Bears make Urlacher insulting offer before walking away

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The Bears fired a coach who won 10 games last year, so it’s no surprise they’re taking a “just-a-business” approach.

But the way they treated Brian Urlacher on the way out the door borders on insulting.

Urlacher told Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune the Bears offered him a one-year deal that topped out at $2 million, meaning that amount wasn’t guaranteed.

It was a ultimatum, not a negotiation,” Urlacher said. “I wanted to be in Chicago. I wanted to finish here. . . .

“I wanted to be here. I wanted to be in Chicago. … Now, that’s not possible.”

Urlacher said he had no intention to retire, and will explore joining one of the teams he’s talked to. The Vikings were reported to have made contact, and such a low-ball offer might make him make a Brett Favre spite-move within the division.

But honestly, if the Bears weren’t interested in having him, they should have just said so. It wouldn’t have been popular, but you could have sold “youth movement.”

Making him an offer you knew he wouldn’t take just makes it look like you’re trying to pass the blame for an unpopular move off on someone else.

And that’s cheap on more than one level.

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  1. They should be happy he got an offer at all. The guy is old and slow and can’t catch up with the speedsters coming out of college. He’s done.

  2. The new administration doesn’t have any ties or use for him. I would say the owner probably used this as his chance to dump Urlacher and pass the blame off on the coach and the GM, so even he passed the buck. It really does roll downhill.

  3. Well, whatever.

    I wanted to see Urlacher finish it out in Chicago as much as the next Bears fan, but having him play out his final year somewhere else is no mark of shame on his career.

    Oh, you say he played his last season with the Vikings, or Cardinals? Who cares? at the end of the day, he’s a Bear, and NFL fans present and future will always know him as a Bear.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Joe Montana.

  4. did their g .m. come from the chiefs I think? cuz that sounds like a chiefs type of move

  5. funny how we talk about $2 million like it’s chump change…….it’s still a lot of money for a guy that’s only good for about 8 games a season now…..he has no knees anymore……

  6. It’s business period. They offered Urlacher something because he’s a longtime Bear even though they really didn’t see him as being a big contributor. I don’t think he was going to be happy no matter what they did short of giving him the money he wanted. I don’t think they did anything wrong by lowballing him in attempt to let him play out the string where he started. He’s a shell of what he once was.

  7. Irrespective of what his accolades are, offering any individual $2 million is never an insult. Indeed, $2 million is $2 million.

    Besides, Urlacher is often banged up. Albeit their methods were indirect, the Bears made the right decision by telling Urlacher they did not want to re-sign him.

  8. If urlacher thinks there is a team willing to pay more than that for a linebacker who can’t cover anyone he’s gonna be surprised. Would be a liability to a team on the field

  9. That defense is going to have a hard time being interested. They lost Urlacher, Nick Roach, Rod Marinelli and Lovie Smith in one offseason.

    Kiss the era of dominant Chicago defense (against bad teams anyway) goodbye. Briggs and Tillman cant do it all. Peppers is old and past his usefulness, he probably should have been tossed too.

  10. “It was a ultimatum, not a negotiation,” Urlacher said. “I wanted to be in Chicago. I wanted to finish here. . . .

    “I wanted to be here. I wanted to be in Chicago. … Now, that’s not possible.”

    These athletes never cease to amaze me. You make 50 to 100 million dollars from the team, plus more from endorsements over your career, and then you leave for 1-2 mil more from another team for the last year or two of your career…and then they talk about how friggin much they wanted to stay.

    Well, no, they dont want to stay, theyre still chasing money. Just say it.

  11. How is that insulting? They have paid him well, yes? He is not particularly good at football anymore and might not even be worth the roster spot. It is ALWAYS better to let a guy go a year early than a year late.

  12. What is the problem here? They thought he was worth 2 million tops and they made that offer.

    Funny how players get all sensitive when it comes to “being treated right” as far as contracts are concerns, but portray all this bravado on the field.

    This is a business and all parties should treat it as such.

