ProFootballTalk: Spielman confident in Vikings offseason moves

Vikings GM Rick Spielman joins Mike Florio to talk about the decision to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin and sign wide receiver Greg Jennings. Spielman said that we’ll have to “wait and see” if cornerback Antoine Winfield will return next season.

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6 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Spielman confident in Vikings offseason moves

  1. Rick Spielman is a smart dude, making solid moves for the Vikes, both in free agency, and in the draft. Glad to have him as GM.

  2. Have to give Spielman an “A” grade at this point. Last year’s draft was excellent, he “solved” the Harvin problem by getting good value and picked up a blue chip player in Jennings without overpaying. He now has two picks in the top 25. Can’t complain.

    P.S. Selling a slightly used Vikings #12 Jersey, $25 or best offer.

  3. I admire the Viking’s drafting and scouting. Spielman, Studwell, and the rest of the decision makers these last few years have been doing wonderful bringing in new team members such as Harrison Smith, Kalil, AP, Harvin, Rudolf…etc…

    I do acknowledge some rough WR free agency choices in the past few years,but I am hopeful Jennings will work out better.

    As far as Harvin, I hate to see talent like that leave the team, but I realize the Vikings may have been dealing with making the most of negotiating a tough situation.

  4. I like some stuff he has done and not liked others.

    His taking the advice of the scouts and getting a new kicker worked out real well last year.

    With Percy I would of loved to have keep him but I do believe that it was mostly about the money. They were not going to be able to pay him what he wanted next year and they would of had to let him walk and get nothing.

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