Phil Dawson headed to San Francisco


The 49ers held their breath on a veteran kicker this year, but have since replaced him with another.

Former Browns kicker Phil Dawson just tweeted that he was joining the 49ers.

The 38-year-old Dawson replaces David Akers, who only barely made it through the season.

Dawson’s  coming off the most accurate season of his 14 NFL years, hitting 29-of-31 field goals for the Browns and earning his first Pro Bowl berth.

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  1. This dude is a great kicker. When you consider his stats are consistently brilliant and he has been kicking in one of the hardest stadiums to kick you have to think he is one of the league’s premier kickers

  2. I think the Browns are going to regret this one. Even the most expensive kicker doesn’t represent that much of your cap, but he can represent a huge portion of your wins.

  3. Haslam, Lombardi, and Banner have really screwed the pooch on this one. The only consistent year to year elite player the browns had, they let walk this new ownership is really doing a poor job showing they give a damn…………

  4. Niners fans: You are getting a tremendous kicker, probably one of the best at kicking in poor weather conditions, not to mention he always came up big in clutch situations (granted those were few and far between for the Browns).

    Us Browns fans came to cherish and value his work. No one could handle the Lake Erie winds quite like Phil. He will be missed…

  5. Nice addition Niners ; now if my Hawks could just find a guy that could hit one beyond 50 yds …

  6. As a Niner fan, I wonder if he’s gonna have his Akers slump after such a great season.

    If Phil has a slump it’ll be the first EVER.

  7. I think the Browns are going to regret this one. Even the most expensive kicker doesn’t represent that much of your cap, but he can represent a huge portion of your wins.

    Amen. I can’t wait to hear the boos after the new kicker’s first miss….

    Go get that ring, Phil.

  8. Phil is the best! We’ll miss him but he deserves this. Haslam/Banner/Lombardi told the Brown’s fans we’ll start seeing smart decisions made by the front office very soon. Still waiting….

  9. Good move for San Fran. Dawson is a class act.
    SF still has to address their secondary, GB, ATL and Baltimore exposed their coverage skills big time.

  10. Great addition! I’m excited about this signing (as excited as one can be with regards to a kicker). Dude may be up there in age, but he is still pretty clutch. I’d be willing to bet we still draft a kicker in the late rounds though. Hmm…I wonder if he can play corner or safety as well…

  11. hey browns fans,dont trip,lombardi knows what hes doing,saving cap money where he can,he has already made some great move for your team,,,PAUL KRUGER,,c;mon,,and with the rest of the adds that are coming for your team,not to mention the vetrans that will be training camp casualty’s,lombardi will find some veteran help and you guys will come close to the playoffs this year,,the division is your for the taking,,ravens?,,nope to much talent lost to make up for it in one season,,steelers??,,nope too old too many holes,,,no its between you and the bengals,,,go get your division crown browns fans,,you above all other nfl fans deserve a team that can win it all,,,IN HARBAUGH WE TRUST

  12. ((((RING)))))) ((((((RING)))))

    Answers: Hello…

    Uhh Yes is this Billy Cundiff?

    Cundiff: Why yes it is

    Billy, This is the Cleveland Browns. We were wondering if you are available?

    Cundiff: Who is this?

    The Browns Billy, The Cleveland Browns!!


    Hello????? ummmm I think he hung up!!!

  13. Reading what Browns fans have been saying for weeks now, I paid extra attention to an old NFL Network preseason video a couple days ago. This guy is a real pro and a great person. It will be nice for him to get a ring!

    I could not possibly be happier right now! Faithful ‘Til I Die!

  14. As a Browns fan I am bummed to see him go. But at this point it would be silly to invest that much in a kicker even though he was extremely valuable. We need that cash spent elsewhere right now.

    He is the only player left from our 1999 return team and has always conducted himself with class and professionalism even though he has endured 14 tough years of losing with us. He was also a great asset to Cleveland with his solid contributions to the community. So many Dawson jerseys at the stadium on Sundays. Says a lot about a kicker….even for our losing Browns.

    He deserves a solid chance at a ring and I know the majority of Clevelanders will feel the same way. Wish this guy the best. 49ers got a good one here. Congrats.

  15. Great addition! Akers lost us a couple games last year now we have one of the best Kickers in the league! Now can we please sign Ed Reed already?

  16. Niners our lucky that such a reliable veteran was on the market. It would of been scary going into the season with a rookie kicker and especially the playoffs. Now we can use the 5th round pick on Lattimore instead of the best kicker in the draft.

  17. juliusanonymous says:
    Mar 19, 2013 5:53 PM
    Well, at least they got a kicker. Won’t help when they come to Seattle though. 42-13 is a pretty serious beatdown.

    – If you had paid attention to that game, A kicker (David Akers) helped jump start the fire storm of events that lead to the eventual blow out. The game was close and would have been much closer if it were not for the blocked field goal attempt that was returned for a touchdown.

