Arians not sure Cardinals need another QB


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians made a statement with more than his red hat this morning.

During his appearance at the NFC coaches breakfast at the owners meetings, Arians gave a vote of confidence to recent quarterback acquisition Drew Stanton.

When asked about drafting a quarterback, he replied “I don’t feel we need one,” according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.


The Cards also have a restricted free agent tender on Brian Hoyer, and holdovers John Skelton and Ryan Lindley.

That’s not exactly a Joe Montana-Steve Young depth chart, but Arians seems convinced he can make it work. While it makes sense for the Cards to add someone there, Arians said “No one in this (QB class) made me go ‘Wow.’

While it would be a mistake to chase one if you don’t think he fits your system, it’s hard to imagine the Cards not making some degree of investment there. Arians wants to run a downfield-passing style, so guys such as USC’s Matt Barkley don’t necessarily look like a fit. But if they were able to get a guy with more arm, such as N.C. State’s Mike Glennon, later in the draft, you could see them rolling the dice with Stanton and Hoyer in the short term.

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  1. Well….good to know early that he won’t be challenging for the title of Longest Tenured Cardinals Coach.

  2. Stanton and Hoyer both have some upside, but I don’t think the Cards could rely on either to be a 16 game starter. Maybe they get someone in the draft but I’d let them battle it out in camp.

    Eventually they still need a QB. Skelton’s confidence has to be shaken coming off a forgetable 2012 campaign, and Ryan Lindley… yikes.

  3. They shouldn’t reach for a QB but there is no long term answer on the roster right now. You have to at least take a shot in the draft, even if it is a late round pick.

  4. God forbid they address their horrible offensive line problem. How about keeping up the tradition of using high picks on fragile running backs with fumbleitus? That’s worked out really well for them in the past few years.

  5. Yeah let’s see how many games you win with Stanton, Hoyer, Lindley, and Skelton. I’d say that’s the same losing formula as Kolb, Skelton, Lindley, and Hoyer. There’s no way the Cards don’t pick a QB in the first three rounds. Arians saying no one impressed him could just be a smokescreen to encourage teams not to pick Geno Smith, etc. I could see the Cards going with Smith or someone like Tyler Wilson in the 3rd.

  6. Ok, whatever u say, and turns around and drafts a QB. I guess he didn’t watch game tape of the Cardinals prior to taking the job. Drew Stanton a starter ok , you got me there lol. All QB’s on that depth chart blow.

  7. The Cards have to draft a QB…the fans will not stand for anything less and even if he’s not “the guy”, giving the illusion that there is an attempt to correct the problem is going to give fans hope. The way the “new regime” has handled free agency has brought more doubts than confidence and fixing the offense through the draft is going to be critical in determining how long the latest coaching experiment will endure.

  8. I don’t think Stanton is that bad of a quarterback. I don’t think he’s your answer if you’re trying to be a contender, but I think he’ll show that he’s one of the top 32 in the league. With that being said, do you really think teams are just going to come out and tell the truth about their plans a month before the draft? Usually about this time of year, you can take what the teams say publicly, and be assured that the opposite is true.

  9. Cardinals starting QBs since I became a fan in 1970. You have been warned.

    Rich Bartel, Will Furrer, Brian St. Pierre, Derek Anderson, Timm Rosenbach, Tim Hasselbeck, Shaun King, Kevin Kolb, Pete Beathard, Jim Hart (my childhood idol), Gary Cuozzo, Gary Hogeboom, Max Hall, Steve Beurlein, Boomer Esaison, Craig Kupp, Matt Leinart, Jim McMahon, Sammy Garza, Stan Gelbaugh, Jeff Blake, Kent Graham, Jay Schroeder, Scott Brunner, Gary Keithley, Josh McCown, Tim Rattay, Kurt Warner, Ryan Lindley, Stoney Case (best name ever, couldn’t throw a tennis ball ten yards), Neil Lomax, Preston Parsons, Steve Pisarkiewicz, Mike Buck, Rusty Lisch, John Navarre, Jake Plummer, Dave Brown, Chris Chandler, Dave Krieg, Cliff Stoudt, Tony Sacca, Tom Tupa (both QB and Punter; he excelled at only one) and Brian Hoyer.

    You can see how excited one might be adding Drew Stanton to the list…

  10. Arians is correct. I don’t know about Stanton or Skelton. But Brian Hoyer is flat out good. And he is ready for prime time. He is gritty, tough, smart, mobile, accurate and has a real good deep ball. He was ready to start 2 years ago. But a fellow named Tom Brady was in his way. I live in Boston. And I saw him play as good as Tom when given the chance. But Hoyer had a lot more mobility than Brady. His style as a Patriot, sort of reminded me of Steve Young.

    Belichick and Bill O’Brien did not want to lose Hoyer. But they reluctantly let him go because Ryan Mallet was the better long term solution behand Brady. And Mallet had more trade upside. Plus Hoyer was ready to start right away. And that opportunity didn’t exist in Boston.

    Arians has an unpolished diamond in Hoyer. And he is ready to shine IMO. I would lay high odds on him winning and keeping that job. After a full Arians training camp. This could be eerily similar to a Kurt Warner type story with a much younger guy. So relax Cardinal fans. Your new coach may be on to something here.

  11. “…Tom Tupa (both QB and Punter; he excelled at only one) …”

    I think I would actually take Tupa over at least half the 40 or so names that dioalice listed above. Most of the names you recognize are because of what they did playing for other NFL teams.

    But if you ignore the CAREER numbers and look only at the CARDINALS stats of those QBs, you may accuse me of being overly harsh in my assessment of Tupa.

  12. Please draft a QB, and not one that attended the Podunk Community School of Culinary Arts… As someone previously stated, they don’t necessarily need to be “The Answer”. Just give us loyal fans the illusion that something is going on. Also, since we’ve address every other position, when are we getting some O-Linemen?

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