  13. Real classy move front office…..I’m sure that inspired every veteran in your locker room

  14. Vikings can take him for 2 million guaranteed and he can smash the line of scrimmage on 1st and 2nd down. We are bringing back our Nickel backers anyway.

  15. Urlacher will transfer the curse of Bobby Layne from the Lions to Bears for this!

    Seriously though, even though Urlacher is almost done, he can still outplay that contract…he isn’t that done. Why insult the man? The 9ers ran Rice, Montana, Lott, Craig and others out of here early (at the perfect time actually), but they didn’t kick them in the buttocks on the way out.

    I’m not liking what’s going on in Chicago and that’s not taking this into account. I think the Packers fans will be cuing that certain song on Bear day for years to come…

  16. $2 mil? I wish someone would insult me like that at the end of my career…And if anyone else offers more, good for him.

    But I am reminded of how classy Kerry Wood was when he came back to the Cubs for $1.5 mil…Urlacheris too proud to see the writing on the wall.

  17. I’m sorry $2 MIL Max is an insult. There are probably 250 million Americans who would love an insult like that.

  18. Urlacher said he wanted 3 – 3.5 mil. It sounds like neither budged. If you ask me, forget the history of Urlacher, 3.5 mil to fill a gaping hole in the center of our cover 2 D is not too much. Then you remember its a fan favorite, who’s the most respected player on your team and it sounds like a bargain. Age be damned.

  19. I sure would like to be insulted with a 2 Million dollar contract.

    Brian Urlacher has been the most OVER RATED LB in the history of the NFL.

    Good riddance.

  20. this is what i love about the nfl. it’s what can you do for me now?, unlike baseball when they reward you for what you have done in the past.

  21. I wish the raiders could afford him. Even though the raiders already signed a group of line backers and hes obviously on the down side of his career, he would still be a great mentor for the rest of the team

  22. I think I would have signed with a new team before I opened my mouth on what they thought my worth was valued. Now he may not even make that 2 million. Hope the two new linebackers learn all they can from Briggs.

  23. Apologies to Urlacher for assuming he’d turned down a genuine offer from the Bears out of greed. This is more in line with the situation between Hall of Famer Rod Woodson and former Steelers GM Tom Donahoe. Thanks to Donahoe’s disrespectful treatment of Woodson, the Steelers lost a once world-class corner who continued–for other teams–making the Pro Bowl as a safety while teaching the game to younger players. Now the Bears have lost a team icon in similar circumstances. It costs so little to treat aging franchise players with dignity.

  24. Get over it. The NFL is a ruthless business. He could have accepted it to stay in the Windy City.

    He’s getting old, and is injured a lot. You get paid based on what can be expected of you, not what you did in the past.

    As for firing “a coach with 10 wins”, I still wonder why there is such shock/outrage over Lovie’s departure. He couldn’t beat the Packers when he needed to. The offense could never get consistent play. They (still) haven’t really bolstered the line to protect Cutler. The nice run they went on last season early was the defense forcing turnovers. Later, when the offense needed to come thru, it didn’t. Great coaches aren’t one dimensional.

    I was at the Bears @ Vikes game last Dec. After Cutler’s second int the Vikes were up by 14. The Bears in no way looked like they’d come back to win.

    And they didn’t.

  25. They didn’t give him an insulting offer, they gave him market value. There’s a reason nobody is knocking down his door. He’s done. And rumors are he was asking for 2yrs/11 million. Perfectly fine with the Bears walking away from that, even though I love Urlacher.

  26. Just horrible, he has been the leader of the Bears for so long that it seems impossible for him not to be on the team. Makes me sad that I will not be seeing him running the defense every week, I hope he lands on a good team and can ride his career out in style. so much change from a 10-6 team, kinda feels like broncos did when they canned Shanahan.

  27. vikes bring him in and resign winfield, that would be a good nickel package for vikes for couple of years till new recruits get hang of it

  28. No one else is going to pay him $2 million. This not an insult, its reality. He can’t run anymore. You can’t afford to pay for what amounts to a glorified mascot in today’s NFL.

