NFL coaches concerned about Tyler Bray’s work ethic


Tennessee’s Pro Day will take place on Wednesday, and no one doubts that quarterback Tyler Bray will show off an NFL-ready arm. The problem for Bray is that there’s a lot more to being an NFL quarterback than having a strong arm.

Bray, who left Tennessee with a year of eligibility remaining, will face questions about his accuracy and about his preparation, and those are questions that a player really can’t answer sufficiently in the scripted environment of a Pro Day. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock says the only way Bray could have answered those questions was to return to Tennessee for his senior season and put those questions to rest on the field.

“I was really surprised he came out,” Mayock said of Bray. “I thought he should have come back and refined his name a little more. If you ask me, who are the quarterbacks with the most arm talent in this draft, he’d certainly be in the top three. He can wing it. There’s no doubt about that. however, the ball’s all over the place. He’s inconsistent from an accuracy perspective, and you also have to get comfortable with the kid. What kind of kid is he? What kind of work ethic does he have? There are some concerns there from several of the coaches I talk to.”

Bray will surely be drafted, because a quarterback with that kind of arm always gets a shot in the NFL. But he probably won’t be drafted where he thought he would have when he decided to enter the NFL draft.

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  1. Guy has tremendous talent and could be an NFL starter if he puts it all together.

    However he’s very arrogant and seems more reliant on his physical gifts rather than his work ethic.

    Boom or bust pick.

  2. All it takes is one agent or one guy to tell him “You’ll be a first rounder” and kids jump at it. It’s too bad to see this happen so often. Lots of players’ careers could be a lot different had they gone back to school another year instead of leaping at the advice of one uninformed person.

  3. Dumb. If I were an NFL prospect I would declare as soon as humanly possible. Tyler Bray is going to be an NFL quarterback no matter where he is taken in the draft. As a round 2/3 prospect this year, he could end up being a draft steal, meaning that his team ends up in a much better place than if they had to spend a first round pick on him next year.

    If he is a bust, the worst that could happen is that he’ll be an NFL backup, which is still one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Besides, all he should look at is the track records of other quarterbacks who returned to school: Barkley was a top 6 pick last year, now he’s in the same boat as Bray; Chase Daniel was the number one pick in 2008, went back to school and ended up undrafted. (And yes, Daniel, Russell, Quinn would have been the worst draft class of all time).

    To summarize, Bray could return to school and solidify himself as a first round pick; or he could come out this year: end up on a team which has spent its first two picks setting him up with help at O-line and receiver and, in the long-run, make as much money as he would have if he had been a first round pick.

  4. I don’t get why all these “experts” keep questioning his choice in declaring. Vols have a new coach, new offensive system that doesn’t even come close to fitting his ability(where he might not have even been the starter), all his offensive weapons are gone and the team has no shot at being a contender this year for anything significant.

  5. Here comes the Ryan Mallet treatment.

    Every year there’s a guy that the media jumps on and makes him fall in the draft.

    Not that Bray is as high of a prospect as Mallet was coming into the draft but he sure did fall fast within 3-4 months of the draft.

  6. bharr170,

    You just explained why he’ll never be an NFL starter or even a backup for that matter.

    NFL history is littered with guys who could snap the ball off their wrist but were never going to get it mentally. If he couldn’t handle the rigors of Knoxville Tennessee, I don’t see him handling it in the pros. He doesn’t go before the 5th round, if at all.

    He’s the latest Andre Woodson, Jevon Snead, or whatever physically gifted enough player that you can think of who still aren’t NFL material.

  7. Seriously either way Bray can’t win in this situation! Mayock says he should go back for his Senior year….to what? Butch Jones run orientated offense? No Hunter……No Patterson……Then this time next year Mayock will be criticizing him for not leaving his Junior year. His numbers will not even be remotely close to what they were this season. And whose to say Jones even starts him anyways? Yes, could he use another year of college, there is no doubt about that, but under the circumstances I really don’t see that he had any other options.

