFL team would be happy to have him.

    (And I’m saying that as someone who hates – though respects – the Steelers)

    Their recent results may be disappointing, but with Tomlin, leadership is not going to be an issue.

  15. “This clown is saying this crap because he is finally gonna have to coach a team instead of walking into an organization that WAS already ESTABLISHED when he was hired from day one. 8-8 last year. Kind of like the same clown in Baltimore let’s see if he can coach a team as well former SPECIAL TEAMS COACH. I would bet the house these 2 clowns would not be HC today if they were not hired by the teams they walked into the perfect situation. ”

    As much as I hate the Ravens, you have to respect what they have done. Calling Tomlin and Harbaugh clowns means you have no idea about what it takes to lead a group of grown men, many of which make a lot more than you do. Most good leaders don’t just mail it in and have success, regardless of the situation they inherited.

  16. I don’t think the Steelers have a “devoid in leadership”. I think there is a devoid in followers! Ever hear of too many chiefs not enough indians? Well they are exactly that. 1 guy worried about show boating (brown) 1 guy worried about his contract. (wallace) 1 guy worried about fines. (harrison) another guy worried about eating. (woodley) I mean where’s the pride and passion of being a Pittsburgh Steeler? I don’t know where it has gone. These guys are just all about the money!

  17. i have never been and will never be a Steeler fan, but MT is the best coach in the NFL with the best style and the Steelers are honestly the envy of the entire league with their rep, their success and the way they handle personnel. if MT says something i roll with it.

  18. @vintwok. A yes I do know what its like to lead men. I have coach on every level except the pro level.You see there are 2 kinds of coaching players coach and micro management style. Once you have established one style you can not go back and forth that’s how you lose a team and that’s what mike is doing 8-8 last year and it will get worse before it gets better. by then his core players will be old and gone in free agency market. both of these clowns walked into the perfect situation. that’s not an argument THATS A FACT.!!!!

  19. ravenator says:
    Mar 18, 2013 11:41 AM
    Haha steeler fans tears taste delicious

    Now that’s just weird.

  20. Tomlin took over a team that was 8-8, FACT!

    If you knew any thing about the Steelers, you’d know
    the year was derailed by injuries, a good dose of bad luck and half-azzed efforts by some of their up and coming ‘stars’.
    Tomlin and Colbert will get this fixed, and they’ll be vying for another ring. It’s just what they do.

  21. Any coach who would allow an injured quarterback (Leftwich) to compete while a healthy quarterback (Batch) is available and on the bench, that coach is not a leader…
    Any coach who would allow his starting quarterback (Roethlisberger) to publicly criticize his offensive coordinator repeatedly, that coach is not a leader…
    Any coach who would save a two-point play (vs. the Chargers) in a must-win game for another, more important game, that coach is not a leader…
    Any coach who would constantly allow his team to lose to putrid competition (the Raiders, twice in three years; the Titans; the Browns, twice in three seasons; and the Chargers, that coach is not a leader.
    Other than all that …

  22. hey larry. i am a ravens fan so i will limit our discussion to harbaugh. i will buy a he walked into a great situation for a year or two of success. but how do you explain 5 years of success capped off by a sb championship. the man is a good coach. for you to think otherwise is foolish

  23. All you Tomlin lovers, please explain to me what HE has accomplished on his own merits?
    I have been a Steeler fan since 1971! I know every organization has it’s ups & downs. But, he was handed the keys to a Ferrari & it is now a Yugo coughing black smoke! He is just a walking soundbite that makes horrible in-game decisions! I have given him the chance & he has not convinced me he is the right man for the job.