  29. You dont get rewarded for not doing your job well. He’s old and slow, and respect doesn’t win games. Granted, I think they handled it somewhat poorly, but they dont owe him anything, and its not like they racked up a bunch of Super Bowl wins during his tenure.

  30. Really? We are blaming the Bears? Urlacher did the same thing as the Bears. They didnt want him and Urlacher was out to scam a team out of their money. Urlacher “bearly” could get through last years season with his terrible knees. Why would anyteam give him much guaranteed scratch? If he steals money for being injured all year, that is money taken out of the pocket of someone who can play.

  31. Yes, very “insulting” to offer someone 40 times what someone making 50k a year makes for a year’s work. Very insulting.


  32. I’d love for him to come play for the Giants for a season or two. Teach them something about how to play the game. The guy is a leader and a warrior. $3 million a year is a bargain.

  33. For those crying over “greedy athletes”, most people don’t take kindly to being offered 20 – 25% of the money they made last year to do the exact same job. It’s just human nature.

    Football isn’t a loyalty business. That’s why I don’t get mad when players leave as free agents, or when a team dumps an all-time great that’s near the end. Goes both ways.

  34. The real question is: How much does HE think he is worth? If $2m is an “insult”, just what does he think is fair?? Anything over 3-4m is WAY too much in this market. Bennett signed with Seattle for $5m 1 year, and he was 3x more productive than Urlacher.

  35. Is the Insult that they didn’t sell the idea soon enough or that they even made the low ball offer? I understand his disappointment but don’t see it as being insulting.

    The market will prove out to be not much more then he would have gotten staying put. His age and performance last year begs for a significant reduction in value. The overall market and availability of FAs and draftees waiting to get picked don’t make his value go up at all either. Youth movement is upon the bears as it is with several other teams.

    It is what it is. My guess is that he will sign at about that same level or retire without getting a quality offer.

  36. Well, the good news is Aaron Rodgers interception total next year went from 8 int’s down to 7 because Urlacher always seems to pick him off at least once a year.

  37. Was he insulted when they paid him top dollar for an entire year that he was hurt? The Bears have a ton of holes to fill anyways.

  38. This, sadly, is how you lay the foundation for a good team, year after year … don’t give big contracts to guys that are on the down-side of their career, or lock in guys for big money after they’ve had just one solid year. It sucks to see your favorite guys go, but it’s also good to root for a contender. Take it from a Pats fan.

  39. League minimum for him was just shy of $1M. The money was not guaranteed and the offer was only up to $2M not actually $2M. If the incentives were not feasible, then that is an insult to Urlacher. 2 mil is a lot of money but their offer was a sad attempt to make him look like the bad guy for walking away. Ray Lewis was a shell of his old self last year but he was the undisputed leader of that team. Urlacher played the same role in Chicago. Bad move by the Bears. He was the best Bear since Sweetness and deserved a bit better than that.

  40. I must have missed something. I thought Urlacher was a bit injury prone and has lost a step or two. Why exactly is 2 MILLION a slap in the face? He wont make more than that anywhere else. Smart move by the new regime.

  41. Call him old and useless all you want. As a Vikes fan I hope he does sign with the purple just to have the opportunity to stick it to the Bears in 2 games.

    I rooted against him when he played for Chicago but respected him and have no doubts he will be a hall of famer.

  42. Wish the best to Mr. U. Great MLBer. Hated for the games our Vikes had to face him but have to admire his sideline to sideline range and effectiveness. Sure he’s lost a step so now he’s just a good linebacker. He’ll play somewhere and he’ll always be a Bear, even if he’s wearing another color. Say purple or something….

  43. I find it amusing when GB fans chime in on this issue that they know nothing about. The same GB franchise that forced Brett Favre out of the franchise, Jennings, Grant, Ahman Green, Donald Driver, Nick Barnett, Al Harris, etc

    Urlacher wanted a 2yr deal for 11Million. The Bears knew what the market was. They offered 2million and said go find a better offer and bring it back to us. NO ONE OFFERED ANYTHING.

    Chicago still offered the 2M and it was declined. It’s not Madden 2013. You still have to be intelligent about where you spend millions of dollars.

