NFL denies appeal to uphold Dumervil verbal agreement


The Denver Broncos Hail Mary attempt to reverse the events leading to the release of defensive end Elvis Dumervil last week has fallen incomplete.

The Broncos and Dumervil’s new agents, Tom Condon and Ben Dogra of CAA, appealed to the league to honor the verbal agreement between the two sides over the restructuring of Dumervil’s contract last Friday. The parties couldn’t get the new deal into the league office in time and the Broncos were forced to release Dumervil in order to avoid guaranteeing all $12 million of his contract for next year.

Dumervil then fired his previous agent Marty Magid over the fiasco. The Broncos hoped the league would overlook the snafu and allowed the agreement to stand. According to Bill Williamson of, the league denied the appeal.

It was a longshot to begin with. Granting the appeal would have likely caused issues across the league as other teams would have complained over the Broncos getting special consideration. Meanwhile, Dumervil is talking with the Baltimore Ravens in addition to his hope to remain with the Broncos. Both sides want Dumervil to remain in Denver, but there were several salary cap issues created by the situation that complicate the Broncos ability to re-sign him now that he’s a free agent.

30 responses to “NFL denies appeal to uphold Dumervil verbal agreement

  1. I guess they only care about overturning deadlines for superstar receivers a la Terrell Owens.

  2. Dumervil in Baltimore would be huge for the Ravens!! I know this would be a huge loss for Denver but a great pick up for the Ravens especially with everybody that just went out the door with free agency…

  3. Magid better hope that Dumervil gets somewhere near the $8M that he agreed to with the Broncos because if Dumervil can’t recoup that money I am sure he will go after Magid for the difference!

  4. Why can’t they just offer him the deal he agreed to? They lost the cap hit by releasing him, so wouldn’t the hit be the same only at the lesser rate they previously agree’d to?

  5. Ha! Politics at it’s finest… 7 minutes that has caused a broken deal. The consideration here is the weight of a verbal contract, and that’s why I’m surprised by the denied appeal.

  6. Of course the NFL should not enforce a verbal agreement…only something that was legally signed. I mean, that would be like fining a team for violating cap rules when there were in fact no rules, nothing written down, but only some alleged “verbal agreement.”

    I am glad that the NFL is so stalwart in consistently applying its rules to keep the league fair and competitive.

  7. One of the only recent decisions by the league i agree with. The rules are clear… miscommunication or not, the deadline came and passed. Granting them a reversal would have opened a gigantic can of worms.

  8. C’mon doom, do you want to live in a crime ridden over populated dump hole and play for a team on the decline? Don’t think the grass is greener.

  9. Screw Elway. This is 95% Elway’s fault and he should be fired. The Broncos set this entire thing up for failure and the team was harmed. If John was doing his job we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I ‘ll bet they will never conduct business like this again .

  10. I don’t understand why if the Broncos AND Dumervil are trying to appeal this, and they both agreed to the restructuring, why hasn’t he been signed back to the Broncos?

  11. Marty Magid to Tom Condon is going from the frying pan into the fire. Here come the poison pills!

  12. To the Broncos fans crying about T.O., in that situation the deadline to file had actually been changed by the league. Some didn’t know about the new deadline. T.O. wasn’t even the only player effected.

    No such thing happened here. Everyone knew all along when the deadline was. Blame your FO for letting it go down to the last minute.

  13. Dumervil’s new agents, Tom Condon and Ben Dogra of CAA are just using the Ravens as leverage. He’ll be back in Denver when all is said and done.

  14. Denver is no closer to a championship then any other team, Manning simply can’t get it done, he chokes in the playoffs and is lousy in cold weather. But in the end he should stay in Denver cause he wants to be there, plus I don’t know if a contender has both the cap space and the need for him.

  15. Come to Baltimore – then you never have to worry about a QB turtling up in the playoffs. Cheers!

  16. What this does show, however, is Elvis realizes he won’t likely see $8 million elsewhere and that he’s not holding his agent’s screw-up against the Broncos. Decent chance they keep him unless somebody decides to overpay.

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