Various reports have Matt Hasselbeck, Colts closely linked

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There is plenty of evidence the Colts are major players for quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who was released by the Titans on Monday. Several more reports surfaced Monday night suggesting a pact between quarterback and team was a distinct possibility.

Here’s the rundown:

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter said a deal was expected Tuesday.
  • Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said an agreement was “close” and would be for two years.
  • Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported this: “Hasselbeck to Indy not a done deal. Yet.”
  • CBS’ Jason La Canfora indicated that the Colts were the clear favorites to close the deal among multiple suitors for the veteran quarterback.

Finally, we have this tweet from Colts owner Jim Irsay:

Earlier Monday, USA Today‘s Mike Garofolo and the Nashville Tennessean‘s Jim Wyatt reported the mutual interest between Hasselbeck and Indianapolis.

And the buzz is only getting louder.

UPDATE 11:51 p.m. ET: Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star also reports that a pact is likely and says a two-year, $8 million contract is expected Tuesday “barring a major last-minute snafu.”

23 responses to “Various reports have Matt Hasselbeck, Colts closely linked

  1. Umm when you have insurance, usually you get a hefty payout to compensate for other shortcomings. Not sure how Hasselbeck qualifies as insurance for Andrew Luck. He’s more like paying extra gratuity beyond the recommended 15% for your meal. There’s not a cash-value option like you would expect to get in a life insurance policy.

    Hey Jim can I be your insurance agent? It sounds like you don’t have any at present time, but you should!

  2. My turn to read into Jim Irsay tweets.

    March 16th
    “I’m looking for Walter, he has the Ringer… the whites… the undies… lotta ins and outs to this thing… This is a league game Smokey!!!”

    The “big name” receiver Irsay is trying to sign is obviously Kevin Walter. Where’s your story on this PFT?

  3. Come to a great organization and teach Luck.a lil veteran savyness, all hail to the colts!!!!

  4. If I could punch on owner in the face, I think I’d pick Irsay.

    I don’t even really hate him it’s just….I feel like it would be really really satisfying. “Insurance policies make your pillow softer” *BAM bloody nose*….Feels like it would feel good.

  5. Colts fans excited about this signing will be deflated when they realize what Titans fans already know. Hasselbeck may be a class act but he won’t bring anything to the field, his skills are gone. If you’ve watched any of his games this year you’d know that. He has absolutely no arm strength, excels at dump off passes and too soon throw aways. You better hope Luck doesnt get hurt.

  6. Nice to see Buffalo is involved here, heck we only got Tavaris Jackson as our starting QB at this moment. Guess Buddy Nix is fine with that, no need for a solid Vet like Hasselbeck now is there buddy? idiots!!!

  7. Let me get this straight, our former (interim) head coach, Bruce Arians, says that our former backup, Drew Stanton, is good enough to start, yet we let him walk. Instead, we look to sign Hasselbeck to a $4M/year contract as the backup? Call me confused.

  8. This is a solid move by the Colts. Hasselbeck is experienced with the west coast, smart, and has a great resume.

    All that said, I never want to seem him take a snap from September to February.

  9. Good luck Matt Hasselbeck! You are like a streak shooter in basketball, when you are hot in the zone you are as good as anyone, then other times there is something missing and you become inconsistent and turn over the ball and just play losing football, plus you are 38 going on 39…with an arm that isn’t as strong as it once was…hope it works out for you #8 ! Signed –Titans Fan Dan

  10. Done Deal; 5 hours to get new gig in Indy……2 year contract. Good for Matt. Solid player; Solid Person. Will help the young fellow develop and fill in if he has too.

  11. the colts should never have hired the new offensive coordinator, as he will change the scheme to the west coast offense. they did very well with arians’ scheme. why fix/change something that isn’t broken? i can see an offensive regress coming in 2013, just like what happened to the oakland raiders from 2011-2012.

  12. You bring in a veteran like hasselbeck to be a mentor to a young qb, not because the strength of his arm.

  13. From a physical standpoint, at this stage of his career Hasselbeck is no longer a guy you want to see have to carry your team for any length of time (but you could do a lot worse as a spot starter).

    When it comes to everything else about him, including his willingness to be as helpful as possible to the young QB he’s backing up, you won’t find a better guy to add to your locker room.

    Enjoy him for that, Colts fans. He’s one of the really good guys.

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