Randy Starks signs his franchise tender


With the free agent market falling from under the feet of the guys who got to it, the guys who didn’t are locking in their money.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks signed his franchise tender today.

He becomes the fifth franchise player to sign his tender (joining Branden Albert, Michael Johnson, Henry Melton and Anthony Spencer), guaranteeing his one-year contract. In Starks’ case, that’s a $8.45 million deal for the coming year.

It’s not what he might have made in previous free agent markets, but this year is proving to be unlike others, and not for the good of the players, forcing them to effectively punt and wait a year hoping conditions improve.

12 responses to “Randy Starks signs his franchise tender

  1. Some just take things too seriously, it’s supposed to be fun, who cares if they add a bit of flavor to an otherwise dull article. Not everything needs to be void of the writers personal style or opinions guys, get a grip.

  2. I somehow missed the line in the article that says miami had to overpay to keep him because no one wants to play in miami.

  3. Deof Movestofca says: Mar 19, 2013 6:25 PM

    Definitely agree with you. I certainly rather not hear some of these guys opinions, I just want the news and that’s it.

    If they want to give opinions then they should not delete comments that point out their errors.

  4. It seems like the increased veteran minimums combined with a rookie cap has caused the paydays for veterans to dry up and for teams to use more rookies than they have in the past to compete. The NFLPA set veteran salaries too high for teams to want to keep them around, which is bad for the players but good for the union since it gives them more members faster.

  5. @melissashusband

    Gee I wonder who wears the pants in you’re marriage? Does Melissa know you are on a football website right now? You better get off before she catches you!

  6. @1uniquename: I have nothing against them having fun, adding a bit of flavor, their own personal style, or even their opinion. However, when they keep playing the same old song/meme (e.g., “free agents don’t want to sign with the ‘Phins” last season, which somehow became “the ‘Phins are signing free agents only because they’re trying to buy votes” this offseason) and twisting opinion, speculation, innuendo, and spin to make it sound like fact, it gets trite, especially when they offer no, little, or (at best) very flimsy evidence.

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