Eric Winston visiting Dolphins


The Dolphins lost Jake Long this week, leaving them in need of a starting tackle for their offensive line.

Enter Eric Winston. Maybe.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Winston will visit the Dolphins on Wednesday as he hunts for a new job after getting dispatched by the Chiefs earlier this month. Schefter writes that a deal “could happen” during the visit. If it does, the Dolphins would likely have Jonathan Martin take over Long’s spot on the left side of the line while installing Winston at his familiar right tackle spot.

There’s several other teams reportedly interested in Winston. Schefter names the Patriots, Cowboys, Chargers and Eagles, which could mean that the Dolphins will lose their shot at Winston if they aren’t able to close the deal before the end of their visit. The presence of the Patriots on that list suggests that they’re prepared to move on from Sebastian Vollmer if necessary. Vollmer would be a candidate for any team still looking for a tackle, whether or not they’re interested in Winston’s services.

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  1. Why is this tagged as Philadelphia Eagles? Ive been on vacation for a week and a half, and I come check Eagles news, and this is tagged as Eagles news?

  2. Wish the Raiders would get into the RT market.

    Need an upgrade and this sure looks like the year to pick up a Tackle fairly cheap on a short term, incentive laden contract (Reggie McKenzie’s specialty).

    Sure he is hoping to add via draft, but with so many needs, I would think going short term on RT and LONG term on defensive players would be a wise move.

  3. Volmer would have been long gone from the OT market if it weren’t for his chronic back problems which date from his college days and have involved one back surgery already.

    For him the issue is a combination of a guy who can play at an all pro level, but has the back injuries, and wants a lot of money.

    He’s a $7-8MM guy without the back issue. Exactly what he is WITH it, is why he hasn’t been signed by someone thus far. Of course I’m hoping it will be with the Pats in the $5-6 range with a lot of injury protection contract language.

  4. The drafting of Jonathan Martin was a nice move by Ireland, gave them a number of options to explore this year.

    That was a very half hearted attempt to resign Jake Long, probably a good move long term…..

  5. Jake Long didn’t play the last part of the season, he was no good sitting hurt on the sidelines. Bring on Winston please.

  6. Jonathan Martin was awful at RT, what makes people so confident he’ll be even adequate at LT? They should’ve resigned Long. Redskins should’ve made room for Winston and left Pashos (Pashos?!) Polumbus and TrueBlood (great name though, love that show!) on the street where they belong. They could still cut Pashos and Trueblood w/o a cap hit I believe, and bring in Winston who is perfect for our zone-blocking offense. Can create the cap room with restructures and/or cutting the grossly overpaid Josh Morgan. Lock it up Shanatan! P.S. had to chuckle at the clueless Philly fan who couldn’t figure out why this was on the Eagles page. Typical Philly fan observational skills on display right there.

  7. Winston would be a good signing….knows the scheme, brother works for the organization and the Phins have the capital to sign….he’s not a long term answer, but will allow to address the position in the future…

    Long didn’t fit the ZBS and struggled all season….Winston will be an upgrade and half the price…

  8. phinsneverwin…

    A psychologist would have a field day with you just on your desire to promote a distaste as opposed to a team you root for.

    Actually the textbook says this suggests you have trouble in the bedroom. Sorry, that’s what the book says.

    Crazy how people deal with their shortcomings.

  9. phinsneverwin says:Mar 20, 2013 10:31 AM

    Why would any ever visit the dolphins? Sure you get a nice tan in Miami ,but you also get to join a losing organization.

    WRONG. Dolphins have the 2nd best winning % in the NFL. Don’t checks the facts much do you??

  10. If the Eagles want him then the Eagles get him. Thats how we roll. And theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  11. Hey Phinsneverewin.. Do your research dingbat, the Dolphins have the most wins in the NFL since the merger besides Dallas, and the 2nd best winning percentage in NFL history to the Bears. Its a complete and historic winning franchise.

  12. Eric Winston needs to be a Dolphin. Don’t let him go to the Pats. It is a shame Volmer can’t stay healthy the guy is a beast when he is at the top of his game.

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