ProFootballTalk: Kraft isn’t surprised at the reaction to Welker leaving

Mike Florio sits down with New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft to talk about the immense popularity of the NFL. Kraft is glad that fans are so passionate, but has found it difficult to balance the weight of fan favorites, versus, creating the best product on the field.

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5 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Kraft isn’t surprised at the reaction to Welker leaving

  1. One of the best players on the team … you give him a low-ball, take-it-or-leave-it offer at the last minute … and before you did you already had a guy signed to replace him. Seriously … how did you expect the fans to react?

  2. ^^ Not only that – you franchise him last year and then try to phase him out of the Offense. Making ti known to everyone in and outside of the NFL that you do not respect him enough to do a long-term deal. Your not the reason the patriots are so successful, and had you handled your FA’s better in the past (ie Samuel, Vrabel, Seymour, Milloy) You would have hadd’better product on the field’ your dealing with People after all, not cheese.

  3. Hell yeah. How dare that darn Kraft pay Welker nearly $10 million on a tag when it is now proven he could get $6 on the open market!

    E’gad people are daft. Kraft was making him a decent offer and he was being anal so BB went with plan B before plan B got snagged by somebody else.

    So Welker’s brilliant agent saddled him into a 1 year deal for $4 mil by getting too cute with the Pats.

  4. People aren’t happy because Welker was productive as hell and a fan favorite. The same “outgoing scenario” that was there for Moss, Seymour and Milloy. You have to make difficult, sometimes unpopular decisions but that’s the way it is when you’re capped at $123M.
    Occasionally in the NFL, when you replace a guy with someone that’s bigger, faster, more versatile and 4.5 years younger, that’s considered a very good thing.
    And by occasionally I mean “each and every time.”
    Apparently that is, unless Welker’s involved.
    Kraft made the right call.

  5. How in the world is sending your best players walking, and making BB’s job more difficult, each and every year, putting the best product on the field? You make big signings this time of year every year. This give us fans the impression you are spending all the cap. Then, you cut these players before game one, sign replacements on the cheap and pocket the millions.

    I know it works. All the rich man butt kissers say you must be doing the right thing. If you blew up the sun, their last words would be ‘I have to freeze to death now, but I am sure Kraft is doing the right thing.”

    My Pats would have 4 more rings under coach BB if not for you, you cheap preek, kraft. Under any other owner, BB would have brought home 7 rings by now.

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