Raiders give McClain’s agent permission to seek a trade

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Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is obviously a humanitarian, and an optimist.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Raiders have given linebacker Rolando McClain’s agent permission to seek a trade to get him out of Oakland.

In other news, I just gave my recycling bin permission to roll itself out to the curb tomorrow morning.

The Raiders obviously have no use for McClain, having signed three linebackers already in free agency. There’s also the small matter of having been suspended two games for conduct detrimental to the team as well as multiple off-field incidents.

But if they needed more reason, the fact he never delivered on his on-field promise would suffice. The former eighth-overall pick has been a disappointment, and they were expected to release him anyway.

Which they will likely do when they realize nobody’s going to give up much for him.

32 responses to “Raiders give McClain’s agent permission to seek a trade

  1. I would think Legarette Blount for Rolando McClain would be a deal both teams could benefit from.

    A player trade rather than picks.

  2. Will they take a bag of marbles and a pack of gum? I’m sure he’s worth that…ok maybe just the gum?!

  3. won’t give up much?? I’ll take anything. Anybody who thinks they can get something out of him and needs a LB can give a 7th rounder and I’ll take it.

  4. McClain and Curry were the safest picks in those drafts. A very good college LB, good smarts (in simple college offenses), and good athletic ability. Unfortunately, these guys never transition. No matter how much a “film junkie” McClain was, he never translate. Not to mention he looked out of shape and never played to potential, and his speed was a cause for concern. He had his moments, I was ecstatic the Raiders drafted a center piece to their defense, but like Robert Gallery and Jake Grove those common sense picks was suppose to help anchor the team it never panned out. So the reality of it is, I’m enjoying how McKenzie is building the team. Who cares what analyst say? If they were that good, they would be a highly regarded general manager or scout. Teams reach all the time, so I hope McKenzie decides to take Chance Warmack. We added a lot of talent, hard nose guys who can play as a team on defense. Now time to get that mauler on offense to play next to Veldheer and Wiz…that left side with Warmack would be a mauling bunch. It’s the perfect guys to do the job, just like what Sparano had in Dallas all those years.

  5. If Boldin fetched a 6th rounder after everybody knew he was going to be released, what does McClain fetch? Absolutely nothing, just cut him and move on. Horrible attitude and the talent to match it. Wishful thinking McKenzie!

  6. Seems like Al did better when he made “reach” picks over the years than going with the “safe” guys who were more in line with media projections like McClain, Gallery, etc. Media guys who rip on McClain now are the ones who were praising this “sensible selection” a few short years ago.

    But McClain is a bum — err, I mean would be a great addition to any team and is certainly worth trading for. You GMs don’t want to wait and let your division competititor get the jump on this steal of a trade. Act now!!! Operators are standing by.

    R.I.P. Al.

  7. Unfortunately, there is no financial benefit to releasing him early as he has a awful 40 million dollar rookie contract. This is bordering on revenge/ or willful negligence, for his conduct detrimental to the team…………………….i don’t have a problem with it. lol

  8. He won’t play football this year, unless it’s for the minimum. He really screwed up with his off field actions, because he can play on a average level with his head straight. And he will never see another 8mill per contract.

  9. Heck Baltimore could use a LBer … he is only 23 years old still. They got picks

  10. They cut every other player on the team, why not just cut someone who actually deserves it? He and Tommy Kelly need to go.

  11. @autumnwind999

    You’re right, because Darrius Heyward-Bey, Fabian Washington and Michael Huff all were valuable pieces to their three consecutive Super Bowl runs, two ending with trophy hoists.

  12. Unless they need cap space, slowlando wont be released. All the money they’ll pay him will count against the cap, so there’s no benefit to dropping him except spreading the cap hit out over two years. Might as well hang on, let him walk in free agency, and if he shines somewhere else, you get some compensatory pick for him.

  13. I’m left scratching my head on this.

    Why hasn’t RM cut him already?

