Tyler Polumbus tweets that he’s going back to Redskins


The Redskins are collecting veteran right tackles, in hopes of finding one that works.

The latest seems to be incumbent Tyler Polumbus, who just tweeted what seems to be a return to the Redskins after a visit with the Jaguars.

They’ve already signed Tony Pashos and Jeremy Trueblood, giving them a number of candidates to choose from.

While it’s not a bunch of household names, all have been serviceable or better tackles in the past, and Polumbus just started 15 games for a line that ran well and went to the playoffs, so that’s worth something.

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  1. Skins fans are going to hate this, but I’m not being sarcastic: the cap penalties might have been the best thing for the Skins front office. Instead of throwing big money at big names, this team is digging through the trash heap for diamonds. Maybe Bruce Allen might learn from this, possibly.

    I’m sure next year he was blow all of their cap space at once since it will go back to the full number, but he should try to be judicious and careful with it. I know the cap penalties are painful, but this could be one positive that comes from it. The Joshua Morgan signing still shocks me, btw.

  2. Good ZB run-blocker, but he needs to work on his pass protection (not sure of his ceiling there). Good thing there’ll be plenty of competition along with good o-line coaching.

  3. Well I hope he had an extra finger in each hand for all the rings the “perennial superbowl” championships they are hoing to win. the redskins are the champs snd tge rest ofvthe nfl should now down to rg3 bla bla bla.

    signed, logica1voices

    redskins suck. last in nfc E. qb wont even play 1/2 the games next year

  4. Skins are doing a good job keeping players given the BS cap penalty which came from the Giants owner and backed up by Goodell, what a scam

  5. nineroutsider, with the possible exception being McNabb (and I’ll address that momentarily), what you wrote is simply not true.

    Under the rather steady leadership of Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan, this team continues to quietly build itself into something of a respectable franchise. Yeah, there were some rough years in there, and this year might be a return to that due to the cap penalties, but those penalties, whether warranted (or even legal) or not, were assessed for activities at the very least started while Vinny Cerrato was in charge. You remember him, certainly, since he came over from San Francisco. I suspect that during Vinny’s time, Dan Snyder had far too much say in player personnel decisions, but fault Cerrato for lacking the backbone to solve that problem. By all appearances, Bruce Allen does not lack the backbone that Cerrato does. So if there’s a silver lining to the cap penalties, it’s not as applies to Bruce or Mike, but as applies to Dan Snyder, who seems to now be well removed from player personnel decisions, and, being the shrewd businessman that he is, likely enjoying the results.

    Now, wrt McNabb, while that move didn’t work out as Redskins Nation would have liked, it wasn’t an all around poor decision. At that time, in addition to quarterback, the Redskins needed many things. The Jason Campbell era was pretty much over and their offensive line, starting with left tackle, was in major flux. It was not time to draft a new quarterback; it was time do just what Bruce & Mike did: build a serviceable offensive line and begin to deepen it. Now, what to do about quarterback? McNabb was available, ready to play, and was beginning to wind down a rather successful career. Why not take a chance on him for what- a 2nd rounder or something like that? Nothing comes free in the NFL; not even a washed up Donovan McNabb.

    Those who continue to rip on the Redskins for going on free agency spending sprees are giving far too much credibility to older years and not enough to more recent years. As they do so, they continue to overlook a team that quietly improves itself year-over-year.

    It wasn’t that long ago the Niners were the NFL’s whipping boys.

  6. Skins are going about all this the right way, even though Goodell and Mara are pitiful hypocrites ….. and all you hater .. keep hating ….. you said the same trash last year … last in the nfc east …. worst in the league …… whatever …. we beat the other three stooges in the east outright …. and will do so again next year …. HTTR

  7. @sikologik – They are getting better, but I wasn’t overly impressed with Allen’s free agent moves last year with the exception of Garcon, whom he overpaid for but he is a good signing. He has a cap hit of over $8 million plus this year and over $9 mil the next 2 years. Morgan has a $5mil plus hit this year; not good.