    Take it easy on the slant Gantt.

  44. I get that this is a business but a player such as Urlacher that put it all on the line game in and game out deserves to end his career as a Bear!! I’ll take him any day to groom the next LB. Welcome to Minnesota!!

  45. Chicago must be taking a page out of the Green Bay book on how to insult and treat great veteran players so they go away.

  46. mvp43 says:Mar 20, 2013 7:54 PM

    Great way to treat a hall of fame player! really classy. Come to Green Bay
    No thanks, he already saw how you treat a hall of fame player.

  47. Live through the windshield, not through the rear view mirror. Best football teams pay for future production not past achievements, HoF or not. He is a $2million LB.

    Just wait till we see what he signs for. It’ll be about $2 million and then we’ll realize it was Urlacher’s pride that kept him from resigning, not the paycheck.

  48. I don’t know why would it be an insult. He has been a great player, but nowadays he’s not worth $3.5-4 million. Heck, I don’t even think he’s worth the $2 million he was offered. By pure talent, he would be a backup on most teams. Yes, his knowledge of the game and leadership assets could help, but what use could it be if his speed would make him a liability in most defenses? Even Ray Lewis was faster than him last year, and he already called it quits.

    And bottomline is this is a business. Teams don’t pay and shouldn’t pay for past performance. Doing that only affects said team’s cap and deters them from fielding a more competitive team. IMO, Chicago is doing the right thing. Pay for what a player is worth and what he can contribute during his contract.

  49. this is the same guy who wouldn’t budge on contract extensions when he kept asking for more money. The dude is on his way out the NFL. he is still decent but i believe the bears can get better in the draft and will do much better with future free agents, without restricting themselves when it comes to money tied into an older LB. I love Urlacher, thanks for the many years you stayed loyal to the Bears…but with all the money you made, you could’ve given a hometown discount and helped the transition from Lovie to the new regime. BEARDOWN!

  50. Lowball, sure. Insulting? I don’t think so. He asked for 2 years and $11 million guaranteed knowing he wasn’t going to get it, so how is this any different?

    You pay a player for what his expected production is. You can’t let nostalgia cloud your judgement. Yes, us Bears fans love what he has done for the past decade plus, but he has to be realistic. He is old, often injured, and has lost a step and a half. His knowledge and instinct can only take him so far, his legs still have to take him to the spot.

    The coaching staff went into this knowing that he wasn’t going to be an every down player anymore, Trestman was quoted as saying he would have come off on 3rd down. He was the third best linebacker on the team last year behind Briggs and Roach, and he was only going to come back at a price that the Bears could afford since they are already up against the cap.

    He’s made plenty of money in his career, if he really wanted to come back he could have taken the $2 million, shown what he had, and then perhaps turned it into another 1 year deal next year. I know plenty of people who would like to be slapped in the face with $2 mil.

  51. its no surprise to me that the bears would make a low ball offer. I do not think they were interested in signing him back but they would take him for the right price. And since no one else has offered him a contract they thought he just might take this.. but I must say it sad.. Teams do not respect players anymore its all about the dollar thats all. Teams used to keep players until the retired Not anymore…

  52. His agent wanted a two year deal worth $11.5 mil but would’ve taken a one year $3.5-4 mil range. I’m a Bears fan and I can honestly say that contract is way to high. If he truly wanted to stay money shouldn’t have mattered. He’s made plenty in the 13yrs he’s been there. I’m sad to see him go and I wish him the best but his agent needs to be more realistic.

  53. Urlacher has taken too many hits to the head if he thinks he’s worth more than $2 million for a 1 year contract… The dudes old and is a below average linebacker today who can make like 8-10 games a season?

    Good move by the Bears, don’t know why the media is acting like they’re the bad guys.

  54. Yes, a good move for the Bears as BU has lost some speed and has been injured the last few years missing games. But with the loss of Roach to the raiders Bears are only left with Briggs as an experienced LB. Would have been nice to see BU finish with the Bears but such is life in the NFL these days.

