Raiders add Vance Walker to defensive overhaul


The Raiders aren’t landing big names on the free agent market, but they are making moves to make sure that the lack of depth that plagued them last season is not a problem again in 2013.

The Raiders announced that they and defensive tackle Vance Walker, who spent the last four years with the Falcons, have agreed on a contract for the 2013 season. He played in all 16 games for Atlanta last season, starting nine times and setting career highs with three sacks and 32 tackles. He largely played a run-stopping role during his years with Atlanta, although those sacks suggest he’s not without some ability to thwart the opposition’s designs on passing the ball.

Walker joins Pat Sims and Jason Hunter as additions to the Raiders defensive line since the start of free agency. All are rotational players, which means the Raiders still need to improve the high-end talent but they were short on players with even the more modest resumes in 2013.

The Raiders are expected to bring back just three starters from last year’s defense, so we should be seeing more signings like this out of Oakland in the days and weeks to come.

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  1. add defensive backs ,

    get WRs,

    give carson 1 more year with some decent weapons, new o-coordinator, if he doesnt make playoffs, pryors job the next seasons and future…

    give dennis allen another year to fix defense and pieces,

    its simple, keep palmer & allen for another year, give them weapons , build and see if they make playoffs this year,

    if not, pryor , maybe a new coach and continue to build, u can have a good season THIS YEAR and the set up for the future,

    pryor is perfect with this new wave of option QBS, hes bigger then RG3, more durable,

    mckenzie needs to have a good team this year,

    the fans were shot in the heart last year after being out of the playoffs mathematically in week 9.

    give the fans a season , please. hue had them 1 game away at the least…

  2. How could anyone not like how the Raiders are operating their free agency this year.

    Solid pick ups and little money spent.

  3. I am not surprised that most of the players on the defense that gave up 252 yards and 4 touchdowns at home to Doug Martin (No offense to Martin, he is a fine player) are or will be gone.

  4. i thought it was a mistake to fire hue jackson in the first place, and also to hire dennis allen. hue had the offense dialed in “raider style” and dennis allen hired that idiot (gregg knapp) who changed the scheme and called bad plays. however, the new coordinator seems to want to go back to down hill power running and verticle passing, and that’s what the raiders do best with the current personnel. i say they give dennis allen this coming year and re-evaluate, but palmer should go. what better time to make the quarterback change and see what pryor has. they can draft a franchise quarterback next year if pryor doesn’t have it.

  5. Where is the Carson Palmer release headline this bum needs to go back to his couch everyone who said if it wasn’t for him we would be worse is dead wrong the guy can’t command an offense and 2000 of his yards this years came when we were down by 14 or more points. Keep up the good work big reg keep trim the old bloated fat off the team and building the depth solid pickups so far. And another thing I love The Raaaidersss but I wouldn’t mind a terrible season this year to keep the good cheap draft picks coming. By this time next year I personally want the first pick of the 2014 draft and 40 million in cap room by cutting palmer and all the dead money being off the books it would put the team in the beat position to build a great dynasty and restore greatness to this storied franchise.
    R.I.p. Al

  6. It all starts in the trenches. Raiders were 2nd to last in sacks last year..and almost never pressured the QB…our offence iz the same as it waz 2yrs ago when we were top 3 in prty much every offensive catagory before dmacc went down..our offence iz SET, we could use a TE (I dnt see why ppl want ausberry to play so bad, he can’t run a route for the life of him) mayb a better WR…but we need D..and depth on D…lovin the moves…if we can trade down a bit git a 2ndrounder some how..get the sharrif Floyd or DT Frm Utah mayb even DE Dion Jordan to get some pressure on the QB..rebuilding iz goin along a lot smoother and faster then I thought!! #RAIDERNATION!!

  7. well all said Reggie is playing his cards preety good based on what he was dealt. Nothing sexy about the signings but all solid guys that can compete for playing time. Word is Terrance Newman, and DJ Williams could be next.

    If we can complete the rumor of trading our # 3 pick , and a 6th rounder, (thank you for the compensatory pick yesterday) to the Rams for their #16, # 22, and # 46 pick , then i would have to say hats off to reggie, even though the Rams well get either a great tackle either way…defense or offense. Maybe even Warmack to make one heck of a left side along with Jake Long. Bradford would be loving that.

  8. The more moves they make, the more it looks like the Raiders aren’t entirely sacrificing this season. Everyone knows you can’t buy a championship, so why not spend small amounts of money to build a decent core of no-name players? Clearing dead money off the books, cutting players that were more about ego than performance, and building character in the locker room… Are we sure this is the Raiders?

  9. I sense a change from a 4-3 alignment to 3-4 with the number of LBs the Raiders have now have signed.

    As far the rest of the “front seven”:

    Lamarr Houston as one 3-4 DE and draft S. Floyd as the other 3-4 DE or Lotulelei from Utah as the 3-4 DT.