    That play is like a stomach punch that knocks the wind out of you.

  18. Coming from a niners fan, I did not realize how classy browns fans are. Ive seen most of you guys wish Dawson well. Much respect to Cleveland!

  19. I like this signing a lot. Only better player on the Browns is Richardson. Will prove to be a smarter pick up than Aso. Welcome Phil.

  20. Thanks for the memories, Phil.

    May you show the Niners fans what a “stanchion” is the next time you beat the Ravens.

    (Niners fans, search “phil dawson stanchion” — you’ll see.)

  21. Congrats Phil! As much as it pains most of us browns fans to see you go, you deserve an opportuinty to get a ring. As we all know the browns chance of getting you that ring are a couple of years away. So good move on your part, bad move on cleveland management. You have always been a class act, leader, on and off the field, and clutch in the swirling lake erie winds. Wish you nothing but the best, you are a true pros pro!!

  22. I’m a lifelong Browns’ fan and I am S I C K about this move .. a move that makes NO sense. I fear they will live to regret this decision.

  23. juliusanonymous says:
    Mar 19, 2013 5:53 PM
    Well, at least they got a kicker. Won’t help when they come to Seattle though. 42-13 is a pretty serious beatdown.

    Geez, what is it with these Seahawks fans and the whole “42-13” thing? We are all aware of the outcome of the last game we faced-off. Yes, you guys beat us pretty well. Guess what? We STILL won the division (even with the replacement ref gimmie) two years in a row, we STILL went to the NFCCG two years in a row, and we STILL went to the SuperBowl. It’s still pretty sad that the greatest game in your teams’ history is apparently a regular season matchup from a year ago.

    Oh, and by the way, 9/25/1988 38-7, 9ers over Seattle…(see how silly it looks?)

  24. Good move for San Francisco and Dawson. As a Ravens fan, I’m glad to see him out of the division.

    The 49ers just signed what is the missing link to another Super Bowl.

    The Browns just got a little worse (if that’s possible)

  25. Welcome to Cali, Phil ! And as a life-long , long -suffering Browns fan all I can say is stupid godd#m effin Browns ! @&$;; get a rope @$&);;
    Banner ?$(()@& Lombardi… Tar and feathers.

  26. Dawson is a class act as a man and one hell of a kicker. He worked his tail off last preseason and cam into 2012 with his best year yet. I’ve seen many of the best kickers live and Dawson is right up there with ’em if not better.
    His ability to do what he did at the Browns field was absolutely amazing. It’s one of the worst fields in the entire NFL…worse even than FedEx. His ability to kick in the cold and winds off the lake, not to mention blizzard like snow is nothing short of remarkable.
    Brad Seely is deliriously happy tonight and he should be.
    We’ll miss you Mr. D! Best of luck in Frisco!!

  27. I don’t know much about Dawson career cause I don’t follow the browns. I can say watching him on Travel channel last year in there browns show, he appear like a class act. To see browns fans praise him also says a bunch cause in there history since coming back he appears to be the fan favorite. Granted they haven’t had anything else besides cribbs but as a long time niner fan I understand. I widh Akers could have gotten a ring for us instead of ending his career like that. Gotta feel for the class act. Those guys are a dying breed.

  28. Dawson had a great year in 2012 – then again, Akers had a record-setting year in 2011, and last year didn’t turn out too well for him.

  29. Congrats 49er fans! You have no idea how valuable Phil Dawson is. Best outdoor/bad weather kicker I’ve ever seen. Has ADDED power as he ages because he figured out early on that he had to take care of his body. He deserves to play for a team that wins more than 4 games a year and I’ll be cheering for him when he kicks the Super Bowl winning field goal for you this season. Now can you PLEASE tell Jed York to tell his uncle Eddie to get back in the game and buy the Browns? It would be doing us a really big favor. Thanks!

  30. He mastered those Lake Erie winds. Easily one of the hardest places to kick.

    This video is of one of the most legendary field goals in Browns history right here. Blizzard game versus the Bills….49 yard knuckleball field goal in 40 mph winds. He kicked at least 10 yards to the left to make it. Absolutely unbelievable kick in a 8-0 win. This is how valuable a kicker like Dawson is in Browns stadium.

    @ 1:50

  31. Thanks to the browns fans for insight shows a lot of class.. Unlike Seattle fans!! (Clowns) this is a good pick up! Much needed hole being filled! Time to get to work NINERS. Welcome Phil Dawson!! GO NINERS

  32. Sorry to see Phil leave Cleveland but very happy to see him get a legit shot at a ring next year.
    Total class act and a great member of the community and has also been Cleveland’s MVP since…well…1999 lol.

    good luck Phil!!!

  33. This is good news…for Pittsburgh!

    (Seriously, why would Cleveland trade away their most effective and consistent scorer?)

  34. Its pretty encouraging to see as many Browns fans respond with class in spite of the idiotic troll posts at the begining of the replies.

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