  55. As a VIking fan and an admirer of the NFL and how it’s played as a whole, Brian Urlacher was always one of my favorite players. When he was younger he had fun playing the game and was great at what he did. He’s not what he once was but he still can play and provides great leadership. If he accepts a $2M contrat he’s worth it.

  56. Your telling me he didn’t have enough money that 2 million was an insult? Insult me please with that offer. The Vikings won’t pay much more if they’re even in the mix .

  57. You don’t need to run that fast when you are lined up in the right spot already and tell the other players where they need to be. He could be a good mentor with the Vikings.

  58. Also when I think about Speilmans approach. You need to mix some wiley Vets with the young players. So Woodson on the cheap would work too. The Raiders won 3 SB’s with so called over the hill players.

  59. Urlacher is not some late round draft pick who outperformed their contract. The Bears have made him one of the highest paid players at his position for 15 years.

    He has played like an HOFer and been paid like one.

    I am supposed to feel sorry for a dude who turned his nose up at TWO MILLION DOLLARS?!

  60. Insult? Urlacher needs to look at himself in the mirror and face the fact that he is at the end of his career.

    “It was a ultimatum, not a negotiation,” Urlacher said. “I wanted to be in Chicago. I wanted to finish here.”

    Ultimatum? On whose part? The team offered him $2 million to stay on the team, if he REALLY wanted to finish there he would’ve signed.

    Look at Jonathan Vilma. He’s at the end of his career and 2013, in all likelihood be his final season. He was scheduled to make $4.8 mill in base salary and taking a massive pay cut, inked with the Saints for ONE MILLION. You want to finish your career with the team that you love? that’s how you do it.

  61. You get paid on what you can do for me now not what you did years ago… He’s been well compensated for the past. Father Time caught up to him!

  62. Somebody like Jacksonville will pay him $2.5 million and it will be a mess. His market value is $2 million. Remember, he started out asking for $5 million and the Bears let him explore the market. Why is it management always gets blamed? If a free agent leaves, management was cheap, If another team overpays a guy after management made a fair offer, well, nobody blames the player for taking more money. If these complainers ran NFL franchises then the team would be 3-13 every year because you’d have a bunch of overpaid, over-the-hill ex-stars getting too much money. Urlacher was great years ago. Last year he missed a number of games with a hamstring injury. Does he give money back? No. When he held the Bears hostage for an extension, why did no one complain about HIS tactics? This is life. The Bears will draft a middle linebacker and be fine.

  63. Urlacher made a ton of money here, he was loved, he had people kissing his ass and buying his jersey for a long long time.
    He is spent and they offered him $ 2 million dollars anyway but THIS is supposed to be an insult?

    Not as insulting as his comments about the fans at the end of last season when Lovie was on the hot seat for his choke job.
    Like it was the fans that made the team go from 7-1 to missing the playoffs.

    I wish I had Brian Urlacher’s problems or any other NFL player’s for that matter.

  64. By the way, I hope he goes to Green Bay or Minnesota. How often does it work out for an aging player to switch teams, for one last roundup? Usually, it’s a travesty. Joe Montana did well for the Chiefs but that is a rare case.

  65. Insulting based on what hes done in the past…Yes. Insulting based on last year and what he will do in the next few years…NO. His best days are behind him. I dont think $2 is an insult. Hes an aging, declining, oft injured MLB, Im sure someone will overpay for him, I wouldnt.

  66. I agree, he should sign with the Vikings. Not for revenge or anything like that but because the Vikings tend to pay over-age, underperforming players on the downside of their career so its a perfect fit.

