NFL would have had schedule issue in SF, Cincy, others

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While it’s easy to view the NFL’s current scheduling conflict as a local Baltimore problem, it could have happened elsewhere, though the odds were stacked against the daily double hitting.

Major League Baseball set its 2013 schedule last September, and they actually scheduled the day the NFL uses as its opener as a light one.

Only seven games were booked that day, as a lot of teams apparently use Thursday, Sept. 5 as a travel day before a weekend series.

But if the 49ers had won the Super Bowl, we’d have been dealing with a similar problem, as the San Francisco Giants host the Arizona Diamondbacks that night as well.

Granted, the San Francisco baseball team plays in a stadium that is six miles away from Candlestick Park, taking away the shared parking issue the Ravens and Orioles have. But the shared civic pride element would have been there.

Likewise, if the Bengals had gone on a surprise Super Bowl run, they’d have been in the same mess, as the neighboring Reds have a home game that night against the hated Cardinals. There’s also a Red Sox-Yankees game in the Bronx (maybe it will be on TV), though that’s more geographically removed from the homes of the Giants and Jets.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (sigh) and Oakland Athletics (ha) also have home games that night, but there was no danger of football conflicts in those cities.

The Kansas City Royals had the good sense to schedule their game that day at 2 p.m., just in case the Chiefs went on a run.

19 responses to “NFL would have had schedule issue in SF, Cincy, others

  1. and last year the nfl changed opening day because of Obama.

    Maybe they need to rethink this Thursday night opening.

  2. The Royals rescheduled a game a couple years ago so the Chiefs could host the opening Monday night game. I may be wrong on this, but I believe the teams worked together to create a doubleheader ticket package. The Royals ended up with more attendance and the Chiefs got their party

  3. I have to wonder if there would be as big a staring contest between the Giants ownership and the 49ers ownership had the 49ers won the Super Bowl. This entire mess stinks of Peter Angelos and his overall stubborn attitude in how he runs the Orioles.

  4. All the NFL has to do is stick a crowbar in its wallet and write MLB a check to make the problem go away. Didn’t they learn anything from the replacement zebras fiasco last year…it’s not always the case that whatever the NFL wants the NFL gets.

  5. No issue with Cincy – you actually need fans to go to games for there to be a scheduling conflict.

  6. I have said it once and I will say it again. its ok to take shots at our chiefs and royals . but you guys here at pft haven’t earned that right as much as you use it. we in kc pay good money (and taxes) to watch our teams lose. we reserve certain rights

  7. I bet it would have been a complete non-issue in SF. The Niners and SF Giants have had a love fest ever since Alex Smith was fined by the NFL for wearing a Giants cap at a press conference.

  8. I like the comment that the NFL needs to rethink these Thursday games, or at least be more flexible with scheduling. Of course, we know the NFL likes to get their way.

    I have a feeling that Bud Selig and MLB are in no way interested in moving their game after the NFL broke the Gentlemen’s agreement of not playing a Sunday Night/Monday Night game the night’s when the World Series is on. I can bet you if Goodell told Bud they would take those nights off this year (which I know wouldn’t happen do to large $$$ NBC & ESPN pay, so replacement games would be needed) then maybe baseball would cave.

    But for now, I know Bud is enjoying this.

  9. Hey Cincy Haters-

    This isn’t your same old bungles. A new leaf has turned in the Queen City. Remember at one point, all your bandwagon franchises like the Patriots and Steelers stunk at one point.

    Who dey

  10. crownofthehelmet says: Mar 19, 2013 2:10 PM

    Maybe so t8ertot, but never this bad for this long.

    CHeck your history! In PITs first 39 seasons they had 8 winning seasons and one playoff appearance. In that time they had streaks of 8 straight non-winning seasons or more 3 different times.

  11. crownofthehelmet says: Mar 19, 2013 2:10 PM

    Maybe so t8ertot, but never this bad for this long.

    Bengals have made the playoffs in 3 of the past 4 years. Only 7 other teams can make that claim. During that span, the Bengals have had a 33-31 record, which is tied for 14th in the NFL with teams like the Broncos, Cowboys and Eagles.

    I know the national media doesn’t like Cincinnati, but try paying attention before you talk smack.

  12. When did baseball impact a real sport. Baseball got 80 something boring home games. NFL has got 8 games a year and I would even watch browns vs raiders over the World Series. (That may 2 least interesting teams in the league)

  13. You’re right mikebrownlongazzscreenname, I had no idea about those interesting, relevant tidbits of stats. I’m convinced, Bengals are good and the whole football-watching country has misread the eye-test these past few decades.

    And try winning one before you talk smack about the playoffs. Great job on the appearances though, and bragging about being tied for 14th place. Your brilliance makes me think you’re related to ravenator.

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