Harbaugh brothers reunite on Pro Football Talk

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Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network, from the NFL annual meetings in Arizona, included a visit from the Harbaugh brothers.

At the same time, for the first time since the Friday before the Super Bowl.

And this is one of those rare occasions where we won’t present a full or partial transcript.  Instead, we’ll paste the video of the interview below, and if you want to know what they said you have to press the button.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

12 responses to “Harbaugh brothers reunite on Pro Football Talk

  1. The dynamic between those two coaches/brothers is really amazing. I cannot imagine how the superbowl was for them, being so close and being so competitive. While their personalities are different, you can clearly see how similar they approach the game. The Harbaugh coaching tree may be the start of one of the greatest (perhaps not to Bill Walsh standards) akin to Marty Schottenhiemer, Brian Billick, and Bill Parcells. Both these guys have what it takes to make tough decisions and continually achieve success. Its tough to find a good AFC/NFC rivalry, but I think the NFL has one of the best right here. John has the edge now though, 2-0

  2. @(il)logicalvoice-
    I’m not sure which to post, so I’ll do both:

    over/under on RGIII knee surgeries over that 15 year (laugh) period you mention…I’ll place the number at 2.5.


    over/under on years RGIII will play in that pistol offense, I will use 5.5.

    I’ll take over (3) on the surgeries, and under on years he’ll play. His last surgery in year 5 will be catastrophic cause early retirement. Oh, but there a bright side. Cousins can lead you after that! I guess he’ll dominate the last 10 years of your prediction. 😉

  3. One brother is more comfortable with interviews than the other. John’s response to who would you rather lose to in a Super Bowl is priceless.

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