Owners approve new lease for Ralph Wilson Stadium

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A new 10-year lease agreement with provisions for a renovation of Ralph Wilson Stadium cleared another hurdle Monday night.

According to Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, the owners voted to approve the new lease agreement between the Bills, state of New York and Erie County that will provide a $130 million renovation of the stadium.

“On behalf of Ralph Wilson and the entire Bills organization, we are pleased to announce that NFL ownership today approved the financial terms and conditions of our new lease for, and the renovation of Ralph Wilson Stadium,” President and CEO Russ Brandon said in a statement. “This is another important step in the process toward finalizing the related definitive agreements and remaining on schedule to begin the improvements this year.  We anticipate the final approval by the Erie County Legislature and the New York State Legislature in the next couple weeks.”

The current lease was scheduled to end July 31. Per Gaughan, the new deal will carry through 2023 with a $400 million penalty if the team were to move in the first seven years of the lease. The team will have a buy out option after seven years to void the final three years of the lease for $28.4 million.

But in the meantime, the Bills don’t appear to be heading anywhere else any time soon as they will be playing in Buffalo until at least 2020.

11 responses to “Owners approve new lease for Ralph Wilson Stadium

  1. that lease looks fishy to me, as in 7 years from now whoever inherits the team put an out into the deal which will allow him/her/them to sell and/or relocate the team.

    at least bills fans get 7 more years, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, who knows. what i do know is they haven’t really been relevant since don bebe and company were on the team…

  2. Buffalo Bills also aren’t heading anywhere behind Buddy Nix, Doug Marrone and Tarvaris Jackson

  3. I’m sure the owners believe they have more important things to do than to mess with a team that hasn’t been a contender for 13 years. That being said it’s nice they agreed to the large penalty when a new owner takes over who wants to move the team.

  4. Reports indicate that the renovations will include a special douching machine in the visiting owners’ suite for when the Colts come to town.

  5. 130 million?? What the hell does that get you? A pretzel and beer stand!!!!

    Walking Dead Wilson is going out with a doozy here. Please spaceship take zoom him away from Earth!

  6. Another billionaire screwing the taxpayers.

    One might thing that with a stadium named after Ralph Wilson that, you know, Ralph Wilson should be responsible for the renovation.

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