  24. @bobzilla.. Your philosophy is nuts. But we already knew that! I guess you absolve the players from all accountability? Is tomlin on the field playing? Cause ive never seen him out there. Easy to blame tomlin for you cause you’re a yinzer! All yinzers either blame the coach ,QB and the goaltender in hockey. Like there are no other moving parts. We call that “narrow minded”

  25. Yes, Tomlin has made mistakes. For me, his biggest mistake was letting Roethlisberger play in the 2011 49ers game when he wasn’t physically able to do so just because Roethlisberger wanted to play the hero. I don’t care what Ben wants–he’s not the coach. But Ben also ignored Cowher’s admonitions about wearing a motorcycle helmet–something Bill should have put in his contract rather than simply asking politely. That doesn’t mean Cowher wasn’t a leader. It means franchise QBs aren’t that easy to control. Dungy didn’t lock Manning in a sweat box when he overrode him and refused to come off the field to go for it on fourth down.

    People who hate Tomlin and hate Roethlisberger are going to paint it black. Both guys have made missteps. So did Cowher. So did Bradshaw. I’m a Bama fan and we’ve won three championships in four years, but Saban–the best coach in college ball–has made missteps. Doesn’t mean the ship can’t be righted. Let’s try to keep some perspective here.

  26. @killerstiller …

    For one thing, in the lead-up to SBXLIII, Tomlin had the defense drill on supporting the ball carrier during INT runbacks. That was all him, and the TD scored by Harrison following the Warner interception was the difference in that ballgame. So his obsessive attention to that detail played a major role in securing our Super Bowl victory.

    You want to talk about what Tomlin has accomplished with Cowher’s players? Quite a few of those players are Tomlin’s. And all of them are Colbert’s. But what did Cowher accomplish with them? One Super Bowl berth in 14 years. Tomlin managed two AFC Championships in four years. I’d call that an improvement. Frankly, I’m not sure what you boys are whining about.

  27. I think ya’ll are missing something here. Tomlin was speaking about the team.

    Here’s the controversial part. He isn’t the leader of the team. No HC is the true leader of the team like a General isn’t the leader of his Army. The HC sets the culture and direction. A General sets the battle plan. The true leadership that brings a team together and inspires performance comes from position coaches and players.

  28. @Deb
    I believe Cowher went to 2 SB! I give Tomlin as much credit for his first one as Gruden got for Dungy’s bunch! Also, what has Tomlin done other than that? He’s given away 10x more than he has won. I knowplayers win games, but Coaches’ decisions can lose them. Tomlin make inexplicable decisions with the game on the line.

  29. @killerstiller …

    Tomlin winning two AFC Championships in four years is an improvement. A decade passed between Cowher’s two Super Bowl appearances. And what has Tomlin given away? Look, I love Bill. Just think you guys are being too quick to write off Tomlin. It’s too early for that.

  30. @Deb
    I liked Cowher…don’t want him back, though!
    1. Jacksonville game went for 2pts after penalty put us on the 12 ( I believe)
    2. Tennessee last year. Field goal attempt was longest of his career. Bone head call.
    3. Not going for 2 last year against Chargers.
    4. Played Leftwich at end of Ravens game.
    Not gonna keep typing because half of my posts seem to be deleted or never posted. Not sure why. It’s not because of language!

  31. Yes, Tomlin’s made some bad calls. Haley was a good decision, but Todd’s made some idiotic calls as well. And much as I admire him, so has LeBeau. I was ready to kick Roethlisberger up and down the field after our last game because he keeps trying to play Superman instead of running the system. A lot of mistakes have been made. I’d be cracking up more now about losing Harrison if not for my determined belief that he’ll still come back and work out a deal before all the dust settles. Even Colbert’s had me gritting my teeth.

    But … the best indicator of future performance is past performance. I know this group of personnel guys and coaches has a good track record. I know this organization has a good track record. I know Roethlisberger–for all his failings–is one of the most naturally gifted QBs in the league and still in his prime. I know the o-line should be better this year and the offense should have a better grasp of Haley’s system. I know the defense still ranked #1 overall last season. I know the strengths of our major competitors–but I also know their weaknesses. We’ve made some good off-season moves. As knowledgeable fans, we have reason to be concerned, but we don’t have reason to panic.