  67. The thing is, if you watch closely, football careers don’t really seem to have a happy ending. Very few trot off the Super Bowl field with the Lombardi held high a la Bettis or Smelway. You’re either some young cripple sad sack (Johnny Knox coulda been somebody) or an unwanted bitter old crazy talking Glory Days has been. All the old QB’s change teams at the end, why not Urlacher? 1/2 of Chicago needs to get a new jersey, I think 54 is all they ever stocked & sold in the last 10 years…

  68. Its a shame. Thanks Brian for everything. The unfortunate part is he has plenty in the tank…he deserves better.

  69. I like a lot of Emerys moves but this is what does not make sense…you had lovie who was a good coach…the man won 10 games then you fire him and immediately sign a LT and TE…gee i wonder what lovie could have done with those! insulting is correct…should have kept lovie one more year hired a new OC that emery approved of and got lach back for another year…this will be the worst bears defense we will see in the last 10 years….two starting linebackers gone including your future hof?? life lomg bears fan and optimist here but i see a 5 and 11 season ahead of us. thank you lach you deserved better than what they treated you, you will always be my favorite player! i know he was old but dude was leading the team intackles before the injury #HOF1STBALLOT

  70. Remember when Derrick Brooks stayed too long? He was jogging when everyone else was running. With the rookie wage scale, the league is just going to keep getting younger.

  71. The Bears didn’t want to offer him anything, so Urlacher had his butt buddies in the media like Glazer and Lou Canelis publicly trashed the team, that forced the Bears hand and he reaped what he sowed.

    So now an old, slow, broken down player who loathed the media and fans is using the media to try and garner sympathy from the fans. Not gonna work with me. Urlacher was nowhere to be found this past year in the biggest games, oh, wait, I take that back, he was found on the ground with Russell WIlson running past him on the biggest drives of the Seahawks game.

    The Bears have missed the playoffs 5 of the past 6 years, have gotten whipped by their biggest rivals which drives the owners of the team even crazier than the fans, and have a GM in his second year and a new coach. The Bears need to get younger and faster on defense. This isn’t “insulting”, it’s business, and more importantly, the right move.

  72. I’m pretty sure I’d never feel insulted to be offered $2 million – even if I had my heart set on $5M.

    On the other hand, the Bears handed an $11M signing bonus to a journeyman OL just a week a go. Now they can’t crack open the checkbook a little more for a team captain and future Hall of Famer?

  73. We have no MLB… He’d look good in Purple for one year, if Allen Page can go to Chicago, so can Urlacher to Minnesota.

  74. the Vikes won’t sign him as they will look to add a LB in the first round. Makes more sense than signing Urlacher. my .02 at least.

  75. If I were to write a blog post about the insulting nature of a contract offer, I’d at least devote a sentence or two to clarifying exactly what kind of offer I would consider fair.

  76. So, all of you moaning about the $2 million number, I say this: the offer, as stated in the article, is not guaranteed. The profession Mr. Urlacher is a professional in- runs the risk of injury (but I bet you wouldn’t want financial security as a professional athlete, right)? The man will be in the hall of fame. Lets say in your professional career, you performed at the highest level- would you not deserve/want respect from the organization you served for your entire career? I understand these guys get paid a lot, but guess what? They don’t control that. We do. We watch, fill the seats, pay for merchandise, buy things advertised during games and not only support, but live for the one day/week we see our team and favorite players play. Stop pretending you know these guys or act like you should have some entitlement to ridicule them for their salaries. It’s an argument made all of the time out of nonsensical jealousy- whether you will admit it or not.

  77. Most Packer fans won’t admit it, but their most hated rival these days is the Vikings, mostly because of where some of their popular players have went.

    If the Vikes scoop up Urlacher for 2.1 mil that would be a nice step in the direction of getting the Bears to hate the Vikes a little more.

    Maybe not as much as they hate the Packers, because it is hard to hate any fanbase harder than theirs, but it would be a step in that direction.

  78. Fans ought to realize that this is the berginning of a total melt down and reshape job and given how the Bears have done on just their o-line rehab I would give it 15 years for something good to develop. ten shares of Apple or 2 Bears season tix. Both a bit risky right now. Urlacher was a legit 3 mill play for next year. Maybe we can find a good all-pro middle lb hiding in Canada just like the new coach.

  79. Brian isn’t the player he was, but this offer isn’t going to help the locker room form around it’s new coaching staff – and that’s hard to put a value on. The Bears should’ve considered this in the mix but that would be a bit too deft for them IMO.

