Broncos to bring Freeney, Abraham in for visits

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Though they’ve said they want to try to bring Elvis Dumervil back, the Broncos are making sure they have a Plan B (and C).

According to Ed Werder and Adam Schefter of ESPN (Werter? Schefder? It works, phonetically, kind of), the Broncos are bringing in defensive ends Dwight Freeney and John Abraham in for visits this week.

Having options is good, but realistically, the Broncos have to have one of them.

While Freeney has been linked to the Broncos for what seems like months, Abraham has had a harder time creating interest, and is probably the third of those three options.

18 responses to “Broncos to bring Freeney, Abraham in for visits

  1. Man I hope Elvis backs down and comes back to Denver. Maybe he can recoup some of the money he lost from FaxGate through the legal process; I’d be shocked if Baltimore offers him a 3 yr 30 mill deal.

  2. Bye bye Elvis. Unless he’s willing to take less that he was getting last Friday, he’s going to have to find a new home. With the additional dead money, the Bronco’s just can’t afford the same deal. If the Broncos sign somebody else to take his spot, his value goes down another notch. Talk about a multimillion dollar mistake.

  3. Are we DOOMED? Rumors have it that we offered him more than the ravens,if he really wants to stay in Denver like he says he’ll sign but you have to have a plan b so this is the right move but if not Doom I’d rather have Abraham he 10 sacks 6 forced fumbles Doom had 11&6 put ham on the same team as miller and he’ll do well.

  4. Writing is on the wall. If Elvis truly wanted to be a Bronco he would’ve taken the 8 million last week immediately.

    Can’t wait to see the PFT post of:
    “Ravens sign Elvis Dumervil for 4 million a year.”

    Way to screw yourself out of millions and a legit shot at a trophy.

  5. Abraham is option 3, even though he had 1 less sack than Elvis last year and Freeney had, what, 4-5??

    Yea, sure sure, 3rd option.

  6. Yes, a legit shot at a trophy. Defense lost the game not Manning… can’t wait to watch him shut all the haters up this season!!!

  7. At the end, it will be doom that’s doomed. Can’t wait til he signs with another team and we hear what offers he turned down. Broncos will be fine with or without him, they’re not on their knees begging for him to resign. They’ll find somebody else who wants to potentially get a ring.

  8. All you Ravens fans on here that think you’re going back to back, keep dreaming. Ellerbe, Reed, Kruger (not to mention a retiring Lewis)… You’re front office did *NOTHING* to keep the nucleus of this team intact this off season.

    Well see who’s ballin’ come next January, but my guess is it won’t be your $52 million dollar man.

    BTW – Let’s sign Abraham already and move on. Pretty ticked to see that two league sources are saying Dumervil was “underwhelmed” by the Broncos latest offer. You can thank that dead money you left us with on Friday d****wad. Next time, try being in the same zip code when you go to sign a multi-million dollar deal.

    It’s beyond obvious that Dumervil has wanted out since the Broncos first suggested taking a pay-cut, a contract that was, by the way, drawn up by the previous regime.

  9. @Ravenator, Turtle up In The Playoffs? Yeah, Like Your Team Didn’t Need A Miracle To Get Out Of Denver On Top Of One Sided Officiating. You Better Just Hope Doom Becomes A Raven So You Can Get A Jersey Of A Current Player Not Name Flacco… Hate On Hater….

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