Game location, player compensation among Pro Bowl changes weighed

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Letting players pick teams isn’t the only big Pro Bowl change being weighed by the NFL.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer reported Tuesday that the location of the Pro Bowl and the way players are compensated are among the potential changes being discussed by the league. (Earlier Tuesday, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network said that the way teams are comprised was on the table, too, something Breer also noted.)

According to Breer, the league will soon announce its plans regarding the location of future games, and locations other than Honolulu, where this year’s game was held, could be in the mix. Breer also reported that the game, for now, will continue to be played the weekend before the Super Bowl.

The NFL, per the CBA negotiated with the players, can choose when and where to have the Pro Bowl, “provided that the (league) will consult with the NFLPA prior to making any such determination.”

Per Breer, the league could also change how it pays players for the game, with performance incentives tied to the results of game periods — quarters, halves, etc. — something being weighed, along bonuses for individual stellar performance.

This is a very interesting issue.

The total amount of compensation for players is also a collectively bargained matter. For next winter’s Pro Bowl, the winner’s share is $53,000, while the loser’s share is $26,000. In short, complete game result is the measuring stick used now. Pro Bowl payouts are collectively bargained through 2020.

It’s understandable that the league is looking at ways to change the Pro Bowl. But the compensation matter is a compelling one. As the CBA is written right now, I could not see the NFLPA standing for any player making less than $26,000 in the game. After, it’s a bargained issue.

So here’s the question: would the NFL be open to increasing the total amount of money available to players, or will it simply be redistributing the dollars a different way?

The Pro Bowl has lacked some intrigue over the years. But you know what will be very intriguing? The process by which any changes to the NFL’s all-star game come to pass.

20 responses to “Game location, player compensation among Pro Bowl changes weighed

  1. I’m sure I’m alone on this, but am I the only one who gets a little disappointed when benroethlisbrger7 doesn’t comment on an article?

    He’s usually good for a good laugh or 2.

  2. It should be moved back to the week after the Super Bowl.

    It also should also move, Hawaii is out of reach to most fans … obviously. It should be in various locations across the country.

    Teams should be like the NBA’s “Rising Stars” game, two famous NFL Alumni “coach” and select the teams.

    Also, bring back the Alumni game and skills challenges.

  3. Only allow the players to vote for players that they faced h2h Thani position vs position match-ups.

    I.e. all the LT’s vote for the RE’s and vice versa ad nickel cb’s picking the slot receivers to make it.

  4. I actually like the Pro Bowl draft idea, as mentioned by Rapport in the linked article. This would prevent anymore Matt Schaubs from slipping through the cracks. Plus it is much more intriguing than a fan vote which is very susceptible to manipulation.

  5. Well I don’t like the sound of this at all if I’m not a Pro Bowler! And if I am a Pro Bowler, I have a serious problem if I’m not getting more money out of this.

    Either way it’s time for another battle over money where those that are negotiating for it will get to take a piece of the pie away from the collective of players!

  6. Yes, as sledgehorn said it should be moved to week AFTER the Super Bowl. Amazing how they can’t see this.

    How many Pro Bowl players from the two Super Bowl teams are lost be having this game the week before the Super Bowl?

    And keep it in Hawaii, the folks there have a record of really supporting the Pro Bowl, and players will be more receptive to having some sun and sun there than playing in other places.

    Plus, the guys who’ll be enshrined the the Hall of Fame have a chance to be on the scene, be interviewed during the broadcast, that was always interesting.

    As it was, I enjoyed the Pro Bowl, and the broadcast was a chance to properly close the window on an NFL season. Since they changed the schedule, I might have watched some of the first one but have not paid any attention to the others. Haven’t watched the game at all the last couple years.

  7. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Wow, we reign supreme like Iron Chef. Tyrants? Yes. We’re vibrant minds in a timeless nest, where rhymes perplex.

    Steeler Nation displays greatness unbelieving until seen and seemingly seamless.

    You’re jealous?

  8. I agree with all the comments and the writer.
    May I have my commenting privileges restored?

  9. Also, please try not to be jealous of our excellent prose. We walk on water that’s solid that your franchise.

  10. It’s not going to stop B list players from making the pro bowl. It’s going to have a draft so players like Schaub will be on Team (fill in the captain here)’s team. He could be a starter or back up or mop up at the end. Players will stay the same.

    One team could have:
    Rodgers with Arian Foster

    And the other would have
    Manning with Adrian Peterson

  11. So in a perfect world everything should be combined…

    1) Fixed salary per player
    2) Pick sides: That way Saturday gets to snap to Manning.
    3) The Pro Bowl will be either before or after the Super Bowl. I am old school so I would pick after, its like the hang over game for the season.
    4) Make it flag football. It is done that way for other gimmick NFL sponsored games, so why not. Plus could you imagine Barry Sanders on the Pro Bowl level with flag football? EPIC…. (Keep your head up, be able to grab the flag)
    5) First ever new rules Pro Bowl is played in Green Bay. Kind of a full circle thing…. or in New York (Jersey) Pittsburgh, Chicago, Seattle, New England… Places with newer Stadiums that have never hosted a Super Bowl.

    Just saying…..

  12. Winner take all. Lose, get nothing and pay your own freight (travel and lodging). Winners get 150k. That’ll remove the incentive to play issue. Each team should have a few leaders on offense and defense. These players should then compile a list of all the other players that should make the team. Rest assured that with these new pay incentives, only the best, most passionate players will be included.

    Game should be played the week before the Super Bowl, at the same stadium. NFL would have no problem filling the stadium.

  13. If the NFL insists on playing this silly game of “pro-bowl” before the super bowl then make it a 100 million winner take all game. We’ll then get to see players carrying axes and knives into games. Hey, hey, hey mortal combat,,,,live

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