Bucs losing interest in Revis

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A week ago, the Jets and the Buccaneers stood relatively close to a trade that would have sent cornerback Darrelle Revis to Tampa.  Now, the Bucs are close to losing interest.

The biggest takeaway from our first full day at the league meetings in Phoenix is that, with the Jets and Buccaneers taking strong opposing positions as to the trade value of one of the best defensive players in football, the Buccaneers are close to moving on.  The belief is that the Jets want a package headlined by a first-round pick, and that the Buccaneers are willing to part with, at most, a 2014 first-round selection.

The Plan B remains Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes, who has drawn interest from the Dolphins and the Browns.  The Bucs and Grimes are, we’re told, talking — and if/when the Buccaneers land the Falcons’ 2012 franchise player, the Bucs will be out of the Revis business.

Given the depressed cornerback market in free agency, the Jets may have a hard time finding another team willing to give up a 2013 first-round selection and pay Revis.  At some point, the best move for Revis will be to spend the coming season showing that he is healthy, and hitting the free-agency market in 2014.

Many presume that the Jets would receive in 2015 a third-round compensatory selection for losing Revis next year.  As Adam Schefter of ESPN points out, however, the Chargers got nothing for losing receiver Vincent Jackson in 2012.  That’s because compensatory picks flow from net free-agency losses and signings.  If the Jets sign enough other players in 2014, they’ll lose their shot at an extra pick at the bottom of round three the next year if/when Revis signs elsewhere.

More importantly, if they don’t trade Revis to a team that signs him to a long-term deal, the Jets could see him join the Patriots, Dolphins, or Bills.  Or the Giants.

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  1. Its okay, If Bucs dont want Revis that badly for 1st pick this year and 3rd pick and/or RB Blount, then The Jets can try trade Revis before draft, or before trade deadline at week 8th…

    Furthermore, Jets new GM Iz is doing good, either trade him at the right price, or try to resign Revis to Jets for Life contract; Afterall, Revis should learn by now that alot of Free Agents CBs isnt cashing out, and not really high demands wanting him.. So I hopefully see Revis resign at right price prob 8-10 mil per season would sound alright.

  2. Good.

    As a Bucs fan, I’d love to have Revis, but not for what the Jets are asking. I’d give them a 2nd this year and next at most. The Jets have zero leverage to demand anything more than that.

  3. In what universe will the Giants have enough cap room to sign a cornerback who wants $16 million per year? I know you were just naming a few rivals, but please stop sensationalizing this thing.

  4. Richard Sherman would be off the market in minutes if the Seahawks wanted to trade him. Guess all those NFL GMs must agree that Revis ain’t quite as good as he thinks he is and he’s definitely no Optimus.

  5. Revis is a good player, but his constant threat of holdouts and general “me first” nonsense can only last so long in a league where players shine and dim in a matter of seasons.

    It would be so cool to root for this guy, but with his injury and general pollutive demeanor, it’s no wonder the Jets want to dump him and nobody seems to be biting.

    I think Revis is about to get a reality check of massive proportions.

  6. For the last time, Revis would be completely wasted in New England’s system. The reason they don’t have any truly elite cornerbacks is because they prefer to have people who can more or less hold on to a zone coverage for 16 games and display good ball skills in that time.

    He wouldn’t be terrible, but he’d be just as miscast as Nnamdi was.

    Miami is the only division team it would really make sense for him to join. Nationally, the 49ers, Bucs, Cowboys, Rams, Browns, Steelers, Ravens, and Cardinals would make the most sense, looking only at scheme.

  7. it sort of sounds like pft is running the show in jets country. so why don’t you just trade him already florio. ohh yeah cause your not and can you please stop it with the trade rumors. where’s the proof that they said they are going to trade where are the quotes saying revis is on the market. all I read is that they are open to trade anybody to make the team better. they never once said we are trading revis to make the team better and if they did show us the link or direct quotes

  8. I wonder if the Jets would accept a first round pick from the Patriots, Dolphins, or Bills. Considering the fact that they are light-years away from being competitive again trading Revis within the division wouldn’t make much of a difference anyways.

  9. Even if he proves he is healthy next season he wont be getting paid 16MM per season. He’s high on something if he thinks a team will pay him that much givin his injury history, and his contract holdout selfishness history. Your getting paid millions to play a game Revis. Shut your mouth and go play it. You claim your the greatest n this n that and you deserve to be paid accordingly. Funny thing is that I cant ever recall the greatest WR of all time Jerry Rice ever claim jes the best ever n deserved to be paid like it. Or Montana or Marino. Thos guys were pros. Revis is nothing but a brittle, selfish punk.