  8. He comes out this year because of the weak qb class. Next year is much stronger, and his college team is blown up, he had to do it to play pro ball.

  9. I know I lot of people are going to give this a thumbs down. But, I promise you tyler bray is going to be the best still in the draft sense Tom Brady. I from lousiana so I’ve watched him play. And, I love the way he throws the football. Now, I would agree that I’ve seen him miss some throws. But, I’ve seen him make some that made you go wow. I’m a Saints fan and I wouldn’t mind at all if he’s still there in the 3rd round that we take him to groom to replace drew when the time comes

  10. Realfootballfan;

    How do you figure he couldn’t handle the rigors of Tennessee? Last time I checked he broke several of the Demi-god Peyton Manning’s passing records? He led one of the top offenses in the nation (22nd overall) with little run game and probably one of the worst defenses in the country. To say he won’t get drafted at all……your flat out crazy. Immature yes……lacking in overall talent……no way……just based on sheer arm talent alone you’d be fooling yourself if he slides any further then the 3rd round.

  11. So, Bray should go back and play a senior year with a system that may or may not help him improve his draft stock even though he is eligible to leave but Jadevon Clowney is insane for going back and playing the last season he has before being eligible. Makes sense.

    Maybe it is a better move for him to come out a year early to get NFL instead of NCAA coaching and be a lower round draft pick that spends time on the bench with a good team instead of being expected to be a teams savior as a first rounder so he doesn’t end up being the next Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russel.

  12. It begins..combine, free agency, many pro days are done so there’s a long dead period before the draft and people get bored and need something to talk about, so they start overanalyzing every prospect.

  13. Rightfully so and kinda dumb of him to come out early. He could have won a ton more games in college if he knew how to finish games.

    He does have a great arm but accuracy will be an issue, especially throwing downfield to a speedy or open guy. And he had Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson to throw too, both of whom could be gone in the first two rounds.

    But all of this really has to do with preparation.

  14. Bears don’t have a 3rd. round pick (unless Emery trades down), and I don’t see Bray lasting inmto the $th., but I could see Trestman working wonders with this kid as Jay’s eventual successor.

  15. ramfan12,

    Yea, that’s what’s important, breaking unimportant records while you’re losing almost every SEC game you play like you’re Vanderbilt talent deficiency wise in relation to the other teams in the conference.

    I’ve seen Bray play plenty, he’s not that good unless you consider physical ability the be all, end all.

    And the guy comparing him to Tom Brady, Jesus Christ. Tom Brady was a winner in college, this guy lost every conference game he played this past year and almost every one he started for them since he took over the job, but you’re right, he’ll get it going against the pros. SMH.

    Actually comparing him to Snead and Woodson is insulting to them because at least they showed some leadership and winning ability in college.

  16. If he likes to also run into motor vehicles with his head and harass women much younger than he is, it sounds like the Steelers could find Big Ben’s heir.

  17. Realfootballfan;

    Your about as ignorant as they come, really in this day and age, you think a 6’6″ Quarterback with a cannon of an arm and threw for over 3600 yards and 34 TD’s is going to go undrafted? Look up Tom Brady’s stats in college? Aaron Rodgers stats in college? Not even close to what Bray did last year at Tenneessee. You should change your screen name to delusional football fan……you have no clue what your talking about!

  18. My advise to any prospect that is predicted to go in the 4 th round or higher, leave school as early as possible and sign that nfl contract bc it’s not a guarantee that it will be there next year. Either you have the skill to play or you don’t. One extra year won’t help much.

  19. CLOWNEY ISN’T DRAFT ELIGIBLE YET! TYLER BRAY’S A PROJECT NO WAY SAINTS GRAB HIM THEY LIKE LEADERS AT THE QB POSITION! So a Colby Cameron or Jordan Rogers or They looked at the Tulane kid Griffin. They have alot of good young depth at the QB position as prospect projects as backups at first!

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