  32. Cowher was just as much responsible for Roethlisberger not wearing a helmet during his crotch-rocket joy rides as Tomlin was responsible for Roethlisberger trolling college bars.
    NFL coaches are not babysitters.
    Secondly, Tomlin inherited a group of players with which Cowher had compiled a 34-14 record his final three seasons in Pittsburgh.
    Let’s stop pretending Tomlin inherited the 1968 Steelers.
    Thirdly, should the Rooneys suddenly fire Tomlin tomorrow, you would be the first to say “good riddance.”
    Finally, I have no doubts whatsoever that neither the 2005 or the 2008 Steelers would’ve beaten the 1995 Cowboys. I’m thankful their opponents were only the Seahawks and Cardinals, two of the worst and most generic NFC champions in NFL history.

  33. Ive never been a big fan of Mike Tomlin. He has yet to prove to me hes a worthy NFL head coach. He makes poor situational decisions, is afraid to disagree or challenge his coordinators decisions, he says things publicly that should be said in the office only, and tries to speak smarter than he is. Also, theres such a thing of being too much of a players coach, and I think hes it. As for the public comment thing, he publicly said today that they must pick up a running back in FA. Its probably true, but its not something you say outside of your office when you have 2 backs on the roster already that youre expecting to battle for a starting job. He might as well said Dwyer and Redman are worthless. Also, you wouldnt make a play for Stephen Jackson, youre scared of Beanie Wells’ knee, and you went ftom the Ahmad Bradshaw front runner to having zero interest in 24hrs. I agree you have to draft a RB, but whos going to mentor him? Are you expecting the the two guys you subliminally dissed publicly to step up and do it? How can that be if you still need a FA back? Fact is, I think Tomlin has gotten by thus far on a team that was built before his arrival, and now that team is no more. We shall see your true colors this year. So far im not a bit impressed. And to those who say he didnt win with Cowhers players are morons. Every one of the key players on his ’08 Super Bowl team were Cowhers decision to draft or sign. I have a feeling the trend of Steeler coaches lasting 10yrs or more is about to end.

  34. No, bobzilla, NFL coaches are not babysitters. However, NFL teams can and do insert clauses into player contracts governing issues such as whether or not players are required to wear helmets when riding motorcycles. Someone so all-knowing should know that. Cowher repeatedly asked Roethlisberger to wear his helmet. He/they should have made that a contractual requirement with financial penalties.

    On the other hand, Tomlin is not responsible for Roethlisberger’s passive-aggressive comments regarding Haley’s offense. He hasn’t said anything blatantly explosive. Yet you harp on that nonstop. As usual, if it happened on Cowher’s watch, well … these things happen. If it happened on Tomlin’s it’s cause for dismissal.

    And do not tell me how I’d react if Tomlin were fired. If the Rooney’s fired Tomlin right now, I’d be upset to see they’d suddenly started peeing their pants over one season missing the playoffs. Do not presume to think you can gauge how I feel about anything. You don’t have the depth.

  35. All knowing?
    Here’s what I do know: Coaches have NOTHING to do with contractual agreements, especially ones that are designed to protect idiots from themselves. Ownership and agents iron out those kinds of things.
    Secondly, if you actually lived in Pittsburgh, you might know the choas and drama Roethlisberger’s even slightest of comments about Haley cause among the local media and regional fanbase. They want him fired because they believe that would please their beloved SuperBen.
    Tomlin should grow a pair and simply tell Roethlisberger to “shut up.” Not complicated.
    Finally, please don’t concern yourself with my depth. Anyone who constantly refers to the Steelers as “we” without being on their payroll is laughable and unqualified to participate any kind of an objective or unbiased discussion regarding the team, players, coaches and organization.

  36. bobzilla …

    You’ve been dogging my posts on this site for at least four years, and when another commenter called you on your neverending chauvenism, you posted some idiotic nonsense about him sending me a valentine. That simply underscored your sexism. You’ve repeatedly made clear the only people you consider qualified to be fans–or coaches–for the Steelers are old white males.

