Browns plan private workout with Geno Smith

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Add Cleveland to the list of temas interested in West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith.

Smith and the Browns have a private workout planned, Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports.

It’s widely believed that the new regime in Cleveland isn’t thrilled with the quarterbacks they inherited, Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy. And since the Browns haven’t added a quarterback via a trade or free agency, it could make sense for them to draft one. And the only one who’s viewed as worthy of a pick as high as No. 6 overall is Smith.

But at this point there’s so much talk about interest in Smith among the teams with the highest picks that it’s looking less likely that Smith will even be available at No. 6. We’ve already identified the Jaguars (No. 2 overall), Raiders (No. 3 overall) and Eagles (No. 4 overall) as teams that are taking a look at Smith.

If there’s a team out there that really loves Smith, it might be time to pick up the phone and call the Chiefs.

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  1. Bias acknowledged:

    As a Browns and Mountaineer fan, such a move would be very exciting. I’ve seen Geno at least a dozen times and would be a great Browns quarterback.

  2. Like to see Browns trade down a few slots to take E.J. Manuel – and in the process, recoup the RD2 pick they used to take Josh Gordon in the Supplemental Draft last summer.

  3. The browns won’t pick Geno Smith… Buffalo picks right after Cleveland and is in dire need of a QB… Trying to trick them to make a deal with Cleveland like Minnesota did last year with the browns pretending they had interest in Trent Richardson so Cleveland would make a deal with them

  4. No way. Grab milliner to pair with Haden(if hes there imo he will be)or dion jordan. If both are gone trade back(which i hate doing) at the furthest to 10-13. Then grab the Fs vacarro.

  5. Raiders are in a great spot…No way anyone trades for the Chief’s #1 for Geno Smith (BLUF: cost too much for a QB that isn’t Luck/Griffin).

    Jaguars are committed to Blaine “the Pain” Gabbert for at least one more year (and have too many other holes…Like the Raiders).

    That leaves the Raiders at #3…They can take Floyd (DT from FLA) to continue to rebuild their horrid defense OR pick up the phone with the Browns.

    Browns added some nice pieces in Free Agency, but swap 1st Round picks with the Raiders, throw in a 2nd Rounder this year outright OR a 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2014 WITH Brandon Weeden.

    Personally I like the Weeden scenario…Give Palmer one more year to see what he can do and if he slips in play, let him go in 2014 and let Weeden and Pryor duke it out for starting QB in 2014 (with each of them have a year in Olson’s new offensive system).

    At any rate the Raiders need to maximize this year’s draft so they can jump start their rebuilding process.

    Besides for the Browns it has enough potential upside to at least explore…Geno Smith paired with Gordon and Richardson would be the best incarnation of the “triplets” we have seen in a while.

  6. I’m as big of a WVU fan as the next Mountaineer, but Geno is sooo overrated. Like QBs from Hawaii and Texas Tech in years past, he is a system QB. He may have good 40 speed, but he never uses it in game situations. If you watched any film, against teams that had a decent defense, he folded…underthrows, overthrows, bad reads, and bad turnovers. His big stats in the first 4 games made his collegiate career, but their toughest tests was Marshall and on of the worst Longhorn defenses in recent memory.

  7. I think this all adds up to the Raiders being in prime position to pull off a trade. Chiefs go OT, Jags go OT or QB and then you get to the Raiders who could pick literally anyone. As long as the Raiders show interest every team has to believe it’s legit. If someone falls in love with a player they better have the Raiders War Room #…dolphins? Need an OT? Get ahead of the Eagles….anybody need a pass rusher….get ahead of the Eagles…Defensive Tackle? We might just take him.

    And on top of that picking a player wouldn’t be the worst move ever for the Raiders. I really think this draft has us in prime position to make some noise.

  8. The staff in Cleveland definitely aren’t thrilled about Weeden and McCoy, but I think this move is more about raising the value of their own #6 pick and enabling them to trade down a little, while still grabbing the guy they really want. Don’t get me wrong, if for some reason Smith is still on the board when it’s the Browns’ turn, they’ll have a tough decision to make. I just think they have more immediate needs than QB right now.