  10. Give them a 2nd round in 2013, Blount, and a conditional 1st round in 2014 (He palys more than 2/3 of games this year. Give them until 12pm on Wednesday to accept it. If they don’t, at 12:01pm, give Grimes a call and sign him to a 2 yr deal. Then thru back channels, tell Revis’ agent that they will pay him next year when he hits free agency. If you think Jet fans are pissed with the offer, wait until he leaves next year without compensation!!!!!

  11. Yup. Great move by Dominik for not budging knowing Revis is the only elite player that jets have. That’s why they are demanding a 1st but have ZERO leverage. You can have that locker room cancer CB that’s coming off ACL surgery. You want a 1st for that?! He’s not worth a 1st this year or any year for that matter. Good luck finding a team that will do that for you.

  12. Revis is the least of the Jets’ problems. The first is that they have a blowhard for a coach who isn’t very good…and second they have NO quarterback, Sanzhes is a joke.

    And now for Revis…he’s getting up in age and there is no guarantee he will have his speed and quickness back after his ACL injury. So why would any sane team give up first rounders for this questionable player who is never happy with his contract and after he’s traded will want another huge bonus and new contract.

    People don’t pay to see cornerbacks…pure and simple…especially those in decline. The Jets are stuck with their own huge mistake after Rexy said Revis was the greatest defensive player in the entire NFL. OK Jets keep your superstar and keep paying him $16 million a year with a bum leg.

  13. Idz will trade Revis, but I say its gonna be a team other then Tampa. You dont let a guy walk worth a first round pick unless the most you can get is a 2. Revis is not who he once was. Still the best but after holdouts and surgeries you can’t give this guy mega mega dough. He is blemished now.

  14. I could show you a report that says the Bucs are now willing to include their 2013 1st round pick for Revis. No one knows the true story. The Bucs may be losing interest or they’re trying a negotiating tactic to make the Jets lower the price. Either way, Idzik is playing this the right way. He’s not going to be hurried into a bad trade. If the Bucs want Revis, they’ll pay. If not, they can go for Grimes and continue to have a terrible secondary. Besides, the Bucs are not the only team trying to trade for Revis.

  15. For all you Revis haters, he is that good. To see comments that he is not worth a 1st round pick this year is comical. I see him play every Sunday. He never gas a bad game. He is the text book definition of a shutdown corner. BTW, I’m a Vikings fan.

  16. Idzik is an idiot for wanting to trade Revis away. He should have kept him, but he burnt that bridge by refusing to talk to Revis’ agents and making it obvious that the team was going to trade him. Now they have to sell low in a buyer’s market.

  17. revis sucks. sick of hearing about this clown and his contract drama. next year he’ll be a part time nickle db and in 3 years nobody will remember him, outside of jets fans.

  18. Jets would be wise to ask for a first rounder in 2014, instead of this year. No top talent in this years class, but next years will probably have Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater, and Tajh Boyd and Clowney all declaring. All are better prospects than any in this years class.

  19. At what point does revis realize he’s not as good as he thinks? Maybe t.o. could give him some advice.

  20. Wow! Both are bad teams in trouble and are trying to leverage the other to help. The Jets GM does not have much to use as leverage to make the Jets better. The best thing he can do is what Jeff Ireland did; get cap healthy, bring in cheaper players and stock pile draft choices. At least the Jets went to two AFC playoff games with their over spending on FA. The Dolphins released many over paid lineman that former Czar Bill Parcells brought in, which including those that he drafted in the early rounds. The Dolphins did not win and had very little talent.

    The Jets will have to keep Revis or accept what is offered.

  21. I have to question how credible this article is.Rick Stroud sportswriter for the Tampa Bay Times has an article out last night headlined with Bucs first round pick is in play for Jets Revis.His article has actual quotes from the G.M. Some of these teams with secondary issues are saying they are not interested. The non action they have taken so far implies the opposite.

  22. to juliusanonymous :it has nothing to do with other GMs thinking he’s not good. it has to do with the fact that revis is coming back from a serious injury and whether or he his healthy enugh right now. if Sherman was coming off same injury he would be in same position as revis. we all know a healthy revis would easily command at least 2 first rd picks.

  23. Considering what Revis wants to get paid and that he is coming off a major injury (not to mention his annual inflation of his self-worth), he is not worth more than a second round pick or two threes. I’d rather the Bucs sign Grimes and use their first rounder on a corner like Rhodes or Trufant. Forget Revis if it means mortgaging your future.

  24. Revis is not worth more than 2nd rounder since he is coming off a major injury. If jets GM doesn’t act soon he will end up with nothing and look like a horses butt if he plays in the AFc east.

    Godfather hate to bust your jet bubble but revis is not signing for 8-10 mill more like 12-14 mill. Hence why a second rounder is more appropriate since he is a cap buster.

  25. If you aren’t a QB, n0 one is going to give the kind of trade goods that the Jets are looking for, AND pay what Revis is looking for. Two 2nds are probably the best they would see, and even that’s a stretch.

