Titans replace Hasselbeck with Fitzpatrick

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The Titans were apparently eager to replace an old backup quarterback with a middle-aged one, but it’s hard to argue they’re better in the process.

After releasing 37-year-old Matt Hasselbeck, they have filled the opening by adding 30-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The former Bills quarterback has a 23-41 record as a starter, though most of those starts came for bad teams.

Ostensibly, he provides a little more push to Jake Locker with his recent starting experience. But more than anything, Fitzpatrick’s career has been marked by being overpaid, which Bud Adams is OK with.

24 responses to “Titans replace Hasselbeck with Fitzpatrick

  1. I can’t say its a terrible move, given that Hasselbeck is 37, but I would never call this guy “an upgrade”.

  2. Jake Locker just lost his best friend on the Titans.

    Matt Hasselbeck was a true mentor and friend to protege Jake Locker, even though Matt still played better than Locker last year when Locker was not available.

    Fitzpatrick will definitely push Locker in a way Matt did not–and may very well push Locker to the bench, if not out of the league.

  3. If the Bills were actually trying they would gladly sign Matt Hasselbeck and if they happen to draft someone they could sit behind him and learn, cause right now we have ZERO at QB.

  4. As a Titans fan, I love this move. I’m sorry to see Matt leave but Fitzpatrick is a much better option right now, especially if Locker struggles. It’s exciting seeing the Titans actually be aggressive in free agency and for the right guys too.

  5. Really, Titans. I guess 6-10 was not bad enough lets go for 4-12 or 0-16. This is lamer than drafting Vince Young!!!

  6. Smart move for the Titans. You can’t win in the NFL with a bad QB. Your season can be over in 3-4 weeks without your starter in the NFL. Fitz is now probably one of the top 5 back-up quaterbacks in the league and probably better than 5 or 6 starting quaterbacks.

  7. Yes, Fitzpatrick played on some bad teams. But they were bad, in part, because he was on them.

  8. As a bills fan, I think the fitz pickup is a great move. I don’t think he really got a fair shot in buffalo with Chan as the dictator… Under chan’s “old school” offense, he called all the plays an fitz couldn’t even audible based on the defense. What good is a Harvard grad if you can’t even let him use his brain… Either way I wa hoping to see him one more year in buffalo with a new head coach, and think he could be a descent starter in the right offense… Best of luck!

  9. I can’t believe we just downgraded the backup quarterback position. You would think that we would have learned from other teams mistakes and put more value on this position. Now, all we can hope is that Jake realizes his potential so we don’t have to count on Fitzpatrick. Matt is a class act and was a great one to have to count on if Locker got hurt. Jake, please don’t get hurt this year so Fitz can stay on the bench. I would have rather had Rusty Smith as the backup and saved the money.

  10. I’m glad to see Fitzpatrick got another chance to play, even if it is as a backup. Being a Bills fan I can DEFINATELY say he lacks the talent to be a starter.

  11. So, he’s gone from practically stealing millions of dollars from one owner who is 90 plus years old to practically stealing more millions of dollars from another owner who is also 90 plus years old.

    They need to bust this guy for stealing from the elderly or something.

  12. The Titans are lucky to have Fitz. Was really sad to see him leave Buffalo. Great player and a great guy. I’ll be routing for him in Tennessee.

  13. “mfrazee81 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 11:43 AM
    Who will be the next Bill to head to Tennessee?? Wilson, Levitre, Fitz….next in line?”

    The escape route out of Buffalo is like the NFL’s version of the underground railroad.

  14. To preface, I’m not a Bill’s fan, or a Fitzpatrick Fan.
    But what I’m going to say.. seems like is in contrast to every other opinionon Fitz out there.

    I just don’t see why everyone thinks this guy is sooo bad, and (incorrectly) has such a bad arm.

    He has played on lousy teams, and with the Bills, most often with very porous defenses. If you watch closely he is actually quite productive and has a very nice release and tight spiral and can really get hot.

    Where he has failed is when his defense gives up a million and he is FORCED to throw the ball to win. That is difficult for just about any qb.

    I say with a solid defense and reliable running game and wide-outs this guy is a “middle of the pack” starter material.

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