Khan admits he learned about spending the hard way


Give Jaguars owner Shad Khan credit for realizing it sooner than some, that spending money is not a short-cut to NFL success.

After wasting dollars on free agent resources for a 2-14 team last year, Khan has quickly realized that he might have to “suck it up” for a bit as his team rebuilds under new leadership.

So after the rookie owner watch his incumbent staff give money to wide receiver Laurent Robinson and other wastes of funds prior to an awful season, he said he learned a lesson.

“You look at the teams that are successful and [ask], ‘How did they get there?’ ” Khan said, via Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union. “I wanted to verify and get a reality check from some of the more successful teams.

“It’s very, very difficult to win games, and there are teams that are consistently successful over time. Regrettably, we would fall into the [category] of teams who have been unsuccessful. What are the lessons learned? A key lesson learned is you have to suck it up. Free agency is appropriate to fill some holes, but I think we proved last year that you can spend the fourth-highest [amount] and have the worst record in the league.”


As such, new general manager Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley are taking a more deliberate approach, signing fringe free agents to modest deals.

“I like it. I endorse it, and I’m highly supportive of it,” Khan said. “It’s pretty much doing everything the right way.

“One thing I’ve learned in life, you get to the fork in the road and have the easy way or the hard way. Most of the time, the hard way is the right way.”

Of course, that could also signal another long year for the Jaguars fans, as suggestions of long-term building are rarely a harbinger for short-term success. But flinging money around to guys who couldn’t play brought them the same result, so changing course makes sense.

24 responses to “Khan admits he learned about spending the hard way

  1. The fans should still be happy. They have an owner that is willing to spend the money when needed but is trying to make sure to build it right the first time.

  2. The AP needs to add a “Free Agent of the Year” award alongside MVP, O/D player of the year, O/D Rookie of the year, and Comeback player of the year. Yeah there are Laurent Robinsons, but there are also Danieal Mannings that make above average on market and play well at their positions.

  3. I don’t think there are very many successful teams. Every year only 1 team wins the SB, and it’s statistically usually not the best overall team. That’s a very contrived way to try and get better. 32 teams all make at least 31 awful impressions and examples to learn from. No wonder why JAX is struggling so much, this owner has one of the worst outlooks possible with respect to how to learn how to manage a football organization. WOW. I wish I could have an hour of his time and show him how I look at things. He could turn the tables quite a bit with a logic reality check.

  4. I do not like Laurent Robinsons name as an example right there. That guy is absolutely destroyed as everyone who’s seem that documentary will tell you. His failure was not about his playing ability (even though there was a great chance he would’ve been a bust anyway, but who knows) but about an unprecedented stretch of concussions. That was insane.

  5. Being a Jag fan requires patience, especially for those of us who have been fans from the beginning. Khan’s a brilliant man and his background as an engineer can only help him to solve and learn from these problems. I’m proud he owns my favorite team and I’ll always be a fan no matter what.

  6. How can you not like this guy? Doesn’t come off as having an ego, and you can tell he is ambitious and willing to learn. Kudos to you sir

  7. The true test will be whether he is seen hanging out with Little Danny Snyder and Jerry Jones at owner meetings, or instead with the successful owners.

  8. Not sure signing Laurent Robinson to a deal that everyone thought was crazy would be considered a lesson.

    I don’t think Aaron Ross was a big money deal and Chad Henne is still the best QB on the Jags roster.

    But firing a coach after one year and starting over – When will that lesson be learned?

    Still think this guys ultimate goal is to move the team, but we will see.

  9. I like this guy. He sounds humble. If he ever got the chance to pick up a top level executive from another team I think he’d just step aside and let them do the work. Owners like this, one’s that desperately want to win but admit they don’t know the best way to do it, will eventually succeed.

  10. Khan has brought excitement to this organization. Yes the Jags fan base knows this is going to be a tough year but Caldwell has proven he can build a team twice so I am willing to be patient.

    And for those who think this team is moving, Khan spent $3million of his own money last season on stadium upgrades and $4million more this offseason. Why would an owner throw away that kind of money if he wants out?

  11. I really like everything Khan brings to the table. He is doing everything possible to learn and put everything in place to have a Successful franchise longterm & is being very supportive to the city of Jacksonville.
    He is going about with a very good even keeled approach. I really think we lucked out.

  12. Look, there is a reason teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, NY Giants, the Ravens and others are consistently good – they build through the draft and rely on consistency in the coaching ranks to develop players. That’s why so many teams are trying to emulate their strategy. Whether or not people like Ted Thompson, Kevin Colbert, Jerry Reese, or Ozzie Newsome – they are all successful for a reason. Great move by Khan to recognize that early, and enacting changes based upon what he learned from previous mistakes.

  13. Shad Khan has, in one short year, transformed himself into the face of the Jaguars – which is a good thing.
    Mr. Khan is obviously a smart man, knowing to admit when he’s made mistakes and knowing that a fix might not come overnight.
    You know, you don’t build a billion dollar empire from $500 inside of 20 years by being stupid.

  14. Of course, that could also signal another long year for the Jaguars fans, as suggestions of long-term building are rarely a harbinger for short-term success.

    When Rick Spielman was named the GM of the Vikings, he said the same things. Last year he signed fringe free agents to one-year deals and had a good draft. The result was an improvement from 3-13 to 10-6. So building for the long term can also result in short-term success.

  15. The teams that have sustained success have franchise QB’s and has nothing to do with what they spend or don’t spend in free agency! The fact that this Owner is not spending any money to improve such a poor roster (anyway he can), but asking the season ticket holders to shell out more money by raising ticket prices to watch a garbage team in 2013 just stinks all to hell! Khan is a great businessman not a great owner…great owners care about the fans.

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