    This is just a guess, but perhaps this is a ploy to get Mcclain and his agent to realize that there is no value for him in this league. RM can then renegotiate his contract for league minimum, keep Mcclain as a back-up (might be better inside on a 3-4 defense), and reduce cap to 3.6M instead of 6.6M this year.

    According to, Mcclain has 10.9M dead money hit if he’s cut.

    Reggie is stuck with this cat and has to try to finesse his way around it and still get optimum value for his team.

    Even if Mcclain signs a new deal, he can be kept inactive if he doesn’t produce and save 3M against cap this year and either keep as back-up (if he produces) or cut next year when dead money is far less.

  14. Trade him back to Alabama. I’m sure they’d like the reduced salary due to him compared to what they had to pay him!

  15. I think what Al Davis failed to realize in his final years is that today the majority of draftable football players, while immensly talented after years of careful preparation, don’t have the same drive and desire as those he drafted in the 60s/70s and they most certainly didn’t give a rats @ss that the Raiders were a storied franchise with a passionate (and hated) fan base that Coach Davis devoted 50 years of his life too.

    McClain (along with J. Russell) are perfect examples…Al Davis truly thought that they would WANT to succeed as players to PROVE Al’s faith in them by drafting them as high as he did.

    Certainly it is also true that he lost his “magic” in signing Free Agents in the last decade when he failed to realize most players are simply looking for a paycheck, not a “committment to excellent” like Lyle Alzado and Jim Plunkett embodied generations ago.

    In those ways the game did pass him by…Sure wish he would have stepped back when he had Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden in the early 2000s and just enjoyed watching the Raiders win during the twillight of his career.

    What can’t be denied is that Coach Davis LOVED the Raiders, LOVED and took care of his players past and present, and LOVED the game.

    NFL will forever miss him being a part of it…Every good story needs a villian and he was it.

  16. Anything is better than nothing.

    I’m certain the Raiders could get a 6th or 7th rd pick for the kid.

    50/50 shot and only a 20% chance of that…

  17. Probably wont get any picks, but maybe a tarp for Mt. Davis?
    It’d be nice to lose him without a cap hit, but any team that may want him surely doesn’t want him enough to give up anything.
    They’ll just wait for him to be cut.

  18. dannymac17 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 2:19 PM
    Where is JoeToronto who said McClain would be the next coming of Lawrence Taylor

    All I see is a puddle of his tears and tumbleweeds

    Yeah, I’ve never heard of a fan being hopeful for what appeared to be a great prospect before. I’m sure you know exactly who will be great and who will bust 100% of the time right?

    Get over yourself…

  19. Nick Saban has clearly gone on record as saying this is best football player he has ever coached, and he has coached a few…..After all he was the 8th over all pick….As bad as he has been for the raiders, he might play better in a 3-4 d….We should get a 4th rounder at least.

  20. tybme says: Mar 19, 2013 2:43 PM

    10+ years without a winning season – how do faiders fans not slit their own throats?
    There are teams that have never even appeared in a Super Bowl, and many more that have never won one. 10+ years without a winning record is nothing compared to that. Raiders fans aren’t killing themselves anytime soon, loser.

  21. dannymac17 says:
    Mar 19, 2013 2:19 PM
    Where is JoeToronto who said McClain would be the next coming of Lawrence Taylor

    All I see is a puddle of his tears and tumbleweeds
    Wow, it doesn’t bother you at all to post a complete and total lie?

    I never even had such a thought, much less made a statement like that. You’re obviously as low as it gets, just total trash. SMH.

  22. As much as Al loved his players, most of the guys he drafted just can’t compete at the nfl level. This 10-year collection of draft busts are just that ; draft busts. They just can’t play at the pro level. Tear it all down and rebuild. Shucks, been rebuilding for the last 8 years anyway.

  23. Even if there were no cap issues, I would still take a hard look at other college levels for that one or two players who have superior talent but for whatever reason didn’t play in Division I.

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