    Then when you add Revis is coming off a serious injury, and is a proven pain in the butt to management, WHY would any NFL want to overpay.

    He was truly a great shut down CB. The best of his generation (sorry Richard) But how much can you pay for a guy who only directly impacts about 10 plays a game.

    Over the past few years the Pats have managed to average over 30 ppg against the Jets, by simply ignoring him. And as for impact, without him the Jets were ranked 2nd in team pass defense.

  26. Why are the Jets such an organizational mess. It’s not like their owner didn’t build his own company from the ground up, and instead had it inherited from daddy. Oh wait…

  27. I would not want Revis on my team. Every few years he complains about the low salary and threatens to hold out. No room for a selfish player on a championship team. The juts have a bunch of selfish players and look at where they are. Can’t wait!

  28. Next year the g-men will have more cap space thats when tv money kicks in!! I hope the jets dont trade him so the g-men have a shot, listen he wont get the 16 he looking for but 8-10 on a 4-5 contract by the giants next year should land him, listen he gets to come to a team that has two superbowls in 5 years, he helps fill the biggest need that the giants have, and with a divison that has deshawn,dez,garcon etc why not have the best cb in football? Also he gets to keep playing on the same field 8 times a year as he has been! Its a win win and a few rings will help solidify revis’ all pro career!!

  29. Revis is a game changer and if Tampa bay gets him for basically nothing this year and get to draft a top 13 player they will be a greatly improved team. If they win the superbowl that 2014 pick would be a low 32th pick. Revis is worth more and he will most likely fully recover from his injuries.

    As a Jet fan its clear the Bucks want to fleece the Jets for their best player and not give them a high pick for him. The Buccaneers will be much better next year with Revis so the 2014 pick is unknown quantity and you cant sell a known quantity for an unknown quantity. The Jets have resign Revis and draft a QB and see what happens. Maybe we get lucky like the colts last year and make the playoffs. If we dont, at least we dont see the Buccaneers in the playoffs with our best player for a pick that we dont even have in a draft that may not even be that deep.

  30. Beyond the 1st round pick, who wants to pay $16m for a DB?? That is the REAL issue here. Seriously, if Revis was willing to sign for $5m a year, WHO WOULDN’T give a 1st round to sign such a great shut-down corner?

  31. Send Mevis to the career graveyard already. I’m sure the Raiders would love to have and overpay him.

  32. Jets are looking for a better deal, Bucs want them to take theirs.

    The problem isn’t what the Jets get, it’s what Revis gets. Anything less than the $15m he thinks he’s worth will result in problems next year if he returns to health.

  33. I think more disturbing than the notion that the Bucs need to flush a 1st round draft pick down the toilet for Revis is the spelling in some of these comments.

  34. I love how everyone lets there hatred of the jets cloud their honesty and common sense- Revis is the best cb in football – Revis is the best defensive player in football right now and Revis may wind up being the best cornerback of all time. the contract issue is all because moron Al Davis have Nnamdi 16 million a year – and Revis knowing he is better wanted more – with that contract gone now his salary will fall more in line say 60 million for 5 years. Lest be serious ya all know he is going to come back just as good as he ever was and the GM’s in the NFL know it too – they are juts trying to hold the jets up and it doesnt look like Idzik is giving in…..he is too shrewd to give away his best chess piece so hold on to him …sign him long term and I bet before the trade deadline there will be teams lined up to grab the guy that could make a difference in who wins the superbowl

  35. lplanas1969 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 6:16 AM
    to juliusanonymous :it has nothing to do with other GMs thinking he’s not good. it has to do with the fact that revis is coming back from a serious injury and whether or he his healthy enugh right now. if Sherman was coming off same injury he would be in same position as revis. we all know a healthy revis would easily command at least 2 first rd picks.

    Revis and the Jets fans just don’t get it. Revis’ injury is THE reason nobody wants to trade for him. That injury kept him from playing, so he was not good last year – he was injured. Injured players don’t play – so literally ANY healthy player in the NFL is better, because they’re at least healthy enough to play.

    You can use the injury excuse all day long, but the fact remains: compare Revis’ contributions last season to any other CB in the NFL. Do you think that contribution is equivalent to Tom Brady? This guy wants Tom Brady money, but his stats for his position are not Tom Brady stats.

    And Sherman was right. Revis, even when healthy, has NEVER had a season like Sherman did last season. He’s just another over-hyped under-productive player who thinks they’re worth more than they are.

    When other teams see the Seahawks picking up ProBowl CBs in the 5th round and from the CFL, they’re going to have a problem paying a guy coming off a majory injury more money than a QB who has multiple SuperBowl MVPs.

  36. Wow..Bucs would be a beast with Revis with their two awesome Safeties.

    Hope they don’t give up going all out after Revis.

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