Jerry Reese mum on Victor Cruz


The Giants’ owners have been talking quite a bit about restricted free agent receiver Victor Cruz, with John Mara saying he wants Cruz back and Steve Tisch saying he thinks Cruz will get an offer from another team.

But the man who will ultimately make the decision about how much the Giants pay Cruz next season, or whether he remains on the Giants at all, has decided to stay quiet on the matter.

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese told Mike Florio that he is simply going to stay quiet about Cruz and let the situation play out.

“Well, first of all Mike, with respect to Victor Cruz, the things I can say about Victor is he’s a terrific young man and he’s a terrific football player, but other than that, it’s really inappropriate for me to talk about, you know, what his contract situation is and what might happen, you know. We’re just hoping for the best,” Reese said.

When Florio followed up about whether the Giants would have the cap space necessary to match a front-loaded offer from another team, Reese again declined to answer.

“I’m not going to talk about Victor Cruz, OK? It’s inappropriate for me to talk about it and it really doesn’t make sense for me to do that,” Reese said.

Cruz will probably stay with the Giants because restricted free agents almost always stay with their teams: The last time a player tendered at the first-round level signed an offer sheet was 10 years ago, when receiver Laveranues Coles left the Jets for the Redskins. But Reese isn’t going to speculate publicly about what might happen.

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48 responses to “Jerry Reese mum on Victor Cruz

  1. Who cares about Mediocre Salsahands? Pierre Garçon is an elite, top 3 WR in this sport and proudly wears the Burgundy and Gold. Sign WHATEVER DB you want Vagiants…he, like the Redskins, are UNSTOPPABLE.

  2. Lol Pierre Garcon is terrible and not even close to being a top 10 WR. Your QB might have had his career cut short by an incompetent owner and you’re still saying that they’re the best front office in all of football? Get a clue.

  3. It has to be in the back of Cruz’s mind that the Giants don’t want to pay him top dollar. I guess he can feel that NY love!

  4. The giants wanna keep him but at the right price. If they have to choose one or the other (which most likely they will) then it’ll be Nicks. Best case scenario is that someone (maybe Houston or Indy) signs Cruz to an offer sheet and then hands over their 1st rd. pick. But no matter what happens he has been a hell of a giant and a total steal.

  5. Yea Garcon really dominated those two games you didn’t pansy out of with truff toe. But then you have a different definition of dominate than I do. To me you have to win the super bowl to dominate not fall apart in the wild card round.

  6. Cruz is a slot guy, but unlike Welker, he should get a sizable contract. He’s only 26 and is one of the best wideouts in the league, especially at crunch time, where he has made the biggest plays.

    But remember Hakeem Nicks will want a deal soon too. Reese might have that on his mind as the two sides continue to negotiate.

  7. Idiotic Skin fan. Made the playoffs and WAHOO!
    Come to visit us( Giants) and you can look at some Super Bowl trophies from the 21st century.
    They better pray that the coach comes to his senses and stops letting RGIII( a good player and a great kid)get hit or he will not last long. Two many injuries already! I want him to have a long career- he’s worth rooting for!

  8. Its hard to read between the lines on what he’s “not” saying. I personally believe the Giants really want Cruz to stay badly but are playing down the situation.

  9. Can’t decide what’s more annoying, logicalvoice’s posts, or all the reply posts. I like to assume the people replying to him are new, and haven’t caught on to his/her act.

  10. I’m not sure how the Jets don’t pay attention to the team right down the street from them.

    See how Jerry Reese doesn’t feel the need to tell the world what is going on with Giants personnel, front office, and so on…?

    Meanwhile the Jets own front office is spreading rumors about Revis trades and now Rex Ryan claims the Jets aren’t even actively shopping Darrelle Revis….

    And did that guy with the first comment really say Pierre Garcon was an elite TOP 3 receiver…? Thin line between pride in your team and stupidity.

  11. Said it before and I’ll say it again.

    If I am a team with a really low first round pick (Hello New England!) or multiple first round picks (Hello Minnesota!) who could use wide reciever help, I definitely consider taking a run at this guy.

    What’s better? An unproven commodity who based upon past draft history is about 50% to bust out completely, or a proven commodity with 168 catches and 19 TD’s over the last two years.

    And who cares if the Giants match? Since when did it become a bad thing to dictate what your competitors were forced to pay their free agents?

  12. i hope cruz realizes since al davis is gone noone is going to sign him to a wr 1 contract.. 7-8 sounds right.. take it and stay a giant for years to come!

    ps illogical.. giants have 2 WRs better than pierre and if randle lives up..well have 3 lmaoo

  13. What’s Cruz’s market? There are two markets for WR right now – Wallace/ Bower type contracts, and Welker/ Jennings type contracts. Cruz thinks hes worth the former, Giants think he’s worth the latter. I think NYG are going to need to split the difference right now if they want to keep him around.

  14. Remember how good the NY Giants receiver Steve Smith was when he was on the squad? How did he do in Philly the next year? He wasn’t injured. He just didn’t have an elite QB to “throw him open” like Eli continues to do.

    Certainly want Cruz to stay a Giant, but Nicks is more valuable (if he can stay healthy). Jerry Reese can’t afford both. Maybe Tom Condon will figure that out. Cruz can make a lot of money off the field, and there’s no better place to do that than New York. Ask Strahan about that.

