Ravens owner agrees to pay O’s, then drops guilt trip


In the NFL’s ongoing effort to move a baseball game so they can have a party, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is using two of the most powerful forces known to man — cash and guilt.

The Ravens want to host the season opener on Thursday, Sept. 5. But the neighboring Orioles, with whom they share parking lots, have a game with the White Sox scheduled that night.

NFL officials want the baseball game earlier so the defending Super Bowl champions can start the season in front of their home fans, but so far, the baseball folks are balking (hey, look,  I used a baseball word) because both teams play road games the previous night.

Bisciotti said he’s already offered to cover any lost revenue Orioles owner Peter Angelos might incur, so he went straight for the PR jugular, playing the civic pride angle.

“In fairness to Major League Baseball and the Angeloses, we’re trying to dump a pretty big problem on them and we’re asking them to make a lot of concessions that will benefit us and potentially harm them though it doesn’t necessarily harm them,” Bisciotti said, via the Baltimore Sun. “The bottom line is if they wanted to do it, they would find a way to do it. From the Ravens and the NFL standpoint, we’ll do whatever we have to do in order to keep that tradition. . . .

“I don’t know how much goodwill we’ve built up at both the league level and the team level. I hope it’s enough that [the Orioles] say, ‘This is a good thing to bend over backwards to accommodate them.’ I think a doubleheader — if we can move it a little later and they can move it a little earlier — and we can pull it off, I’m trying to figure what would be a greater day in Baltimore.

“The call-in sick factor in Baltimore that day, . . . they might just close every office in town and say, ‘Go do what you want to do.’ I think it’s an opportunity for Major League Baseball to look really good, too, if they can some way figure it out.”

If only they can find a way. Translated: If only they do the thing we want them to do at the prescribed time we want them to do it.

As we mentioned yesterday, it’s easy to get the sense the baseball types are enjoying putting the squeeze on the NFL, since they rarely get the opportunity.

Now it’s a matter of who says ‘uncle’ first.

43 responses to “Ravens owner agrees to pay O’s, then drops guilt trip

  1. Why don’t the Ravens just open on a Wednesday. It’s the first game of the season. There won’t be any worries about a “short week.” Seems only logical. Maybe that is why no one thought of it.

  2. You can;t just throw money at the problem and make it better, see Joe Flacco and the current Ravens roster!

  3. Hey, great attempt to put a negative spin on what Steve Bisciotti is trying to do!! Good job! [not]

  4. How about the NFL moves its Thursday game to the afternoon instead? Oh, that would cost ratings and more money.

  5. So have the NFL game Wednesday the 4th. It’s the first game of the year, I doubt there will be any lost time for the two teams to prepare. The NFL did that last year to avoid a conflict, and the Orioles will be out of town anyway.

  6. Maybe the NFL should go ahead and keep the game. Then during the live telecast the blimp could pan over to the 3/4 empty Orioles stadium.

    Encourage NFL tailgaters to show up hours before the O’s game, and ensure that O’s fans have to walk miles to get to the stadium.

  7. I hope the Orioles stick to their guns. The Ravens can
    Celebrate their super bowl win with their first home game, whenever that may be. I love both sports but sometimes the NFL is too big for its britches and they act like bullies. Orioles–tell them to get over it and play your game as scheduled.

  8. The NFL has played games on Christmas day. They can move the game to Wednesday the beginning of Rosh Hashanah. Why is Rosh Hashanah so special to the NFL that they don’t want to move the game to Wednesday night?

  9. This is so sad on many fronts 1st of all your not the number one team in your city. HA HA HA. Second your sorry a$$ owner has to bail out his team again by buying a game so SAD. Third your team is on a downward out of control spiral to basement levels never seen before.

  10. It’s not really a contest between owners because there are other parties involved.

    Selig might be slow, but Angelos knows that if it were such a contest, he would be winless, and he’s not so dumb that he wants to put himself in that position.

    Bottom line: this is no contest. Football in Baltimore on Thursday night.

  11. The Ravens lost out on the first game after their first SB win because Broncos were opening their new stadium (I think that was why) and then on the Ravens big weekend, 9/11 occurred and no one played (which was legit). They finally played their “first game” scheduled with the Vikings in November…whippy!
    Therefore, I would think that this is even more important than other SB winners’ first game. And if the Orioles want to play that way – I know I won’t be supporting the O’s (I live 85 miles away and I think a lot of people in that radius would feel the same). Give the REAL team their dues.

  12. Ravens wob the SB so how could the Os not want them to host the first game? That’s just using the power trip. No one in that city will even go watch them while the Ravens are there. They suck. Just stop trying to use power you really dont have and either move a little earlier or switch to away game.

  13. Simple solution for the Ravens; throw a giant Tailgating Party in the shared parking spaces so all of the Raven fans will take-up the parking spaces. This will ensure their fans get a parking spot, and give them something to do while waiting for the game to start. I don’t understand why this is such a big problem.

  14. Ravens fans we are spoiled rotten by this owner and with every year that goes by he only makes Angelo’s look worse for holding back the O’s. Quite frankly Bisciotti is everything Angelos is not and visa versa.

  15. If this isn’t proof that the Ravens are 2nd class I don’t know what is. If the Redskins were in this situation, we’d get and do what we want because we COMMAND respect, especially in Maryland aka Redskins country.

