NFL, MADD to expand relationship

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The NFL will supplement its already existing partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving in 2013, commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday.

Of note: the NFL and MADD anticipate “convening an alcohol-related summit” in 2013, with coaches, players, executives, team medical personnel, the NCAA and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration all planned participants, the league said. The NFL also said that MADD will also have a “presence” at the league’s Rookie Symposium in June.

The NFL, for its part, is officially endorsing MADD’s “Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving,” among other partnership efforts.

“We are pleased to endorse MADD’s campaign and further build upon our partnership to do everything we can warn players, team personnel and fans about the dangers of drunk driving,” Goodell said in a statement issued by the league. “We have made progress but have more work to do to ensure that everyone associated with the NFL makes safe, responsible decisions with alcohol and never gets behind the wheel when they shouldn’t.”

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  1. So, Mr Goodell. Would you care to provide what percentage of advertising revenue that the NFL receives is paid by alcoholic beverage manufacturers?

    The NFL may not want people that drink to get behind the wheel of a car, but they sure as hell want them to drink. Inevitably the NFL will look like hypocrites.

  2. I don’t see how educating young men on risky and illegal behavior is a political agenda. They aren’t using tax dollars, so what does it matter?

    If you think DUIs are not a problem, click on the Days Without An Arrest counter.

  3. If, in fact, The NFL has a partnership with MADD, it appears as though the PLAYERS are either not aware or decidedly NOT on board!

  4. I hate to break it to you, but no matter how much money and time is spent is ending drunk driving you will never stop it or even come close to stopping it. Every night in every city there are thousands of people on the road driving drunk. I see it every night in my job.

  5. In order to help decrease drunk drinking after games, the NFL has announced that they will increase the price of beer…again.

  6. they should make dante stallworth get up and tell the rookies how he trucked a guy with his car who was trying to cross the street, while he was drunk. this will show the rookies that it’s no big deal, and you can expect to find another job in the league, after paying off the family.


  7. Does that mean no more beer sales and drinking while tailgating!? This is proof that the NFL is totally hypocritical, beer companies sponsor the NFL, stadiums across the nation rape you in beer sales at the games. I have no problem with alcohol consumption at games and in the parking lot whatsoever but this “joining up” with MADD is so hypocritical! Just my opinion though…..

  8. That’s good news, but 3x more people die by suicide each year than in drunk driving accidents… more soldiers and veterans now take their own lives than die in combat.

    Given the number of NFL players suffering from depression and committing suicide one would hope the NFL would help make mental health as acceptable a cause as anti-drunk driving has become.

    If Goodell could show leadership on this issue it could truly alter a society that refuses to talk about mental health

    It’s a huge lost opportunity – and more lives will be lost as a result

  9. it’s nice to put on a public front with MADD, but until the NFL stops giving first time offenders a pass for driving drunk, then it’s just a PR move.

  10. Hey Roger: Stop selling beer at games and allowing visibly intoxicated people through the gates at stadiums. Until then, shut up…

  11. It must be great to be the NFL and get to work both sides of the fence. Expand a relationship with MADD against drunk driving and collect huge $ from sponsors like Budweiser. Get on your soapbox about alcohol abuse, yet encourage tailgating. Be realistic. Does anyone think the people outside the stadium are’t drinking and driving? Maybe they can have a MADD Bottle Opener giveaway? They could put the NFL and team logos on it and get right to their target group.

  12. So does this mean NFL stadium parking lots will stop opening at 8am and closing at midnight. So people can’t sit out in the lot and drink for hours on in, hypocrisy at it’s finest NFL.

  13. This is all about PR for the NFL that has a DUI problem that is out of control. It’s about symbolism and not substance.

    That’s not to take anything away from MADD a very legit organization. But NFL comish is all about damage control and not fixing problems.

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