The Harbaugh brothers visit PFT on NBC Sports Network Tuesday


We haven’t seen a joint appearance from the Harbaugh brothers since before the Super Bowl, but that will change on Tuesday afternoon.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh will sit down for a joint interview with Mike Florio from the owners meetings in Phoenix. We’ve heard them share some of their individual thoughts about facing off at the Super Bowl in New Orleans already, but this will be the first chance to hear them address it sitting side-by-side.

There’s also plenty to talk about involving their teams, including the trade of wide receiver Anquan Boldin from John’s Ravens to Jim’s 49ers. Florio will find out their reactions to the departures of players like Paul Kruger, Dannell Ellerbe, Alex Smith and Dashon Goldson from the teams that played in the Superdome last month.

It should be an interesting interview and will be part of a packed hour that also includes interviews with Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman and Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

It all gets underway at 5 p.m. ET.

26 responses to “The Harbaugh brothers visit PFT on NBC Sports Network Tuesday

  1. two best coaches in the NFL, with John having the slight edge since he won the SB, and playoffs five years in a row!

  2. i just love how you all think the ravens are going to be a train wreck next season, no faith in top 3 gm in the game!

  3. Oh, boy!! Screaming meltdown. I wonder if jim will hit john from behind after john whispers in his ear “Mom always liked me better.”

  4. Love listening to John…

    Whenever Jim opens his mouth… it sounds like he’s WHINING… or about to WHINE… even if he’s just saying ‘good morning’.

  5. You heard one Jim Harbaugh interview you heard them all. It will probably go like this…..

    Interviewer: Jim, you had an incredible year. How did you take the 49ers to the Superbowl so quickly.

    Harbaugh: well I don’t want to get into the what’s, the when’s, the how’s. it’s was just an incredible effort by these mighty men.

    Interviewer: so Jim you made a tough decision by benching Alex and starting Kaepernick. Can you give me a little detail about your thinking behind the decision.

    Harbaugh: well I know everybody likes the to talk about QB position and controversy. That’s sort of the low hanging fruit. But really Alex never lost his job..we just went with the hot hand. Alex is a top performer in this league.

  6. @benroethlisberger7

    I have seen you on some Steeler articles.. You make the real Steeler fan base look like ignorant fools . Please , cease from plaguing every article with you’re ignorance.

  7. @raiderlyfe

    Spot on dude! I know you mean it as an insult, but I consider the way Jim handles the press to be a point of pride. LOVE IT!

  8. @WillBow

    No I don’t blame him. It’s a copy cat league. Coaches and organizations steal from each other shamelessly. I wouldn’t say anything in the media either.

  9. Don’t trust either Hairbaugh they cry cry cry and then want more their way. All that trade talks was a ploy for other teams to get interested in the players.

  10. LOLOLOLOLOL Raiderlyfe510 nailed it. Eventhough I’m sure he meant it in a negative way we love it. He doesn’t give the media anything. Never seen someone say so much just to say so little hahaha

  11. benroethlisberger7 says:Mar 19, 2013 3:43 PM

    But are they truly brothers? I say run a DNA test and put this to rest.

    As they say … Momma’s baby, Poppa’s maybe.

  12. Another great interview, Mr. Florio, you are killin’ it in Phoenix this week! John H. is so likeable you can tell he has always done double duty to smooth out his little brother’s hard edges.

  13. joey49er says:Mar 19, 2013 9:07 PM

    so many haters in this room. Lol. U all just wish ur team had 1 of these guys coaching ur team. These guys are winners.

    Excuse me but whiners is spelled W-H-I-N-E-R-S

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