PFT on NBC Sports Network: Sean Payton, Stephen Ross

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The Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network crew will be bringing you everything you need to know from the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix on Monday.

That means more than just the latest news and rumors making their way around the league. It means visits from a couple of big names.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will talk to Mike Florio about his team’s moves during the first week of free agency. They landed a pair of the biggest fish in the sea by signing wide receiver Mike Wallace and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe and we’ll find out how Ross thinks Miami has made out thus far in the offseason.

Saints coach Sean Payton will also be joining Florio and we’ll see if he has any updates on the team’s pursuit of cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha he’d like to share. We’ll also see how Payton’s transition back to coaching has gone since the end of the suspension that kept him off the sideline for the 2012 season.

It all starts at 5 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network.

2 responses to “PFT on NBC Sports Network: Sean Payton, Stephen Ross

  1. Well, the fact the NJ is hosting one means that any cold weather city (w/ a recently built or renevated open air stadium) with the proper anount of hotels and whatnot needs a d*mn good reason why they wont be awarded a SB. The NFL opened up a can of worms with their decision on that one.

  2. The weather for next years SB just might provide the “d*mn good reason”. We shall see. They have done a few cold weather domes, but don’t seem to be overly interested in lining those up, so I’m not sure why a cold weather outdoor SB location would become a staple in the rotation.

    Except maybe to kiss the feet of the Mara family.

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