Goodell: Trying to make Rooney Rule work better


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just wrapped up his post-owners meeting press conference, and made several references to potential changes to the Rooney Rule.

While there was discussion of several aspects, there are no major changes now. But you have to wonder if the league is able to adjust the calendar, whether the door will be open for some more interviews for minority candidates in the future.

Goodell said that expanding the rule requiring teams to interview a minority candidate for head coaching jobs to coordinators was discussed, but not adopted. He also referenced discussion about freezing the hiring period until after the Super Bowl so coaches on top teams aren’t penalized by their own success, but said owners couldn’t decide how it would work.

But if the combine, free agency and the draft were pushed back later in the spring, as has been discussed, it might create more time for interviews.

As it stands, waiting until mid- or late-February to hire a coach would put a team at a planning disadvantage, with the combine days away, free agency starting a month later, and the draft a month after that. But if those events were pushed back in the year, it might create more of an opportunity for experimentation by owners who are used to doing business a certain way.

As Goodell mentioned several times, the real key is creating a deeper pool of qualified candidates. But creating a process where hires don’t have to be so immediate might help teams take a closer look at candidates who aren’t getting chances now.

35 responses to “Goodell: Trying to make Rooney Rule work better

  1. For God’s sake… More rules please!
    Goodell for congress!
    He might show them a thing or two about useless, attention grabbing legislation.

  2. Or….hear me out…you could just hire the best person for the job. You think African American coaches aren’t getting a fair shake when 90% of the team is that color? Just stop.

  3. Attn: Roger Goodell

    Teams hire coaches based on their coaching background and knowledge of the game, not on their skin color.

    All the fans

  4. Another very stupid rule. To force teams to do a “interview” by inviting a minority candidate that they have no intention of hiring serves no purpose for either side. The rule isn’t working.

  5. Isn’t it bad enough that the Rooney rule even exists? The whole thing is an insult to prospective coaches, and a colossal waste of time for owners, since all it does is grant a perfunctory interview based soley on skin color.

    “We both know you dont have a chance to get this job, but since this is the rule…”

    If a coach is worthy of getting a job, he’ll get the job. Forcing teams to interview people who they dont want to hire, for whatever reasons, is patently stupid.

  6. This rule is backwards. They need to get more minorities into entry level and coordinator jobs so they can have the chance to gain enough experience to become good head coaches. No one wants to be forced to interview or hire anyone with a lack of experience regardless of skin color. If there were more minority coordinators with better experience you wouldn’t need a Rooney rule for head coaches because they would already be candiates.

  7. It’s really not necessary to make more rules, its not going to do anything. Marketing is a tried and true method of influencing people to do anything. Why not make it easier for minority coaches to get their name out there, I’m sure more would get hired that way.

  8. @nomoreseasontix …

    Say … you may be on to something. Let’s run Goodell for Congress. He can’t possibly do anymore damage than the people already there, and it would get him out of our hair. Congress … yeah, that’s the ticket!

  9. the coaching fraternity is a good ol boy’s club……any thinking that the Rooney rule isnt needed that gm’s will “hire the best guy” is a joke

  10. axltcu brings up good points:

    Part of the lack of minorities is that teams are subconsciously (perhaps intentionally for some but I want to assume a positive benefit of the doubt) playing tit-for-tat to penalize the minorities.

    If the rule never existed, then I would bet money that there would be more minorities today.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t create a rule to help, but this one does not help; it’s making things worse.

  11. I’m tired of hearing about this..The NFL is just gona keep “Recycling” the same HCs DCs & OCs no matter their previous records. We’ve seen it for the last 30 years..I DONT think its internationally not Hiring minorities its just the way it is.

  12. Change the name to the Mickey Rooney Rule; no one over 5’2″ gets a Head Coaching gig.
    Kinda like what happened when “global warming” suddenly became “climate change.”

  13. I think the Rooney rule should be removed from the NFL,because if I was getting interviewed just because of my skin color I would not be happy and I am sure African American coaches would feel the same.

  14. lilrob10201:

    Good point, now couple your concern with the employer’s animosity over being insulted as a suspected racist that does not have a moral or ethical compass to figure out how to make the right football decision, despite being the owner of probably a billion dollar company and more well versed on the topic of diversity in the workplace that just about anybody else.