  15. I think not keeping Cruz for at least one more year is a bad move for the team co-hosting the super bowl. Anything could happen, but the NFC is scary as it is, if you want to fill those seats and keep home town interest for a Weather-Bowl, Cruz is good business for the NFL/Giants…

  16. Not sure how a Giants thread, turns into a redskins thread? Giants = 2 recent Super Bowl victories. Redskins= humiliating wild card loss. Not even worth debating. That said if the Rams were smart they would give up a 1st rounder and pay Cruz. Passing game problems solved

  17. He’ll be here in 2013. If there was a deal to be made, it would have been done by now.

    That said, he will walk next year. The Giants are committing to Nicks and Randle beyond 2013. Unless Vic takes a hometown discount (and signs before Nicks), I don’t see him staying here beyond this upcoming season.

  18. Boy I tell ya. If I’m Rick Speilman I get Victor Cruz in a Vikings uniform with that late first rounder we got for Percy. That might open things up for A.P. Just might happen yet. Skol.

  19. logicalvoicesays says: Mar 19, 2013 11:38 AM

    Who cares about Mediocre Salsahands? Pierre Garçon is an elite, top 3 WR in this sport and proudly wears the Burgundy and Gold. Sign WHATEVER DB you want Vagiants…he, like the Redskins, are UNSTOPPABLE.
    1. victor cruz has better 1st two year numbers than the great jerry rice.
    2. the redskins were already stopped when your cereal box, gimmick QB went down with his 2nd serious knee injury.
    3. the redskins have not been relevant for years.
    4. garcon is elite,,lmao? really? cruz has basically the same numbers in 2 seasons compared to garcon’s 5 seasons,,so who is elite?
    4. shut up already.

  20. shiftyshellshocked says: Mar 19, 2013 1:23 PM

    Boy I tell ya. If I’m Rick Speilman I get Victor Cruz in a Vikings uniform with that late first rounder we got for Percy. That might open things up for A.P. Just might happen yet. Skol.


    A team gives up their own picks when signing RFAs, not picks acquired in trades. I’m pretty sure that if they have no first round pick of their own, they cannot make Cruz or any other restricted free agent with a 1st round tender an offer even if they acquired a 1st round pick from another team (this holds true for any round). The acquired pick is considered the original team’s pick for administration purposes–in this case, the “late rounder for Percy” is considered Seattle’s not Minnesota’s. If this is the only first rounder they have, then Minn cannot make an offer to Cruz.

    And, if a team has multiple first rounders, again, the compensation is the team’s own pick, not the pick acquired in a trade. So, if Minn’s own pick is say # 22 and they acquired the 28th pick from Seattle, Minn would give up # 22 to sign the RFA. They can’t choose the lower pick. I’m pretty sure vice versa too. If Minn’s pick was 28 and they acquired # 22, they would lose # 28 for the RFA.

    I could be wrong, but I think I heard this explained on NFLN recently. I hope I got it right anyway.

  21. Cruz ain’t going anywhere. The owners screwed the players with restricted FA. They collude with one another (shocker, I know). For 10 years, no team has gone after a RFA. Also, they have already shown that if your tabbed as a WR1, aka a deep threat, you get big money. WR2, aka slot guy, gets #2 money. It’s how they stay rich. If one team caves, it resets the entire market. Also, rookies, regardless of pick number have their cap number slotted. So, even if a team is willing to part with a number 1, it’s still gonna cost them wayyyyyyy more to sign Cruz, then a rookie. Finally, the Giants still get right of first refusal, so they see what the market offers, and if its not too bad, they will match it. Why would they send Cruz a huge offer when they have him by the balls? Cruz will be a Giant, mark my words. Reese is playing this brilliantly.

  22. Who cares about Mediocre Salsahands? Pierre Garçon is an elite, top 3 WR in this sport and proudly wears the Burgundy and Gold. Sign WHATEVER DB you want Vagiants…he, like the Redskins, are UNSTOPPABLE

    the guy must be a comedian!! u cant say these type words with failing a drug test

  23. I trust Reese will handle the situation in a way that the Giants will benefit. Oh and this Victor Cruz guy? Wasn’t he the one that torched the Skins secondary last year for the game winning touchdown? Sounds logical to me!
    Fail Did The Redskins

  24. If the niners didn’t get Boldin …I bet they would have had an offer ready for Cruz. Alex Smith 8 mil gone replaced by Boldin 8 mil. Hearing….the Giants wouldn’t match an 8 to 9 mil offer on top of that. Would have been awesome.

  25. Cruz was offered that amount, mrlynch33, or thereabout, from what I’ve heard locally. He wanted over $11M on average. We’ll see next offseason, but Vic will be a Giant next year. Depending on how well Randle comes along, they may just decide to let him walk next offseason, or tag him, which is another option they will have. To pay him the amount he wants for one year is a good deal, and they can then work out a new deal after the 2014 season, since they will have already secured Nicks long-term and will have more room under the cap with several contracts coming off the books or eligible for restructuring, come next offseason. Reese is the best GM in the NFC for a reason.

  26. Reese is a great GM. Giants will win the NFC East next season. Niners, Hawks, Falcons should be tough to beat. Bears, Packers, Vikings and Lions should be interesting too. Usually a sleeper team too. NFC is stacked.

  27. I really the hope the Vikes sign him to a contract that the Giants cant match. Trading Harvin for Jennings, Cruz and a 3rd and 7th round pick sounds pretty damn good to me. The Vikes say they are going to draft a WR with their 1st round pick (or at least most people think they will), so why not get a proven stud WR for that 1st round pick, instead of a maybe player. The Vikes still have tons of cap room, so getting Cruz for that Harvin 1st round pick, would be icing on the cake. Cmon Vikes, get er done!!

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