  9. Mr. Reid and Mr. Dorsey are available and ready to hold auction to the rights to Geno Smith to the highest bidder. Comebone, come all. The Kansas City Chiefs are assembling the most dominant team ever.
    Make no mistake, the Chiefs own this draft and will dicate how it plays out. The road to future Super Bowls MUST go thru Arrowhead.
    The estimated starting bid just to get Andy Reid on the phone………. swap 1st round picks, a 2nd round pick this year and 1st round pick next year

  10. There is either genuine interest to potentially upgrade the QB position, or this could be a ploy to drive up the value of Geno so the teams picking ahead of the Browns will select him instead, effectively allowing the more talented players such as Dee Milliner to fall into the Browns lap.

    Welcome to NFL Draft Smoke Screen Season. Ya just never know…

  11. the browns would be dumb enough to move higher and draft him. past practice proves it. cleveland makes the nfl draft laughable

  12. Disagree with you way con, there is no need greater than a quarterback and until you get one you are not going anywhere, with that being said I do not know if Smith is the answer.

  13. On a side note,they have pulled Joe Haden aside and explained he will have to cover both of the opposing team’s receivers this year. They didn’t feel like getting one of the 20+ free agent CB’s in free agency and Milliner will be gone by #6.

  14. I haven’t watched enough of Geno Smith to be excited. I know he put up big stats , but is this a move I should be excited about ? heard he didn’t perform well in cold weather.

    Either way if we get Milliner, Jarvis Jones, or Take a gamble on Smith I feel that’ll be a step in right direction just please don’t trade down

  15. Did he really just say Geno, Richardson, and Gordon are the closest we’ve gotten to the triplets? Schaub, Foster, and Johnson are 10x better than those 3

  16. No one is going to pay last years ransom that the Redskins paid while RG3 is going thru knee rehab while the Rams are picking twice for the next two years.

    That was just a typical redskins over pay their owner is famous for

  17. I will be surprised if Smith is not the 1st player drafted. KC’s phone is constantly ringing for the man who ripped the best defense in the BCS (LSU) for 463 yards 2 years ago.


  18. Geno will be in Buffalo. Cleveland will continue to focus on defense with their first round pick.

    End of story.

  19. If anyone wants the service of one Mr. Geno Smith, please send trade offers to the Jacksonville Jaguars front office. If you feel you have a good offer on the table go ahead and add two more picks then send it this way.

  20. Geno is a first round pick, but probably not a consensus top 10 pick. My guess is he’ll go to buffalo at 8, or somewhere from 10-20 following a trade down/up for him.

  21. Lombardturd will be there decked out in his very dark sunglasses and carrying his signature red & white cane along with his Braille edition of the Mel Kiper scouting report.

  22. There’s not a chance in this world that Cleveland moves up to take Smith or any team moving up past exactly where the Browns pick at 6. You want him, they will have to call the Browns. Browns are going to trade down a few spots with possibly Geno and a couple of the LTs available for teams that covet them.

  23. Hope they aren’t planning on getting a QB who can read zone coverages and make quick decisions if they draft Geno Smith.

    Hell of a physical talent but I’m not sure the decisiveness vs. zone coverages is there to make him a viable NFL star.

  24. Iknoweverything…please quit posting plz. U obviously are an idiot who doesn’t realize the chiefs are the eall & their record shows it. Haven’t won a game of importance in 20 years or a super bowl since the Vietnam War. Thats coming from someone born & raised in KC. Get a clue

  25. Chiefs are worst team in football, not like u are about to draft rg3 or luck either. Alex Smith is Cassell 2.0

  26. If the Brows draft Smith I refuse to watch a single game this year. Management BETTER not be that stupid. Geno will be the next J.Russell.

  27. Ok, Weeden and McCoy both aren’t good- but the Browns need a RECEIVER more than anything otherwise their offense will continue to stink.

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