Texans bringing back Brice McCain

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The Texans have reached a deal with cornerback Brice McCain, John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported Tuesday night.

The 26-year-old McCain defended eight passes and had one interception in 12 games for Houston in 2012 (two starts).

McCain’s reported return helps the Texans’ cornerback depth. Alan Ball, a reserve corner for Houston in 2012, joined Jacksonville earlier in free agency  Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson are the Texans’ starting cornerbacks.

The Texans were No. 16 in passing yards per game allowed a season ago but ranked ninth in yards per pass surrendered.

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  1. Good signing! As good as a #3 or slot DB there is. Now we need to get a ballhawking saftey to replace Glover. Glover was solid againts the run but he got burnt often and didn’t play the ball well. Ed Reed, Michael Huff or Quinton Mickael would be an up grade at saftey. Things will now fall into place! Let’s go!!

  2. Yeah, doesn’t suck at all. definitely glad he’s gonna be back. Solid cb. Good speed, great instincts and helps on special teams. Can return kicks in a pinch… Good resign, now go get reed or dumervil! Or both! Go Texans!

  3. I am a colts fan that grew up in the same town as Brice McCain. I did not know him personally but I had a class with him. He was respected by teachers and I had a shop teacher who said he would go pro. Kind of funny to actually see it all play out. I hope he develops into a bigger role. He has obviously worked hard and is a good guy and player.

    He used to return kicks with the Utes so if he picks one off watch out. He had a great 40 time coming out of college and experience running against the grain during returns. He got Peyton Manning for his fist ever INT. Good under the radar signing. I was hoping he wouldn’t stay on Houston where I would have to root against him.

  4. Dang, I thought more people would agree with me. I dunno I guess in my experience watching him play, he seems to be more of a liability then anything else. He’s fast but he was never that good on coverage. Maybe I’ve seen some bad games, even though I’ve been watching for a long time. I’ll take the majority of opinions though, and admit my mistake.

    On the other subject of safety, I think Michael Huff would be our best option. Cheaper than Reed, and younger too. Also, he would be a better replacement for Quin since he played Strong Safety (Daniel Manning plays Free Safety, but I think he played Strong Safety back in Chicago so it may not be that bad of a move. Could be mistaken though.)

  5. Good man to man up to your mistakes, well may not be a mistake. It’s your opinion. But huff, although great as he is is still not a permanent solution as reed nor Woodson would be. But I think reed’s experience, leadership and winning mentality is worth his weight in gold. I think that’s the plan at least. Some may say, that’s too much to pay him, well you can’t exactly put a price tag on heart and determination, or maybe you can and it’s $4mill a year… Keep em comin’ Texans fans!!!

  6. @davetexansfan

    His coverage is his knock. That is true but his speed is undeniable and he has some INTS and a TD. So there are bright sides. He is getting his first non rookie contract. This will be the bigger 3 years of his career since he was not a hyped NFL ready rookie. I remember one play where Adrian Peterson was burning everyone and he was actually gaining ground on him but ran out of yardage due to a fallen player tripping him up at the end. So he is a speed guy more so than coverage but with the right coaches coverage gets better.

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