    Sims, Walker, and Hunter rotate in and out at DE and Kelly in at DT if he takes a MASSIVE paycut.

    DMAC themed offense led by OC Olson (with Saunders help) will come along either with Palmer OR Pryor OR “QB to named later” in 2014 and beyond…BUT the Defensive side of the ball is what the Raiders need to fix in 2013!

  10. Wow ok so why would the Rams want to make that pick? For a Tackle, share whatever your smoking. And really would you stop with the Pryor as our starting Qb. He is not a NFL QB he is not Kap or RG3 he isnt even Vince Young or Vick.. You will hear in camp that we are lookin at him to switch to TE or WR and if not I bet they cut him. I cant believe Huff hasnt signed, He played very good beat deep alot but his cover skill looked good and I think he could work on the deep stuff..He has definatly played better corner then he ever did safety

  11. juice997 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 10:29 AM
    i thought it was a mistake to fire hue jackson in the first place, and also to hire dennis allen. hue had the offense dialed in “raider style” and dennis allen hired that idiot (gregg knapp) who changed the scheme and called bad plays.


    I’m no fan of Knapp but… Hue’s vaunted “9th Ranked” offense was fool’s gold – just look at the details. I get it: DMC isn’t gonna change his running style to fit the Zone and hiring Knapp was almost as bad an idea as paying guys like Routt, Kelly, Huff, Richard Seymour as if they were All-Pros… or trading two high picks for Carson Palmer. However: you have to admit that it was weird when literally every other RB on the roster put up near-double YPC average than DMC.

    To the Hubris Jackson fool’s gold:
    Did you know:
    ~Not one single 100 yard rusher final 6 games of 2011. The most rushing yards by any one Raider during that stretch was 78 yards from Bush vs. Green Bay, 50 of which came in the second half when the score was 0-34. (77 for Bush vs. Detroit – the only game during the last three where this “mighty” offense delivered a rushing TD… from Louis Murphy on an end around.)
    ~Bush had 2 Rushing TDs in the last quarter of 2011: 1 vs. the aforementioned Caleb Hanie-led Bears… in week 12; 1 vs. Green Bay in the 3rd quarter… to make the score 7-34 in week 14.
    ~The TD vs. Chicago was the last “meaningful” TD scored by our running game in all of 2011. (“meaningful” = game still undecided)
    ~Of the 8 TD passes thrown by Palmer those last 6 games, only 3 were truly meaningful.
    ~For the second half of the season, Hue’s offense went over 300 yards passing 3 times, with an additional week of 298. During the last quarter of the season? Twice. Detroit for 340 and SD for 417.
    ~One single, solitary 100+ yard receiver in a meaningful performance – DHB, with 155/1TD vs. Detroit. He had 130/1TD & Moore had 101/0TD vs. SD but you guessed it… mostly junk. 190 yards in second half of the SD game to those two, including a 78 yarder to Moore when it was 24-13 in the 3rd. I count that as garbage because anyone watching the game knew it was over, especially when SD went up 31-16 halfway through the 3rd.
    ~Garbage time passing yards, where the game is lost, just during the last quarter: Miami – 174; GB – 143, SD – 226. These were blowout losses.

    Yes, I’m well aware that Carson came off the couch and that the offense had some serious injuries, but having said that… why do people remember such a great offense? It’s called “Selective Remembrance” and it’s simply inaccurate. Everyone blames the D as the problem in 2011… not sure that’s accurate either. Regardless… the Raiders dominated exactly ONE team in 2011 under the still-not-employed-as-an-OC Hue Jackson: the pounded the Jets. Not exactly world beating, but maybe not even worth remembering so fondly when watching DA and RM try and sift through this disaster.

  12. sicklnick121 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 12:19 PM
    I cant believe Huff hasnt signed, He played very good corner
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    obviously not the same thing you smoke.

  13. Sorry to see VW go. Not a huge loss for us, but he was a very capable member of the rotation and he was used a lot. Good grab by Oakland, IMO.

  14. Cut Carson plamer?? Ppl get on him be aide he couldnt beat some of the most PROLIFIC defences while he was in Cinci…Baltimore and Pitt were NASTTYY back then and Palmer made them relevent…and he played with OCHO in his ear all day…AND ppl who say he can’t run an offence obviously havnt watched a raider game…he constantly changed knapps sorry a$$ plays at the line of scrimmage because he knew the defence knew what we were running…there’s a ton of other BS on bad teams that can’t even SNIFF 4k yds and 25tds..(FITZPAT, SANCHEZ,WEEDEN,CASSEL,RIVERS,VI K ETC ETC)..not his fault our D cudnt cover a peewee team…#RAIDERNATION I’M LOVIN IT!!

  15. As a big falcon fan, this was a great signing for the raiders. He is a very solid player and really started coming into a zone toward the end of the season. Wish the falcons would’ve kept him. Who knows with Davis gone the raiders maybe contenders again.(no disrespect intended)

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