    No wonder these minorities can’t get jobs, the NFL is representing them with insulting, offensive, and weak scare tactics.

  15. musician0785 says: Mar 20, 2013 3:01 PM

    im pretty sure that the ppl calling for the abolishment of the rule is not a minority themselves

    Owners are FORCED to interview people based on skin color. You’re right, I’m not a minority, but I do have 20/20 vision, not to mention a lot of self-respect. I wouldn’t dare sit in on a job interview if I knew it was nothing but obligatory, because I’d find it to be terribly embarrassing and insulting, not to mention a waste of time for all involved. Explain to me how skin color should factor into my line of thinking.

  16. Kinda like me bidding government work when I am forced to use a certain % of minority contractors. Regardless of their worth. The whole government & NFL is a racial scam. Best man gets the job!

  17. lilrob10201 says:
    Mar 20, 2013 3:03 PM
    I think the Rooney rule should be removed from the NFL,because if I was getting interviewed just because of my skin color I would not be happy and I am sure African American coaches would feel the same.


    So how exactly is that going to solve the problem of hiring more minorities HC’s? People are evoking the Rooney Rule because they aren’t going to interview a minority anyway. (i.e. “forced to…”)

    You take it away and they’re not obligated to even consider a minority candidate. So there are less interviews for minorities and less job opportunities.

    The rule needs to be fixed not removed.

  18. The only people who are irritated by the Rooney Rule are those who were never going to interview a minority candidate in the first place.

    The public is bothered by it because they hear about so many teams having to use the Rooney Rule because they weren’t going to interview a minority candidate.

    No one sees the correlation?

  19. The problem is not within the NFL, it more within college football. There isn’t a rule that forces minority coaches to get into entry level positions… i.e. college football!

    The FBS subdivision has more then a lack of minority coaches and not only that once they get fired they RARELY get hired again! They work as coordinators for top teams and the only opportunities they get are bottom of the barrel programs who fans/AD know will take more then 2 years to fix! They’re basically a stop gap b4 a more lucrative coach is hired. They never get opportunities at prime jobs like the SEC or Big12! If that is not a problem to you people then you are more blind to the truth then you think!

    College football needs to fix their act!

  20. The problem isn’t we need more minority Head Coaches.

    The problem is we need more Qualified minority Head Coaches.

    They aren’t given the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else.

    A owner shouldn’t be made to hire a Head Coach based on the color of their skin. A owner should be made to a hire a minority Head Coach based on their qualifications.

    Train up better minority coaches and you won’t even have to use the Rooney Rule. You will want to hire a Minority Head Coach.

  21. Evening the playing field for coaches of playoff teams is a good idea. Sometimes I think poor teams get in such a hurry they settle for lesser prospects because they are afraid of waiting until the Super Bowl is over. If everyone had to wait until a week after the Super Bowl then some of those teams might rise from their plights.

    I like the Rooney Rule.

  22. They are trying to make it so race is not an issue…

    by making race an issue…


  23. Because its important that we judge people by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character.

  24. musician0785 says: im pretty sure that the ppl calling for the abolishment of the rule is not a minority themselves


    I am African American and I think the Rooney Rule is a joke. We have had more than our share of successful minority coaches. If someone is qualified, hire them. I think it is an insult to the OCs and DCs that get flown around the country to interview for jobs they are never going to get.

  25. So how exactly is that going to solve the problem of hiring more minorities HC’s? People are evoking the Rooney Rule because they aren’t going to interview a minority anyway. (i.e. “forced to…”)
    Solve the problem? What problem? The number of minority coaches is not an actual problem; it is a perception issue created by those looking for racial slights in everything. How many “minority” coaches would be sufficient enough to eliminate the discriminatory Rooney rule? The racial disparity in coaches is caused by networking and nepotism not racism. No rule will fix that.

  26. Exactly. Where is this rule for positions in the nfl not having more Korean, Russian, Italian, or Mexican players, coaches or GM’s? Why only African-American ciaches and GM’s?

  27. ↑ This “Rule” is for all Minorities..and No I don’t like it and yes I’m black ..

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