Brian Urlacher says he anticipated breakup with Bears


In an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednesday, free agent middle linebacker Brian Urlacher said he suspected he could be parting ways with the Bears well before the franchise essentially bid him adieu earlier in the day.

“I honestly can say I’m not shocked at this news at all,” Urlacher said, according to a transcript from SiriusXM. The way things have been going the last month, month and a half, I really saw it going this direction. I even told my agents that. So I really wasn’t that shocked when this happened today.”

Urlacher, as he also told the Chicago Tribune, called the Bears’ one-year, $2 million offer an “ultimatum.”

“It wasn’t really an offer,” Urlacher told Sirius XM hosts Jim Miller and Alex Marvez. “It was either sign or we don’t want you.”

Urlacher said his agents initially asked for two years at $5.5 million per season. Urlacher indicated that he was “(obviously) willing to work down from that because you’re not going to get what you ask for your first time, we know that.”

Urlacher told SiriusXM the Bears didn’t respond for 2-3 weeks before countering at one year, $2 million.

“Which is a lot of money, don’t get me wrong, but for me to go through a season, put my body through what it goes through during a season at my age, I’m not going to play for that, you know, not for the Bears at least,” Urlacher told Miller and Marvez. “So we made a counter offer and that was never acceptable to them.  They said, basically, our offer is one year, two million.”

Now, it appears Urlacher’s Chicago career is about over.

“I’ll always be a Chicago Bear no matter where I end up or where I retire, whatever happens,” Urlacher said during the interview with Miller and Marvez. “Obviously, this is where I’ve played the most years at. I don’t think I’m going to play 13 more years somewhere else. So I’ll always be a Bear but just not anymore on the playing field, I guess.”

27 responses to “Brian Urlacher says he anticipated breakup with Bears

  1. “not for the Bears at least”

    I for one don’t have much faith in the Bears upcoming season and this about confirms to me I was right. THey should have a down year and finish last in the division

  2. “…at my age, I’m not going to play for that, you know, not for the Bears at least,”

    That says all you need to know.

  3. Its Time… thats all and to be truthfull Urlacher aint worth 5.5
    million not at his age. Plus Chicago is changing the way they play by Building a real offense. its time

  4. This is a sad story in many ways. Sad for the Bears team losing their best player for the last decade over a couple million dollars. Sad for Urlacher being insulted by a 2 million per year offer. And very sad for the fans in Chicago the cops, fireman, teachers and all the other blue collar workers who bust their ass day end and day out making $50,000-$75,000 per year that have been conditioned to feel bad for their blue collar, middle linebacker that is portrayed to be just like them for only getting an offer of $2,000,000 per year to get the chance to live a life long dream and play a game, live with beautiful actress’s in a fabulous home. Let’s not forget the millions made from commercials. Sad isn’t it?

  5. The Bears still suck. Worst hire maybe in nfl history bringing in Trestmann. If the Bears go 5-11 it would be a shock.

  6. Brian is too old and too slow – time for him to retire – but it just shows what a class organization the Bears are -NOT!!!!

  7. No matter what the situation is, Brian you are an amazing athlete. Being able to say that you missed only 2 starts in your whole career is something to be proud of! Hold your head high and be proud of your accomplishment. If you go to another team I will cheer for you there.

  8. All you saying he’s washed up or “its time” or “he’s too old”..i wonder what physical state your body’s are in..Fat? Old? Armchair sunday morning quarterbacks? Can’t let go of your highschool playing days…everyone made the team remember that..this in the NFL, THESE guys are trained professional athletes, and Urlacher is among the best, freakish athletic ability, and even for his “age” he can still kick all your fat butts, so show some resect!!! And before you say his time is over..look in the mirror..did yours ever begin?

  9. I’m I the only one who thinks it hilarious how Packer fans keep mentioning how cheap & horrible Chicago is for this move? Amusing how quick you people forget what your “classy” organization did to a man named Brett Favre.

  10. The bears wont retire Urlacher’s number.
    Here is why:
    About 5 years ago, I talked to Patrick Mccasky at the bears expo and asked him why the bears did not retire Hampton’s jersey.
    He told me the league office has asked the bears not to retire more jersey numbers.
    So if they haven’t done it for Ditka, Hampton, Dent, and Singletary, they aren’t going to do it for Urlacher.
    Hope that helps.

  11. How many times did we hear from Bear fans about the Packers having no class when it came to Favre? Now when the shoe is on the other foot he isn’t worth it the team has moved on and you talk about him like he is a piece of trash. At least with the Packers they couldn’t play the will he or won’t he game with the 5th retirement. As you can now see they made a pretty good call with a more than adequate replacement.

  12. “I’m not going to play for that, you know, not for the Bears at least,”

    So much for that hometown discount you kept saying you would take to stay with the Bears huh? If you can make more money somewhere else, good for you. If you are willing to play for less somewhere else to spite the Bears, then maybe Emery’s decision wasn’t so wrong.

  13. Maybe he and his agent shouldn’t have started with that ridiculous $5.5 mill per year proposal. I can’t stand when people’s standard procedure in a negotiation is to start ridiculously high with the idea that it will get talked down from there. Why waste time?

    Maybe the Bears didn’t really want him back. Like, if he had accepted their $2mill a year offer, maybe that was not what they were hoping for. They were hoping for him to walk away maybe. Because if you think he’s worth keeping around as your starting middle linebacker at $2 mill per year, you probably would think he’s worth keeping around at $3.5 mill….unless you think he’s no longer any good.

  14. Better players than Urlacher have been traded or let go towards the twighlight of their careers. It stinks for fans and players emotionally invested in their team for so long, but that’s the unfortunate business side of the league.

  15. This is like a “girlfriend/boyfriend” break-up!
    Neither side wants to take the blame for the ending of the relationship and both sides take everything personal thus, you have the typical, I love you one day to I hate you the next, taking place. If the Bears’ brass had simply NOT worried about giving a counter offer and left it at that, this wouldn’t even be a conversation right now. The Bears and Brian Urlacher both know that his playing days are about over, and the Bears understood that it would be in their best interest to bring their team LEADER back for another year to help with morale and putting the defensive pieces together for the future. Unfortunately, most teams don’t have the luxury of paying $3 Million for a players leadership ability, only. It was a necessary move by the Bears, they just handled the End of Urlacher Era the wrong way, and in turn, Urlacher has hurt feelings because he’s given his heart and soul to this organization for the past 14 years and his pride is hurt.

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