Munchak has a significant role in mind for Shonn Greene

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In what might come as a surprise to anyone who watched Shonn Greene play for the Jets, the Titans think he has enough ability to warrant taking touches away from Chris Johnson.

And in the process, Titans coach Mike Munchak compared him to the franchise’s previous best back.

“I know as a [former] line coach myself that we haven’t had a guy like that in a while,” Munchak told FOX’s Alex Marvez, on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “He reminds me of the Eddie George days — a guy that can fall forward, a guy that’s physical, a guy that can understand his role.

“We’re not going to have him as a short-yardage back, a goal-line back and four-minute back and that’s all he does. We feel he can play all three downs. He may get a series where he gets going and we’re taking over the line of scrimmage and you want that runner in there and we leave him in there.”

Signing him to a three-year, $10 million contract was the first indication they were serious about adding him. But after Greene posted a pedestrian 3.9 yards per carry last year for the Jets, it seemed like another one of Bud Adams’ overpriced impulse buys.

Johnson might never duplicate his 2,006-yard 2009 season, but he has an explosive element Greene hasn’t shown. But the Titans seem serious about taking some of the burden off quarterback Jake Locker, and a beefed-up running game would do just that.

18 responses to “Munchak has a significant role in mind for Shonn Greene

  1. I feel bad for titans fans if this is true. Greene couldn’t catch a cold. He also lacks vision and is slow. He specializes in making what should be 8yd gains into 3yd gains.

  2. Maybe we overpaid for him but fact is, Titans haven’t been very good at finding that bruising back that can run between the tackles in the draft and for what he is, Greene is a proven commodity.

    Smash and Dash is back in Tennessee.

  3. The guy has got Michael Turner future ahead of him. Munchak will be lucky if Greene actually becomes the 3rd and short/goal line back.

  4. 3 years, $10 million for Shonn Greene? You can find better undrafted RBs and save yourself some money. He’s the definition of an average running back.

  5. I like the old Leroy Hoard quote: “Coach, if you need one yard, I’ll get you three yards. If you need five yards, I’ll get you three yards.”

    If Greene sticks to that, he’ll be a success.

  6. I have said it before and I believe CJ (buckwheat) is looking for the path of least resistance – he will lay down, quit, and blame when things are tough – he’s GREAT in garbage time or when they are playing a slow run-d – but he will is a cupcake when times are hard – just look at the film! It has to do with CHARACTER folks – and he has poor character – period.

  7. Look out AFC South, we are going to make some noise this year! If we can pick up Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper in the draft to compliment Levitre we will have a solid line for both backs. Add in the other FA’s we signed and getting our injured players back (looking at you Locker) we are starting to look pretty good.

    Just hope that translates on the field when the whistle blows!

    Go BLUE!!

  8. Who cares really?

    The Oilers/Titans of 1998-2005 were a hell of a team. It seems like within a handful of years the Titans lost Kearse, McNair, Rolle, Mason, George, Wycheck, Matthews, Piller, Olson, Bishop, Robertson, ect, ect…

    The final blow came when Fisher quit, mostly due to the antics of Vince Young..

    They don’t even seem like the same team anymore!

  9. Titans had a bruising back but they sent him 2 tampa bay. What was his name….? Oh! Thats right! Legarett blount! Stupid jeff fisher!

  10. I loved Greene when he first came to the Jets as he is a much better back when he isn’t carrying most of the load himself but as a change of pace guy…… i.e. ground & pound years 2009 & 2010 to AFC championship games. His production & spark dimmed greatly when they centered the run mostly around him the last two years. If your O-Line holds up you guys should have an exciting run game this year.

  11. Greene’s a good player but he needs a player like Johnson to share carries with. Not an even share, more like 70-30 in favor of Johnson. Saves Johnson up for the home runs if he doesn’t have to grind out all the short yardage, too. Same way the Chiefs find guys to pair up with Charles. They don’t win, but they can run all over you.

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