    Grow up. Without fans, there are no teams, and if some of us choose to refer to ourselves as part of the collective, it has nothing to do with our knowledge of the sport–or with you. No one in the Steelers ownership or coaching staff reined in Roethlisberger before Tomlin came along–something Jerome Bettis lamented publicly when he left the organization. But suddenly Tomlin is to blame for all his behavior and the problem is that he needs to grow a pair.

    Many longtime, loyal fans live outside Pittsburgh. They have this thing now called the Internet–perhaps you’ve heard of it. We can all read the Pittsburgh papers, watch local newscasts, and keep up with our team just as well as you can. Of course, we don’t all pretend we’re sitting in the locker room the way you do. But that has nothing to do with living in Pittsburgh.

  37. Stop playing the “gender card.” I couldn’t care less what your gender is.
    If you are unwilling or incapable of conducting an intelligent discussion without personal attacks, then don’t read my posts.
    I have no interest in “dogging” you, whatever that means, but if I have something to say, I’m going to say it.
    I can assure you that Internet doesn’t do the drama and chaos that Roethlisberger provides justice.
    Soon, Roethlisberger will be finally “reined in” … once his obscene contract expires. The Steelers are in no position to continue to pay an average quarterback of a below average offense elite-like money.
    By the way: How many Notre Dame players have the Rooneys drafted in your lifetime? That was one of your more laughable comments…

  38. steelerbabe …

    Well, babe, as I said, the guy has been dogging me for four years. You just popped in without having any idea what the conversation was about or what I was referencing. Stupid babes who jump in to defend the guys without having any knowledge of the conversation’s context also give women a bad name. But thanks for your input. πŸ™„

  39. Oh, bob, we both know I’m not playing cards and am making the same observation male Steelers fans have made regarding your condescending comments toward my posts. But you have a groupie now who thinks old racist dudes it’s naughty when women call out the old sexist/racist dudes. Bet that’s hit you like a dose of Geritol! Enjoy your night LOL

  40. Just because i havent replied on much doesnt mean i dont know whats been said dont assume you know me, as you seem to think you know everything about everything.
    I was just stating a fact based on your comment.

  41. @steelerbabe …

    No, you were not stating a fact based on my comment. You were stating an opinion based on my comment. And you were the one who assumed you knew everything about all the previous discussions with bobzilla that I was characterizing as chauvinistic. You were the one who assumed none of those discussions had been chavinistic but had only been simple differences of opinion–and you decided this with no evidence whatsoever. Then you decided to insert yourself into a conversation that had nothing to do with you, call me out, accuse me of playing the victim–when I am no one’s victim–and tell me I give women a bad name.

    You had no idea what was being discussed here and simply wanted to call out another woman for the sake of ingratiating yourself to the boys on the football blog. Mission accomplished. Now, babe, please stop wasting my time.

  42. Lmao i dont have to ingratiate myself to any man and its funny how you say l dont know anything of what bobzilla has said he just calls it as he sees it , your the one that seems to take everything as an attack against you . Ive been following bobzillas comments for some time and i respect the fact that he doesnt sugar coat things. I know your type as its obvious in your posts you can make a comment but no one better comment negatively on it or you think they are attacking you when they are just voicing their opinion. You seem to be a mind reader as you seem to know a lot about what im thinking

  43. Deb:
    We both know you’re not playing cards? For once, please cite some examples. In fact, I challenge you to give examples of my alleged “sexism” towards you.
    I treat you the same as I treat anyone who offers zero facts to substantiate absurd and inaccurate opinions. I don’t discriminate.
    Just for the record, I’ve been on and off this site approximately three years. I checked in for the first time during Roethlisberger’s inability to keep himself under control in public places.
    Once I saw that you were PFT’s resident expert apologist on all things Big Ben, I decided to take a long hiatus. I returned just prior to the 2012 season.
    As for my age: What the hell is “Geritol”?

