Ted Phillips: I hope Urlacher’s career ends with Bears


With word out of Dallas that the Cowboys aren’t going to be bidders for linebacker Brian Urlacher, the veteran is running low on other places to play if he doesn’t wind up returning to the the Bears.

The Bears reiterated Monday that they’re open to such a return, although there’s no change from chairman George McCaskey’s demand that emotion not be the deciding factor on the team’s end. President Ted Phillips said Monday that Emery is handling the situation “exactly the way you would want to with a player of Brian’s caliber” while making it clear that the team would like Urlacher back in the middle of the defense.

“The reality is we would like nothing more than for Brian to finish his career as a Bear,” Phillips said, via Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune. “I still remember the day we drafted him.  He played safety in college and he’s turned into one of the best middle linebackers and Chicago Bears in history.  I hope his career ends with us.”

Phillips also said that he hoped the situation would reach a resolution soon, something that the team holds in its power. Pompei reports that they have some cap space carved away for Urlacher and using it elsewhere would bring things to a resolution. It doesn’t seem like the Bears are ready to make that call, which makes it likelier that Urlacher will play at least one more year with the Bears.

12 responses to “Ted Phillips: I hope Urlacher’s career ends with Bears

  1. Will an agent keep that from happening in this case too?

    Owners shouldn’t say stuff like this because it makes them look disingenuous when they don’t go the extra quarter mile to sign the guy back.

  2. We all know he has slowed down tremendously but he still knows that defense inside and out. If he can still play without getting exploited he still has a roll. As a mentor to some of the young talent the Bears have to bring in. But also , to finish your great career with the team that drafted you would be priceless.
    Going to the Vikings would just be a joke and Brian would become the guy who went for the cash. Hell, I’d take less to be remembered as a Chicago Bear Legend, and not the guy who didn’t care about his own history.

  3. I hate the Bears. I was born to hate them and I’ve done a damned fine job of hating them. I plan to continue hating them.

    That being said, Urlacher going elsewhere would be a crime against football and all that’s right in the world. It would be almost as bad as the douche-moves that Favre pulled.

  4. Ted’s comment is the kiss of death. See Robert Kraft’s comment on Welker before he left the Pats.

  5. Yep, would love to see Bri finish here too..but it should be a 1 yr deal at a time. Face it Bri, the old bod ain’t what it used to be. But your knowlege and instinct are faster than your legs.

  6. @raynman

    Bill George, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary….

    yeah, I can see you making that argument; 4th best BEAR linebacker!

    I hope he plays and finishes as a Bear.

  7. How about the McCaskey family “pet” named , Ted Phillips, just crawl back in his hole and not talk to the media again??? George McCaskey has handled this situation with professionalism and class up til now, the last thing this team and the fans need is this moron talking to the media and screwing things up. Ted Phillips position with the Bears is merely a token one, as he’s a longtime friend and buttkisser with the McCaskey family. Go away Ted. For the sake of this organization and the fans, GO AWAY!!

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