Elway: “We’ve offered Elvis a contract”


Now that tempers (and ostensibly, the thermal fax machine) have cooled down, the Broncos are ready to do business again.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Broncos have resumed negotiations with Elvis Dumervil after last Friday’s fiasco that saw him released when a deal to restructure his contract wasn’t filed in time.

We’ve offered Elvis a contract,” Broncos executive John Elway said. “We’d like to have Elvis back.”

Of course, they can’t offer as much as they might have before, thanks to the salary cap proration they had to eat when they released him.

They had agreed to take his $12 million salary to $8 million, as part of a three-year, $30 million deal which never became official.

Of course, other teams are interested too, notably the Ravens.

And if the Broncos can’t work out a deal with new agent Tom Condon for Dumervil, they can always ask about the still-available and already mentioned Dwight Freeney on the same phone call, since he represents both.

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  1. Yea Well too Late These GMs Sign these Players to these Lucrative Contracts then Want to cut them when they dont want to take a pay cut. SOOOOOO Glad my job doesnt change there mind like they changed underwear. Any Way welcome to Baltimore Elvis. TOOO Late ELway no Superbowl and no Elvis

  2. Yes, they can offer him $8M/year and not have it impact the cap much more than that if they use some creativity.

  3. Fingers crossed for this one,if both parties really want to work it out,it can be done,just have to be creative contract wise and Tom Condon can provide that,let’s get it done…

  4. Wise men say, only fools rush in…Elvis! Get what you can get as an unrestricted free agent. I don’t see Peyton agreeing to take $4 million less per year (and Elway wouldn’t ask him to or ever say his contract was out of whack). Double standard.

  5. Sign it and sue the old agent for any difference from the renegotiated deal that wasn’t faxed in time. (assuming Elvis didn’t share the blame)

  6. fruitcovejag….

    Yes. There is a double standard.
    One player is a QB who touches the ball on every offensive snap and has a huge bearing on the outcome of every game.
    The other is a defensive player who makes an impact on maybe 10 out of 60 defensive plays and rarely has a direct bearing on the outcome of a game.


  7. fruitcovejag,
    So true about the double standard. If a player holds out, management will say he should honor his contract. But Broncos management gave Dumervil the choice of cutting his salary or else.

  8. h3min1230 says: Mar 19, 2013 2:39 PM

    Manning goes down week 2.

    End of an era to follow.

    We all laugh at Elway.

    isnt he a D lineman?

  9. Not too often you hear of a player going back in through the out door. I’ll be interested to see how this plays out.

  10. Peyton Manning has permanent nerve damage from his neck surgery…has no feeling in his fingers in cold weather games under 40 degrees…the Broncos are a lost cause.

  11. Dumervil should go to the Ravens
    because I wouldnt deal with that SNAKE.. ELWAY anymore. the Bronco’s let Elway discredit that team. and now he wants to cover it up by getting Dumervil back cheap.

  12. Unless some team decides to break the bank for him, he will come back to Denver.

    I love how all of you ravens fans have remained so level headed after winning the Super Bowl. Remember you were one, epic mistake away from losing that game.

  13. What amazes me most about this story is that a fax machine was involved as if it were 1997. I mean really, you couldn’t have figured out a more up to date technoogy than a fax?

  14. ravenmuscle | Mar 19, 2013, 3:34 PM EDT
    Peyton Manning has permanent nerve damage from his neck surgery…has no feeling in his fingers in cold weather games under 40 degrees…the Broncos are a lost cause.

    And you have proven with your many brilliant posts to be suffering from irreversible brain damage….you and your son ravenator are a lost cause, but you represent the best Baltimore has to offer these threads.

  15. Raheem Moore should be Inducted to the ravens ring of fame and have a statue put out Infront of the stadium.. He’s the greatest raven in history….lol

  16. This reeks of shadiness on the part of Elway. They didn’t want to be on the hook for the base salary all along. They can structure a deal where he gets most of that money in the form of a signing bonus with a low base salary. Not that there was anything wrong with this, but from the moment Elway first spoke up weeks ago about Doom needing to come down in salary, you knew they would find a way to avoid the huge 2013 cap hit, when there are 3-4 guys they really wanted to get signed this offseason.

  17. The contract was denied by the NFL. Apparently the fax arrived 10 minutes late and didn’t have the official cover sheet. Rules are rules.

  18. This website makes too much of agents representing two clients at the same position. Remember last year when you kept saying that there was no way Manning would end up in Denver because he has the same agent as Tebow?….How’d that end up?

  19. Let Elvis sign with the NFL LA team…..what LA STILL doesn’t have a team ? What’s that ? YA say the State and the City are broke and the Hollywood billionaires won’t shake out the coin for new digs. ? Pathetic. LA SUCKS.Even San Diego has a team, just ask the Raiders, they lose to them almost every year.

  20. “just ask the Raiders, they lose to them almost every year”…

    Except for most of them.
    Check the lifetime record against, genius.

  21. How in the hell can the Ravens come up with $8 million a year to pay for 10 sacks and 30 tackles, when they couldn’t find $2 million to keep a borderline hall of fame receiver with three good years left? This is a smokescreen to get the Steelers to overbid on this guy. He’s a nice pass rusher, but $8 mil? No thanks.

  22. As a Ravens fan, I think they should go with Harrison at $1 mil per. He’s nasty and best of all, he plays like a Raven. Kruger was only a passing down specialist anyway, so it’s not like Harrison will have to play every snap in order to replace him. The old man is the best value on the market for a pass rusher.

  23. 808raiderinparadise says:
    Mar 19, 2013 2:42 PM
    Not often that I feel for a Bronco, but Elvis didn’t deserve this mess.

    Dude, are you serious?

    He was the reason behind the entire fax deal. He rejected the deal and then changed his mind. Dumervil is the one who slept in the playoffs. He made his contract vulnerable.

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