Guaranteeing the Super Bowl is Rex Ryan’s biggest regret

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Rex Ryan’s days of guaranteeing the Super Bowl are over.

Ryan said today at the league meeting that if he could turn back time and change just one thing about his coaching career, he would change his previous practice of guaranteeing that his team would win the Super Bowl before the season.

“Guaranteeing that Super Bowl is always going to haunt me,” Ryan said. “If I could ever have a do-over, that would be it.”

When Ryan got to the AFC Championship Game in each of his first two seasons as the Jets’ coach, his bravado was widely viewed as a positive: It seemed that his team fed off his confidence. But now that the Jets have missed the playoffs for two straight years, his bravado has become a punch line.

So Ryan is right: Guaranteeing a Super Bowl is always going to haunt him. Until he actually does win a Super Bowl.

74 responses to “Guaranteeing the Super Bowl is Rex Ryan’s biggest regret

  1. He reminds me of what Bum Phillips said back in the 70’s regarding the Oilers. “Last year we were knocking on the door. This year we’re going to kick the damn thing in.” And then the Oilers missed the playoffs that year.

  2. I don’t have very much confidence in you or your GM, so good luck with that Rex! And yeah it is highly offensive to guarantee something yet come up so short. It’s even worse that his employer still gives him credit for the claims he can’t back up instead of the work and results he actually does produce.

  3. Hmm.. drafting Sanchez, keeping Sanchez as the starter, giving Sanchez a pay raise, still keeping Sanchez as the starter? Where do those rank. I wish I were a reporter/writer so I could ask the “tough” questions fans actually wanna know the answers to.

  4. I read this headline and thought I missed that Rex Ryan had been fired.

    Way to get my hopes up 🙁

  5. Ummmm, the Sanchez tattoo and those foot fetish videos have to be a close second and third.

  6. I’m sure the public knowing that he and the spouse are serious foot fetish swingers is also a big regret

  7. I could learn a thing or two from him. Too bad I’m just a terrible internet troll.

  8. You know, it’s kind of sad. I don’t really even remember him saying this. It’s all hidden behind every other dumb thing Rex has said or done.

  9. Let’s not forget Rex’s stroking each of his players by telling everyone of them that they were the best at their position…….seems like they all quit playing the game when they heard they were the best. Or instructing one of his sideline coaches to trip a player on the field, that has to be a regret….at least to most people it would be, but prolly not Rexy.

  10. If the Jets had started a serviceable veteran (a la Trent Dilfer) instead of Sanchez those 2 years they made the AFC playoff game, they may have won a ring.

  11. For Rex the guarantee was a regret, for the rest of us it was nothin’ more than a knee-slapper.

  12. Not only did that make a laughing stock of he and the Jets, but putting a young QB with confidence issues in that position adversely impacted Sanchez’ development

    The Jets are still paying the price for that

  13. Why is a surprise that the Jets have missed the playoffs the past 2 years? The 2 years in which they made the AFCCG they were wildcard teams that barely made the playoffs. Too many fans too much stock with teams that get hot/lucky in the postseason.

  14. Only Rex Ryan could take a team to the AFC Championship game–twice!–and still make them the biggest laughingstock in the NFL.

    You can’t buy that kind of comedy.

  15. You know what, there are 30 coaches that year that didn’t publicly guarantee a Superbowl and none of them won it either. Do they all regret not guaranteeing it?

  16. “Discovering deep fried pie” HAS to be somewhere close to the top of the list.

  17. Honestly, I think it actually helped them. You have to admit the Jets way over performed those two years. I mean Mark Sanchez played in back-to-back AFC Championship games for Pete’s sake. Sounds crazy to even say that now.

  18. this is good to see. maybes he starting to turn into an actual HC and not a loud mouth begging for attention. im a NYG fan and i used to like rex until he starting talking about the giants being this and that and how theyd own the giants (until we essentially knocked them out of the playoffs in 11′ on our way to the playoffs, and eventually our 2nd SB in 5 years 🙂 ).. that said hes a damn good coach he just needs to check the ego ..and hire the right people to lead his offense

  19. I’m consistently amazed at how many jets “stories” you guys have posted on here the last few years. Give it a flippin rest. Everything rex says in routine interviews isn’t news.

  20. Now you know people why Steve Bisciotti picked John Harbaugh to be the next Ravens coach after Billick instead of promoting this blowhard from defensive coordinator to head coach.

