Report: Chiefs will listen to Branden Albert trade offers


With Jake Long off the market, things should start to heat up with the other free agent tackles waiting to land new homes for the 2013 season.

There may also be room for another left tackle to hit the market. The Chiefs franchised Branden Albert rather than let any other teams get a shot at signing him, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to entertain offers to take him off their hands. Peter King of reports that the Chiefs will listen to any trade proposals made by others.

It would seem like a while before there’d be any movement on that front. The left tackle market is dwindling a bit, but teams still have options at free agent for tackles that would cost less than signing Albert for the long term is likely to cost. And that’s without giving up any compensation to Kansas City for the right to give Albert that contract.

The Chiefs would also likely need to be convinced that Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher was their choice with the first overall pick because it wouldn’t do the Chiefs much good to trade away Albert and open up a big hole at left tackle. It’s easy to believe they’d be willing to consider trading Albert, but a lot would have to happen to make it seem like a likely way for things to play out.

22 responses to “Report: Chiefs will listen to Branden Albert trade offers

  1. “Peter King of reports that the Chiefs will listen to any trade proposals made by others.”

    Well Peter should know. After all, he picked them to win the freakin Super Bowl last year.

  2. The market has set the LT value at $8.5m/year for Jake Long and Albert has received the franchise tag at $11m approx. Where is his motivation to receive a lesser deal?

  3. Of course they would like to trade a LT with high potential of continuing back problems— One that they designated as a Franchise Player…??

    No thanks!

  4. “The chiefs havent drafted a qb who has won a game for them since Todd Blackledge in 1987!”

    Wow, amazing if true

  5. Trade him to Dallas for Spencer. Dallas need better linemen and KC needs more pass rushers. Both teams could benefit greatly by signing them to long term contracts and getting rid of the franchise tag numbers. Win win for all involved.

  6. Perfect spot for a team interested in Geno Smith and needing a LT. Trade spots in rd 1 and a 2rd round pick would do the trick as long as they were top 10 picks.

  7. Chiefs should’ve transition tagged him instead of franchise tagged him if they didn’t want to pay him that much money. Serious mistake on their part.

    Best thing to do now would be to rescind the franchise tag and let him see the money he wants just isn’t there.

  8. If the Chiefs were smart, then Brandon Albert wouldn’t be on the roster today. He wasn’t a good draft choice for them at the time they picked him, and they have now wasted 5 years to accomplish nothing. That’s a lot of missed value to not capitalize on, not to mention the waste of every other player over that same time period. It’s time for KC to start thinking about planning for the long term for the first time, instead of feverishly trying to scratch the itch of today and getting overly consumed by costly and inefficient strategy designs.

  9. Not understanding why Andy would franchise a guy with back problems & then trade him and expect him to be attractive to other teams…. Oh yeah he is also making $11mil under the tag! Hello, you have the #1 pick, you can get a young, cheap OT in the draft.

  10. KC made a huge mistake in franchising Albert. They should have let him hit the open market. I can’t believe they were that abundantly stupid.

  11. deathmonkey41 says:
    Mar 18, 2013 12:48 PM
    I think Andy Reid might be convinced to trade him away for a whole bunch of meat products.


    we all know your wife aint giving up none of her freezer full of meat products

  12. The chiefs havent drafted a qb who has won a game for them since Todd Blackledge in 1987!

    It was actually ’83, they passed up Dan Marino and Jim Kelly in favor of Blackledge.

  13. my 60 year old father will mention at least once every 6 months that chiefs could have had elway, kelly, marino but no took blackledge. he cant watch ABC college football bc of it.

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