    I’m not trying to bash the Redskins, but teams that build through free agency aren’t typically successful over the long haul. Allen wasn’t great in Tampa or Oakland, but he wasn’t awful. My point was maybe he will learn from this cap mess. I wouldn’t bet on this year being a “rough year” for the Skins just because of the cap penalties; they have a great group of core players who could overcome all of this just like last year.

    Also, the fact that the 9ers had a bad decade has little to do with this conversation other than the fact that they made many poor free agent signings during that time as well and I happen to be a fan of them. Not sure why you brought that up. They certainly aren’t anyone’s whipping boys now.


  9. @nineroutsider

    No Redskins fans are going to hate your post because its ignorant. Allen and Shanahan didn’t spend much in free agency the year before the penalty, so they were already making smart decisions. Since Shanahan and Allen took over they’ve cleaned the house up so to speak. Got rid of all the distractions, went from the oldest team in the league to one of the youngest, and have made smart free agency and draft decisions. So your post makes Jo sense. Polumbus had a decent season though, maybe another year together will help out the offensive line.

  10. larrydavid7000 says:
    Mar 18, 2013 3:14 PM
    You won the division once in the last decade. I wouldn’t exactly call that a “CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM !!!!!!!!!”.

  11. Wasn’t Pashos a coveted lineman last year or the year before. Not a common household name please

  12. nineroutsider says: Mar 18, 2013 3:12 PM

    @sikologik – They are getting better, but I wasn’t overly impressed with Allen’s free agent moves last year with the exception of Garcon, whom he overpaid for but he is a good signing…

    I’m not trying to bash the Redskins, but teams that build through free agency aren’t typically successful over the long haul…
    The hell do you think you’re doing bro? I thought I was the only one who was allowed to write reasonable and well-thought-out analysis of other teams while keeping one’s hometown organization in perspective (or maybe it just seemed that way).

    That said, good job, although I have to disagree on a couple points. First off, just as AJ Smith can spot talent but cannot run a team; Bruce Allen is just the opposite, which is why he’s just the “money guy” in DC, and Shanahan is in charge of all personnel decisions.

    Next, you have to consider that Garcon is the Shanahan/Allen administration’s first and only big name/big money signing. So the idea they had a bad track record they might revert to is simply inaccurate.

    Secondly, Washington outbid San Fransisco on Morgan, meaning that the Niners front office was also willing to pay near that much for him, and I don’t think anyone, especially you, would describe San Fran as a poorly managed franchise.

    The rest of “Allen’s [unimpressive] free agent moves last year” were all clearance sale signings of DB’s at pretty much veteran minimum. Washington filled holes while spending as little as possible, kind of difficult to disagree with that.

    Lastly, I think this year proves that DC won’t “blow all of its cap space next year”. If they really wanted to do that, they could have gone all-out and given guys like Long or Goldson big, back-loaded contracts that would have come back to bite the Redskins later on. Instead, Shanahan kept his team intact without restructuring a single contract, meaning that Washington will have 123+ million to play around with for the forseeable future.

  13. I’m a huge skins fan and nineroutsider said nothing wrong. Allen isn’t An over spender so maybe that’s a bit skewed. But he’s got it right teams like ravens steelers pack all make no noise in FA but always are in the top 5 teams that’s no coincidence and Allen knows it Keep the core together hope the secondary can gel and start cousins for the year and see what happens

  14. Haha, deshackle! I think you know that there’s ZERO “doubt” about the blame Cerratto deserves; Cousin Vinny’s Reign of Error is something the Skins are still trying to dig out from under. He & Snyder set the team SO far back that they weren’t much better than an expansion squad by the time he got thru violating them.

    We all know that that goofball’s major bona fides for the Skins GM job is that he let Li’l Danny beat him at raquetball on a regular basis! Otherwise, he was the laughing stock of the league, a stooge whom players’ agents and other GMs could depend upon snookering.

    So please excuse Skins fans for still using that guy as a punching bag; no scapegoating there – he deserves it! Haha!

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