  16. Its not tradition to have the Super Bowl winner play at home. After the Bucs won the Super Bowl, the next year we played in Japan. Yeah, you got a lot of home pride in Tokyo in 2003. I also remember someone playing in Mexico City. So if Raven fans cant see their club play at home….join the club scooter.

  17. While I certainly hope things get worked out, I think the NFL’s arrogance is showing a little here.

    The fact is, that game could potentially mean a heck of a lot to the Orioles and the City Of Baltimore. If things play out the way they did last year, the O’s could need that win, coming as close to the end of the season as it does. If one game winds up being the difference between the Orioles qualifying for the post season and reaping the rewards of at least two post season games or not, how would the fans of Baltimore feel?

    I know it’s hard for many devoted followers of this site to believe, but there is actually more than one professional sport in America.

  18. I like that. “A pretty big problem” with “a lot of concessions” that “doesn’t necessarily cause harm”.

    And that’s from the guy asking for the favor!

  19. I like the idea of a double header, however, the NFL has the problem, not the MLB! Move the date, idiots, then nobody has to feel guilty or upset two worlds.

  20. One has to wonder what would happen if the Jets(wishful thinking) and Giants both had to host Conference Championship games…which are played on the same day

  21. This should be a no brainier for O’s management. If the NFL schedules the Patriots for the season opener, it will be like having the Red Sox or Yankees in town. With the fans of the White Sox already in town, adding the NFL Kick Off would be a big financial boost to the local community just with the added fans in town. Not to mention that their Ravens would be hoisting their second Super Bowl banner since coming to town.

    Do the right thing O’s Mangement.

  22. They should change the time and then they can offer a 2 for 1 package. One ticket for both games. Both teams are making money this way. Then offer some type of compensation to the White Sox. Yes I do understand that they both play out of town the night before. It’s not like they’re playing in California though. I believe they’re in Cleveland and NY.

  23. MLB would be wise not to mess with the NFL. Unless they want to start having NFL games competing with the World Series.

  24. Ravens deserve to play the home opener. Watch their banner get raised and beatdown whatever irrelevant franchise is placed in front of them on that special night

  25. Uh, I just remembered this… Just LAST YEAR, when the SF Giants were in the World Series, MLB went right ahead and scheduled a post-season game at AT&T Park the same day the 49ers played a home game at Candlestick. Remember that goofy scene of Joe Buck supposedly riding a cable car from HP to McCovey Cove (lol! not possible) to call both games.

    Granted, AT&T and Candlestick are far apart and do not share parking, but both games were played, even though the 49ers game was scheduled long before the Giants’ game.

    The difference here was that the 49ers and Giants have been developing quite a relationship. The 49ers, Giants, and City of San Francisco worked together to pull off an unbelievable day for SF sports fans.

  26. The opening game is five or six months away. The Ravens are the reigning World Champions of football. The Orioles are being asked to reschedule one of their many games during a season in order that the city can host the traditional kickoff of the football season.

    The league has proposed that the baseball game be moved earlier in the day and would be followed by the evening football game. Logistically, some tweaking would be needed but this is doable.

    Instead of a turf war, this should be a big holiday in B’more. The baseball people are coming across as stubborn, selfish and greedy for not being more flexible.

    This seems like a no brainer, but we live in an age where grown-ups act like children.

  27. Hearing the Ravens will spend money for a glory game must make Boldin, Williams, Ellerbe, Reed, etc. very, very happy.

    That was sarcasm ravenator.

  28. All you baseball and non Ravens fans need to get a life. It’s called common courtesy which obviously none of you have that are leaving negative comments. Baseball plays doubleheaders all the time, not that big of a deal.
    As for the Redskins fans (all 3 of you) and Ravens haters, we are SUPERBOWL CHAMPS and perrenial playoff participants. We also have the #1 Front Office in football (voted by the national sports writers). That’s why every year our coaches get head coaching jobs and all your teams scoop up all our has beens hoping you can buy a championship or a playoff berth. Just stating facts and dropping some knowledge that you seem to overlook. Keep hating while we keep winning——–LOSERS…..

  29. Wow it’s been almost 2 months and people are still hurt their team didn’t win. Lol I do understand, I know I’m still thrilled my team DID win lolol.

  30. You can really tell who are the baseball fans in these comments.

    It’s not just up to the owners of each franchise, playing a day game after a travel day is in voilation of the MLB’s CBA. Even if the games end without extras, both baseball teams will be arriving in Baltimore around 2-3 AM. Alot of different entities within baseball would have to sign off on this move.

    Also, all the people saying the Yard will be empty clearly weren’t paying attention last summer. Down the stretch that place was rocking just like M&T for big games.

    A doubleheader if they can work it out would be pretty awesome for us Baltimorons.

  31. I like the Wednesday idea – it is true that the teams will not be pinched due to it being the first game.

  32. Jfd349,

    Baseball has non holiday weekday day games all the time…football? Never.

    Why would it start now? Baseball doesnt seem to mind…moving them would be the better choice.

  33. Bucfansouthtampa,

    They opened the season (not preseason) in tokyo?! Thats hard to believe a banner raising home opening game was held in tokyo…im too lazy to look for real, because i know youre wrong. I believe i even remember watching that PRESEASON game between the bucs-colts.

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