  44. Never let it be said I’d try to read your mind, dear. With the total lack of punctuation, it’s difficult enough to read your posts. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

  45. Oh … hey, bob. Almost forgot about you with the gnat in my ear.

    My comments are as football-based as yours, and you know it. In fact, I’ve often agreed with your take on various issues. But you persist in referring to me as a Roethlisberger groupie when I’ve often been one of his biggest critics. My own experiences as a rape survivor, writer of medical research books, writer who has covered court cases, and someone who read every document and had the added benefit of access to people involved in the case allowed me to thoroughly break down and discuss the evidence. That has nothing to do with being an apologist–a silly and demeaning description for someone taking a serious approach to a situation.

    And yes, I found your comments on those issues sexist. Rape survivors don’t discuss rape cases in serious, clinical terms because they have a “crush” on the athlete involved. I’m not 12. It was and remains a serious matter. Roethlisberger isn’t my favorite person, but that doesn’t make him guilty of a sex crime when the evidence says otherwise. I wish you’d just grow up and stick to the game instead of assuming anyone who tries to take a balanced approach to assessing our quarterback must be a giddy fan. I have many issues with Roethlisberger. The difference between us is that I can also see that he does have some strengths.

  46. Forgive me for addressing you as an adult human being. But thank you for making my argument. Now you and the babe with the double-digit IQ have a nice life.

  47. And it’s “than us,” genius πŸ™„

    Yes, I’m sure I’m older than you, mentally speaking. But on the bright side … you’re perfect for one another.

  48. Did it make you feel better about yourself to attack me out of the clear blue nowhere and say I give real women a bad name without having any idea the vile things this jackass has said to me on this site and on the college site? You conveniently want to forget that YOU are the one who picked this fight, little girl. I’m not Miss Perfect. And I don’t go around attacking other people for absolutely no reason. It’s not much fun to be a rape survivor talking about rape and having a vicious jerk saying you’re sniffing after a rapist just because he’s a quarterback. You had no idea what was going on here. The guy is a dog. You chose to lay down with a dog. Live with it.

  49. You seem to think l was unaware of the conversation l do know what was said. And l wasn’t referring to the fact you were a rape victim.
    You seem to take comments that are posted in reply to yours as a personal attack against you.
    If you gave Bobzilla a chance and viewed his opinions as just that opinions not attacks, you would see he does have a lot of knowledge of the steelers.
    I’m not going to argue with you further, l have my opinion you have yours based on our own experiences and knowledge. I try and respect others opinions and don’t insinuate that they are idiots if their opinion is different from mine.

  50. How about you ladies stop bickering, bow down to the ravens franchise, and go make me a casserole. Cheers!

  51. Yes, dear. It was very respectful when you rolled in here and slammed me for giving women a bad name because I said bobzilla has been posting sexist comments at me for years. Oh … so you weren’t talking about the vicious rape comments when you said that? WELL, I WAS. That’s why I said you had no idea what the conversation was about. Clearly, that has gone over your head time and time again.

    Through the years, bobzilla has had dozens of chances to behave like an adult both here and on the college site but chose to behave like a jerk–just as he behaved like a jerk when I answered his question with an adult response above. You didn’t know any of that when you attacked me without provocation–nor do you care that you attacked me without provocation. You just keep whining and sucking your paw because I slapped at it. Maybe next time you’ll learn to stay out of something that doesn’t concern you. But since you keep painting yourself as a victim (and giving all women a bad name πŸ™„ ) I doubt it. And since learning doesn’t seem to be in your skill set, yes, let’s cancel classes.

  52. I have posted four, maybe five times in my life on the college site. Each time my comments were regarding Joe Paterno.
    Deb, you need some therapy.
    Honest to God!!!!

  53. I have enjoyedDeb calling the pompous Bobzilla out. She is not the one needing therapy. Her only bias appears to be her devotion to the Tide and often is the voice of logic and reason on this thread and others I have had the pleasure of reading. Her gender should not be an issue and her opinion is respected by this poster. Bobzilla quit with some dignity still left….I await the sarcastic reply soon to follow.

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