    And I have this lingering feeling that there was some payback in today’s event by Ted Philips and ownership for the way Urlacher held the team up for 18 mil in extra money a few years ago in the midst of a pretty good contract IIRC. So I don’t lay this offer entirely on the GM and new Coach.

  80. Winfield is no Urlacher, but he’s a great player in his own right and he wasn’t handled well in MN either. I’m a Vikings fan, I understand you can’t pay someone over 35 $7.25M, both of them played at a high level in 2012. I hope MN brings back Winfield and wouldn’t mind seeing Urlacher finish his career in MN with two shots at playing Chicago. He’s a class act, and it would be an honor for him to play for MN. Vikings will no doubt draft a future MLB, who better to sit behind for year than the great Urlacher. $2M, he’d sell more than that in jerseys alone.

  81. Alright, this whole thing is ridiculous. Urlacher and his agent initially asked for two years and 11.5MM which is ridiculous given his recent injury history and the fact that he’s not who he once was. The Bears countered with their own ridiculous offer of one year $2MM. I read the full article off of the Chicago Tribune’s website. Here’s the key piece we’re missing… Urlacher said he’d be willing to go as low as $3MM per year if the Bears were willing to negotiate. What? So why are we talking about the Bears being the ones who made the “take it or leave it” offer? Urlacher’s camp could have countered, but they didn’t. When they gave their initial 11.5 offer was it done while saying “we know this is ridiculous and we expect you to tell us to go lower”? Am I the only one who understands how negotiation works?? Everything is always presented as take it or leave it and them the other side makes a counter offer. Urlacher could have done that. The Bears should have considered the 11.5 offer a slap in the face to their understanding of the market as well. I’m a Bears fan and I will always wear my #54 jersey but I just think it’s unfortunate the way he and his agents handled these negotiations.

  82. 2 million is a “slap in the face.” This from a guy who doesn’t pay his child support. Great player, terrible human being. The ego of these guys astounds me.

  83. Urlacher got rich in Chicago and now 2 million dollars for 7 and a half games aint enough money. he
    cant stay on the field because his knees and back are gone. BUT Some
    how the Bears did him wrong. Hey Emery Im still with you. O-line Emery O-line.

  84. This is a business before a sport. The same people that are cryin for BU are the ones that said “pay da man” last year for forte…how did that go? Granted we had an OC that tried to run him thru the tackles rather than open field, but forte proved the bears were right in not paying him what he wanted.

    Now to BU, didn’t play an entire season, plagued with leg injuries and is 35. I’m sure the 2 mil was based on roster bonuses and dependent on games played, which is a fair way to pay someone with his mileage. LB in the draft…let’s gooo

  85. Urlacher shoulda retired a Bear. Yeah an insulting offer to a Butkus like Bears player, but he’s not what he once was and players need to know when to say when. What happens now if nobody else really want’s to sign him? Brutal end to a great career. Wish him the best and call it a day Urlacher you were great!

  86. Too bad the Bears couldn’t step up and honor your service to their team. I wish you fit into the Colt’s new 3-4 defense. Your heart alone would help the Colts to their goal.

  87. I’m Bears fan and I love what Urlacher has done for the team. That said, he can’t stay on the field and when he does he has trouble getting around on the field.

    Urlacher has spent the past four years trashing fans, particularly when they were doing poorly. He was a Lovie guy even though Lovie’s defense needed him not the other way around and he failed to see Lovie’s shortcomings as a head coach because they were buddies.

    Urlacher told the fans he didn’t care about us or what we thought, and not in the anecdotal I just have to do my job kind of way, he told the fans to F-off.

    Fans have been here much longer than him and will be here after he leaves. I think he is realizing that with the regime change, EVERYONE leaves….except the fans. This is a city in which a little good will can go a long way. We love our athletes, until they burn us.

    Now he wants charity. Make no mistake that is what giving hi more would be. It isn’t as if the Bears have cap room to throw him a bone. The cap number for this year could be hidden in a long term contract, but he can’t play long term. If he signed we would still need to find our 2014 MLB and there are too many options in FA and the draft this year.

