David Carr re-signs with Giants


It will be quite some time before we know how the quarterback depth chart shakes out for one of the teams that calls MetLife Stadium home.

For the Giants, though, you can go ahead and write it in ink right now. Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that the Giants have agreed to terms with quarterback David Carr on a contract that will keep him in his familiar role as Eli Manning’s backup.

It’s not a job that calls for Carr to play all that much. Manning has made 135 straight starts, leaving Carr nothing but mop-up duty during his time with the Giants. It will be Carr’s fifth year as a team with one year in San Francisco serving to break up a two and, now, three-year stint carrying a clipboard in Jersey.

Carr, who hasn’t started a game since he was with the Panthers in 2007, reportedly drew some interest from other teams early in free agency, but the former first overall pick either didn’t find a better deal or didn’t want to break away from the Giants.

15 responses to “David Carr re-signs with Giants

  1. how does David Carr have a job in the NFL?

    He was never a good quarterback… he’s not even a good backup — my only conclusion is that he’s incredible brown noser.

  2. This guy has it made. Already killed it with a #1 overall pick contract, now gets to practice a few days a week and hold the clipboard for a guy who never misses a game. OH and be a handsome millionaire in nyc.

  3. He’s awful as a starter, but I wouldn’t say he isn’t a good backup; I remember a few years back he destroyed Oakland when Eli was having issues with his foot. He played a couple of quarters that season and played pretty well.

    There aren’t many good QBs out there for depth, but Carr is a good one and the Giants wanted to prevent some team like the 9ers swooping him up…the 9ers need a vet to backup the kid, but they may go with Tolzein.

  4. I think (as usual) people just don’t remember because he hasn’t been a starter and they pretty much just go by what they read.

    Guy was pretty talented (or wouldn’t have been 1st pick in the draft)

    When he was a young QB with Houston he was pretty good. Typical young player… forced some balls and took a LOT of hits because of a lousy O-line.

    But there were times when he REALLY lit it up.

    Here’s an example of a stat line against Minnesota in a game that was won in OT by MINNY:”

    27 42 372 3 0

    I’ll take those numbers from my “Not even a good backup” QB ANY day….

  5. wheres logicalvoices at? im sure he will say, carr would be the waterboy in the great redskins community, the redskins are blah blah blah

  6. “David Carr has made in excess of $50,000,000 playing football.”

    I always wondered how much he made in his illustrious career………

  7. The Houston offensive line may have been bad, but Carr earned those sacks. He held the ball longer than any quarterback ever should. Seeing him in spot duty over the last few years, it doesn’t look like he has fixed that problem.

  8. Artworkworld..
    I don’t agree. I watched those games. He didn’t hold the ball exceptionally long. If anything he threw too quickly, too often.

    The line was porous, they were consistently behind, he was forced to throw when defenses KNEW they were throwing. He got happy feet, lost confidence, had bad numbers, reputation shot, career as starter.. over.

    And to be clear ROB JOHNSON of Buffalo Bills fame is the QB who HAS to hold the record for holding the ball the longest causing accumulation of sacks.

    Nobody could POSSIBLY come close.
    Johnson – 140 Sacks in 806 attempts (17%)
    Carr – 267 Sacks in 2267 attempts (11%)

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