  21. brasho says:
    Mar 19, 2013 8:29 PM
    He reminds me of what Bum Phillips said back in the 70′s regarding the Oilers. “Last year we were knocking on the door. This year we’re going to kick the damn thing in.” And then the Oilers missed the playoffs that year.
    Calling all Falcons, 49ers, and Tony Gonzalez fans.

  22. Huh.. I would have figured the Tattoo if his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey Tebowing would have been a bigger regret.

  23. Guaranteeing the Super Bowl is Rex Ryan’s biggest regret

    i thought the next line would be …he said today after he was fired from the NYJ

  24. Guaranteeing the Super Bowl is (Insert any Coach’s Name in the history of the league) biggest regret

  25. The key to understanding the idiocy of Rex Ryan is grasping the fact that he guaranteed the Jets would win the Super Bowl THREE YEARS in a row – then fell on his face and never even made it to the Super Bowl one time, much less winning it. This moron kept destroying any credibility he had left for three years running – and now he wants to cry about his past stupidity. What a loud-mouthed loser. Good luck Jets – you’ll never go anywhere with this bozo running your team.

  26. The only thing Rex is going to win in NYC is the race to the head of the buffet line…

  27. we could be here FOREVER if we tried to name all his downfalls, but top 3 is 1. guaranteeing SB, 2.drafting a USc QB and then giving him an extension on top of that 3. sucking toes

  28. The Jet fans can name their biggest regret and that is that Rex is the coach and Woody seems to adore him so they are stuck for at least another year.

  29. Even though its been said a million times in this thread, I tend to agree with everyone that a foot fetish video being leaked would be my biggest regret. We’ve all got our own priorities though right?

  30. This guy is fast going down as the dumbest coach ever, the stupidities he says, the weirdo tattoo, no tebow decision, the same shirts, the garrard and now rumors of kolb….. Get em outtaaaaa there already

  31. Oilers did make the playoffs but lost in the wild card the following year. Bum saying they were “gonna kick the SOB in” is hardly a guarantee of winning the Super Bowl. Please don’t insult Bum Phillips by comparing him to Rex Ryan,

  32. A Lot of shots on Rex here. I’m no fan just throwing it out there that I don’t think he sucks feet and gets stupid tats as a couch…he is just stupid that’s all. Glad to see he realizes the grand predictions was ridiculous… now learn from it

  33. cwk22 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 8:49 PM
    Sanchez isn’t a regret. He still thinks he will lead them to a Super Bowl!


    This is my biggest concern having to put up with the agita of another Rex is in Love with Sanchez season… that he’s living in the fantasy about who he thinks Sanchez could be & never lived up to instead of recognizing the reality of the situation.

    Best plan for our current stable… Garrard wins competition & is the horse starting out of the gate & then when he inevitably breaks down Jesus works a miracle making Rex mistake Tebow for Sanchez giving him his long awaited shot & then depending on how that works out let McElroy & Sanchez fight to the death in a cage match as newly aquired Foles is given the go ahead.

    I really wish we had fired him & his foot fetish. (I’ll never even consider watching that FF video.. I want to be able to sleep at night!).

  34. There are soooooooo many other things to regret THAT should not be one of them….a coach should think his team is going to the Super Bowl

  35. a few thoughts on rex;
    he’s no longer all that fat. i love how grossly ignorant that makes ‘you’ look when you do those food jokes.
    did he really sign sanchez to a new contract?
    by definition almost, rex is a defensive coach. yet HE didn’t play tebow?
    heard he called ‘every one’ of his players the best and then they stunk. so that’s why they don’t want to pay revis 16 mil is because he stinks?

    rex (and tanny) lifted the jets. high and fast and they won some important games early before falling flat. i’m surprised a bit he isn’t gone but not that upset. the bravado was fun and energizing and so was the winning. (one out of 32 will win it all).

    i’m not too worried about online trolls dragging him down this year. most of you are not fans you’re haters and shot takers; ‘dribbled down you father’s leg’ what a sad sack. but to think the media can’t dig him an insurmountable hole is foolish.

    i’m a jet fan forever. (sometimes want to add unfortunately…) but i hope the jets do well this year. a respectable 7-9 might be all it takes under the circumstances. just want to hear how the talking heads handle it.

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