    Those huge contract extensions and being able to say whatever you want only come with being irreplaceable and having your people in place. Welcome back to reality. Thank you for the HOF career, but much as you didn’t care about us and we were just part of the business you were forced to deal with, many of us are now finding it hard to feel bad for you. Though I don’t know which I would actually hate more, seeing you do well against us on another team, or fading away as a tired old man by week 8 surrounded by strangers.

  88. With the Packers-Bears rivalry near the top of NFL hate relationships, I have to give Urlacher his due: he was worth every penny the Bears paid him. You have to admire his guts and he upheld a long line of great Bears defensive players.
    I wish him well. Ted Thompson is too cheap to have Brian come to Green Bay, but I hope he can find a job this year with some team.

    That said, having followed the Packers for 52 seasons, I conclude with this: the Bears still suck. They always have, and they always will.

    Best wishes Brian, you deserve better.

  89. I know it’s relative and all, but someone PLEASE insult me with a 2 million/year offer…hey, I’m also old and slow and have twiggy legs.

  90. “Green Bay fans are hoping MN signs Urlacher.

    Resulting headline:

    Finley scores 3 TDs in GB romp over MN.”

    I think the headline is more likely to read:
    “Finley drops 2 easy TDs”

  91. He was a great LB in his time, but that time has passed. He is injury prone, old and can’t make the plays he used to make. No need to overpay the name. He should hang up his cleats and retire from Chicago with dignity.

  92. It’s sad. Teams should respect greatness more. As a diehard Eagles fan I watched them basically snub Brian Dawkins who was the heart and soul of the team for a decade+. He loved the city of Philadelphia and wanted to end his career here and Urlacher loves Chicago and wanted the same thing and we always criticizes the majority of players for not caring about anything but the paycheck. Those are 2 exceptions to that and there teams should have kept them for them and for the fans who love them and can’t picture them in another jersey.

  93. Probably could have been handled better – however – he has nothing left and in truth does not even belong on a roster…and if that is the case – what is the dollar value put on someone who can’t play?

  94. Where do we find these “fans” who say, “I wish someone would insult me with a $2 million offer”?

    Listen, parasites, you don’t do anything as well as a slow Urlacher plays football. No one is going to pay a plug nickel to watch you do whatever you do for $50k. Stop comparing yourself to people who are actually good at something.

    Does that explain it?

  95. The Bears are doing the right thing here , from a BUSINESS standpoint. The issue is, they’ve not handled the end of the Urlacher era in a fashion that allows him to keep his dignity. Had they simply not counter offered and said, “Brian, we’re strapped due to cap rules and we can’t do it’, it would be over already!

  96. From reading a majority of the posts (and there were hundreds) concerning this whole Urlacher issue it’s clear that most of the posters have never played either div I college level or pro sports. At a certain level the physical abilities even out and the mental issues become more important. I don’t know where Urlacher stood in the locker room or with his teammates but if he was a leader in that sense this will cause a great deal of turmoil among the returning Bear players. Yes I know the NFL is a business first but the business is about winning and if the locker room is lined up against the management and the new coach 2013/14 will be a lousy year to be a Bear fan.

    The Bears owners might not care as all the Soldier’s Field tix are sold whether the Bears go 10/6 again or wind up at 4/12 this year but it’s not a good way to start a rebuild year with a new coach.

  97. Boo freaking hoo. This is the same Brian Urlacher that after the Bears bent over backwards giving him a huge long term deal, making him the highest paid player on the franchise, threatened to holdout only a few years later because he wanted even MORE.

    Love the guy on the field, one of my favorite players of all time but his whining about money off the field hasn’t gotten old. If you don’t want to “put your body through that for that kind of money” then by all means don’t.

  98. “For those crying over “greedy athletes”, most people don’t take kindly to being offered 20 – 25% of the money they made last year to do the exact same job. It’s just human nature.”

    If I was less than 20% as efficient at my job I would understand, especially knowing my employer could easily find a replacement that could do my job better than me for half of my reduced salary.

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